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  1. Thank you very much for the add on, it works perfect!
  2. I think since it says Webhook Subscription was my confusion anyway, I assumed it meant it would create a subscription to the purchase. But yes you're correct it clearly shows what to add. My fault Thank you for your help
  3. @Hardy_Action Does GTA have a query port? In your screen you repeat your server port and query port 30125 - you should just have to leave that out and just have the server port only unless GTA specify's a separate port. I ran into this when making changes make sure after you save check the top right you will see update server list..
  4. Awesome. to so save confusion for others I would add in the install instructions the standard url path as you showed me, understanding others could be different but this one should work for most people. Thank you for all the help!
  5. https://gyazo.com/85153606c42c855445546184f165adf3 So adding your url format with my site url this is what I get now. * Is this correct?? https://*****.com/applications/coinbasecommerce/interface/gateway.php I think this is the problem, the url path is lost to how we find our correct path.
  6. https://gyazo.com/aaa691ca858d0e40f6c714c90d888146| I dont have this ^^ in CoinBase Commerce, I also do not use cloudfare, I have my domain whitelisted in the the coinbase settings. I added the subscription domain and gives a 404 error. However I do not want a subscription base for my sales.
  7. Thank you for coming back! Everything works fine it just doesnt make the payment as completed in IPS, instead just says Pending. Im not sure where you try to "test" it, please advise.
  8. Welp I guess no one is updating this @OctoDev you still around??
  9. I am getting the same issue as payments are leaving the invoice as "pending" and not completed. Also is the webhook for subs just for monthly re occurring payments? If I leave that blank then its just a one time purchase right?
  10. It would be nice to be able to add as a Category that can direct link to gift cards, or make it a product that can directly link to gift card page. Also allowing a user to add an image to the gift card.
    Works awesome! Anyone with a gaming site this is a must have. Aiwa is an amazing dev and very helpful, bought many add-ons from him over the years.
    One of the best themes I've used, very easy to customize to whatever your needs are, color and font choices work well together and even those are easy to change. The few fixes due to IPB updates are fixed very quickly and professionally, they are always happy to listen to ideas for more features or changes. Not sure why others are reporting bad service, I have had nothing but a great experience. Looking forward to the next update!
  11. I understand now, very sorry. I was trying to add more options inside of one field.
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