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  1. Thanks for your input that was really helpful . Patronising pedantic and insulting all in one go , you really went out of your way here . Thanks buddy .
  2. Again , with the comments . I am relaxed but I’ve come across this let’s go in to get the highest scoring answer to poke fun at someone or shoot them down in flames all too often.This is not Reddit ,this is the developer section of a serious forum and as for thoughts I was asking for thoughts from a development perspective and the possibility of implementation . Maybe I should have been more specific .
  3. I was simply asking the question, this is the standard of response I have come to expect from these forums .
  4. Hi all, has anyone got any experience with ai moderation or chat gpt something like that? Is this even possible, can anyone develop such a system. Is this planned on the invision feture list, consider it sort of a semi automated moderation. Thoughts?
  5. No i never got anywhere with it. I was hoping the invision team would know the answer.Since they dropped support for non cloud customers its been a real chore getting anything
  6. Ezoic are telling me to do this, but i cant for the life of me find this anywhere https://support.ezoic.com/kb/article/using-the-xforwardedfor-xff-header
  7. Unfortunately we are experiencing issues and the xff header code needs to be utilised, im surprised nobody has come across this. Any tips? Invision guys?
  8. Hi all, just wondering how you added the ezoic code, did you put this in a template or use a config file on server root?
  9. It’s compatible with 4.6 can you approve this in market please
  10. Thanks , I couldn’t be bothered to look if anyone else had posted it , you’ve got too much time on your hands 😂
  11. IMG_9193.MP4 Hi, the mobile menu doesn’t work on viewing your own profile on this site using iPhone 11 chrome browser . I haven’t tested any other browsers . It works fine in the forums . It’s a bit of a pain to be honest having to navigate to another page to open the slide out menu.
  12. Hi,Is it possible to have top 5 pinned topics in 5 different colours?
  13. FYI guys I used sendgrid in the end .. works fine now . Thanks for all the help also
  14. Domain ip isn’t blacklisted however certain Google workspace ips are but they still go to spam every time any tips on setting up server side mail with aws server
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