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  1. Good catch! but that wasn't the problem, i even removed <ul> instead used <span> but to no avail, i had to loop each of them as in above article of opentype.
  2. fixed with your method looping through each, i was expecting above code to work though 🙂
  3. @opentype btw, this code is not working. I hope you get it.. i am trying to display each option value in <li> I had taken it from your website. {{$items=explode(',',$formValue);}} <ul> {{foreach $items as $item}} <li>{{$item}}</li> </ul> {{endforeach}}
  4. Could please elaborate, i had not noticed it yet? Thanks $value fixed it 😄
  5. Yes Field DB. Select Box with options, there is no space after comma, it looks so odd. I am displayin' with simple {$formValue}😕
  6. Here is the output: Services: Shared Hosting,VPS Hosting,Dedicated Hosting,Email Hosting,Domain Registration Is there a way to add space between each of them?
  7. Pages URL field does not use rel=nofollow, is there a way to enable it?
  8. Google login isn't working, it's throwing error, 'something went wrong, please try later' I am guessing they updated their name scope and IPB is falling behind... i tested on discourse it's working right. do you use Google login? any solution to it? or should we wait for an update from IPB or anything else? I opened a ticket but it's weekend.
  9. IPS Page. How to get number of views on individual entry apparently this control the page views in listing .... i have been tinkering with it.. without any luck. {{foreach $row->stats(TRUE) as $k => $v}} <li {{if in_array( $k, $row->hotStats )}}class="ipsDataItem_stats_hot" data-text='{lang="hot_item"}' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="hot_item_desc"}'{{endif}}> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_number'>{number="$v"}</span> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_type'>{lang="content_records_stat_{$k}" pluralize="$v"}</span> </li>{{endforeach}}
  10. damnit! they refunded back my client area balance .. stating the reason it can't be transferred to marketplace.. and now i will back to begging Dev accept amazon e voucher
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