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  1. πŸ˜‚ I don’t even know tbh it just sounds wrong to me
  2. People who call the virus covid 19 are annoying af . This is affecting me greatly right now .
  3. Started creating a theme based on old xenforo for a client but lost some time and had to drop it.Any thoughts on this? pm me if interested in this
  4. Thanks Davyc, I like the way your site is going and have seen it develop from the start as I monitor this thread closely.I can see the hard work that you have put into it and the comments I make are purely to help you as a critique from a neutral perspective.Thankfully I have not fallen onto the bracket of lonely people but there is certainly a HUGE demand for services of this kind so for that you deserve some praise,not only for providing this service but continually trying to improve the service that you provide and the way that it is delivered.
  5. Just a thought, for a forum called lonely people ,do you think that a dark dreary background with sad face bear greeting you is the right way to go? I would want to be a bit more warm and welcoming.Please don't take this the wrong way,this is just my thoughts. lets put it in context,the bear with warming soothing colors and light bg is much better.up to you what you do. ps don't kill the bear! Mark.
  6. Update released for both versions of this theme,it is strongly recommended that you upload this new version,all customers. If you need any assistance please pm.
  7. I recently tried to reset my password and was greeted with this screen when I followed the email link(see below) luckily I remembered my password in the meantime! Is this a bug or am I banned 😬
  8. This is the support topic,contact me for a demo account
  9. Jc I will take them on if needed? Send me a pm if you want to proceed with this .
  10. Clue is in the title,just for fun we are looking at the start new topic button see pics below.What is your preference? 3D FLAT
  11. I Nerazzurri! looks good πŸ‘πŸ»
  12. This is the support topic for Emporer theme demo here http://dtweb.space/index.php?/home/
  13. Front page is taking shape now http://dtweb.space/index.php?/home/
  14. Here you can see the live project,early days yet,this front page will ship with the new theme i have developed. live here http://dtweb.space/index.php?/home/
  15. https://www.screencast.com/t/6Tso1b4OD A news grid style im working on,I will be developing it to go with the Emporer theme click this link for video
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