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  1. TechieGeek

    CKE Editor and why?

    Why are we stuck with BBCode if it only causes problems? I've never understood why "forums" need to use "BBcode". Why not just replace bbcode with HTML? Then just make a tool like the tool that rebuilds posts to take BBcode and convert it to HTML.
  2. TechieGeek

    Google News Badges idea

    I also think there should be a "related posts" section in each topic. For example for my blog I have a plugin that shows related posts and it doesn't rely on tags, it builds it's own database using the titles and the body text and it's surprisingly accurate.
  3. Right now we have alt='Logo' on our header images. And this is how it affects our sites: That's a screenshot for TechGeeks on Google Webmaster Tools. My suggestion is to change that alternate text to something like "TechGeeks Forum" (because that's what the logo actually says). The point of the alternate text isn't to describe what a picture is, as in "logo", but to describe the picture, as in "this is a picture with the letters techgeeks forum." That ALT text should be taken from the board name. :)
  4. I posted the issue here but found that is't not a bug, so I'm requesting it as a feature :) The problem is that search engines will index all these pages with the exact same content on them and this isn't a good thing :) Maybe we can have a /announcements/ directory where all announcements are kept and the links in each forum could just redirect to the announcement in that directory.
  5. TechieGeek

    Google+ Support & Paypal?

    There's a difference between Google+ and Google +1 too. +1 is that social sharing button, but Google+ is their new social networking site. Just putting it out there :)
  6. TechieGeek

    IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor

    Oh boy you're excited! :)
  7. But renewals on a perpetual license are still cheaper by $20 per year.
  8. This fell down to the bottom of the page and I don't know if I'm allowed to bump or not :/ but I don't think anyone is against this and it would help users and search engines.
  9. TechieGeek

    Improved Skin Generator

    How hadn't I found this post before? I'd love this feature!
  10. Right now the members page sorts members alphabetically. I think the default sorting should be changed to something different, such as post count. There are two reasons behind this: 1) When someone clicks that tab, they want to get to a member's profile. They are much more likely to want to get to a member who has a high post count than a member who has a 1 or an A as the first character for their name. 2) Google (and other search engines) assigns that first page of members a high quality score. It's linked to from every page of our forum. I'd rather have that page with high pagerank pointing to the member profiles of valuable members rather than the profiles of inactive members who appear there because of their usernames.
  11. Thanks for adding me.

  12. This should not happen: I think that instead, if a member has checked to be notified for new replies and when their posts are quoted, quotes should take priority over replies, but only one notification should be issued. We know that if my post was quoted, there must be a new reply. :)
  13. XenForo is doing it but Invision Power isn't doing it. My feature request is for microdata for breadcrumbs in IP.Board. (And while that's being implemented you could also add other microdata to our pages.) I tested XenForo thread pages at http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets and they're all correct :) my IP.Board thread pages aren't. Any questions?
  14. TechieGeek

    "Mark Board as Read"

    I edited the globalTemplate file and set this to be a nofollow link. It would still be better to delete it altogether :/ and I don't think this will have the effect I want because nofollow will just stop the pagerank, but I'll see what happens.
  15. TechieGeek

    3.2 Posting Options - Post as DRAFT

    I'd love this feature too :) Then I could make a bunch of new topics all at once and set them to automatically be posted at certain times in the day.