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  1. Good catch! but that wasn't the problem, i even removed <ul> instead used <span> but to no avail, i had to loop each of them as in above article of opentype.
  2. fixed with your method looping through each, i was expecting above code to work though 🙂
  3. @opentype btw, this code is not working. I hope you get it.. i am trying to display each option value in <li> I had taken it from your website. {{$items=explode(',',$formValue);}} <ul> {{foreach $items as $item}} <li>{{$item}}</li> </ul> {{endforeach}}
  4. Could please elaborate, i had not noticed it yet? Thanks $value fixed it 😄
  5. Yes Field DB. Select Box with options, there is no space after comma, it looks so odd. I am displayin' with simple {$formValue}😕
  6. Here is the output: Services: Shared Hosting,VPS Hosting,Dedicated Hosting,Email Hosting,Domain Registration Is there a way to add space between each of them?
  7. Pages URL field does not use rel=nofollow, is there a way to enable it?
  8. Google login isn't working, it's throwing error, 'something went wrong, please try later' I am guessing they updated their name scope and IPB is falling behind... i tested on discourse it's working right. do you use Google login? any solution to it? or should we wait for an update from IPB or anything else? I opened a ticket but it's weekend.
  9. IPS Page. How to get number of views on individual entry apparently this control the page views in listing .... i have been tinkering with it.. without any luck. {{foreach $row->stats(TRUE) as $k => $v}} <li {{if in_array( $k, $row->hotStats )}}class="ipsDataItem_stats_hot" data-text='{lang="hot_item"}' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="hot_item_desc"}'{{endif}}> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_number'>{number="$v"}</span> <span class='ipsDataItem_stats_type'>{lang="content_records_stat_{$k}" pluralize="$v"}</span> </li>{{endforeach}}
  10. damnit! they refunded back my client area balance .. stating the reason it can't be transferred to marketplace.. and now i will back to begging Dev accept amazon e voucher
  11. @opentype Thanks, btw, I got to explore your work! i profoundly loved it ... Great Job!
  12. Yes correct it's checkbox.. I have tried URL alone with img src in 'custom' but it only works if there is one option otherwise it will render all selected options in img tag since $value contain all the 'selected' options if there are 2-3 options selected for a single option it solves the problem ... since it's comma separated ... i have tried foreach loop but it does not work ... I will post code here. If two options selected <img src="https://fdir.co/stuff/meta/iataMeta.png, https://fdir.co/stuff/meta/iataMeta.png" height="20"> can there a for each loop for it ... so each selected option is rendered than get in src comma seperated?
  13. I am using img src as the value in checkbox value field, as i want to display image than text ... and i am even using $vlaue|raw but still it would print html code than image... please see screenshot below how to get image instead ....
  14. hmm! to try that out, i even now added $25 to client area, but there is no option to transfer to marketplace.
  15. is it possible getting country alone from Address filed in {content} user post info pane? as it would post whole address... I just want to get country in post pane info.
  16. @Matt Hey Matt, it's that time of the year, when I am shopping around in the marketplace, I am glad most of them are now paid, it helps developers getting paid and keep supporting them. However, our country particularly does not love paypal, precisely our central bank, therefore, Paypal is not supported in our country (Pakistan). Everytime I am in need of a plugin to extend my community, I am requesting developers to accept amazon gift cards etc, they are so nice, some even would give it to me for free. However I don't feel comfortable with getting undue favours over and over again. I am astonished, that you do accept credit cards in the 'Client Area' and an ideal solution would have been that 'marketplace' purchases are debited from that card on the file too? Anyhow, I hope you will sincerely consider it. Thanks!
  17. @steve00 It's not forum category, it's page database category I was referring to.
  18. @fix3r Could you please advise how to do that?
  19. {{if $formValue }} <br><img src='{$value}' width='100'/> {{else}} {{endif}} it did the trick thanks.
  20. I have uploaded the screenshot to explain the problem. where logo is not uploaded it's showing missing image icon.
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