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  1. Do you support purchase of this plugin through Credit Card. I can only see option through PayPal in market place.
  2. Awesome. I was waiting for this feature.
  3. I really liked this corporate look in the community. I was wondering for long time that IPS should match the look and feel of the community to the corporate website. This is reflecting the major advantage of having IPS apps i.e. Get your main website tightly integrated with your community. Good Work... Suggestion: In main content area of community keeping 100% width width 15px margins will look good. "Our community" text needs improvements or removal.
  4. I am not doing feature or price comparison between IPS and Kentico here. I just the listed the example for the kind of documentation that If IPS develops will benefit us (the users of IPS).
  5. IPS has definitely provided the feature rich community suite with the release of IPS v4. The efforts made in the v4 is well appreciated. But again the problem is with the lack of documentation. I have seen the Documentation as well as new Guides area which contains step by step guides. Those are just guides to get started and familiar with IPS Suite. IPS must provide us with the complete documentation for v4 containing all the terminologies, KBs, guides, examples, API structure (showing all API classes) which covers everything from the point of installation to advance usage in one place. What I am suggesting is the full HTML documentation. I am listing a CMS i.e Kentico (from which I migrated to IPS) for reference. They have provide full HTML documentation like this: https://docs.kentico.com/display/K9. They also have API reference which lists classes that one can use to customize and add own functionality like this: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/9_0/api If IPS develops full featured documentation for its products then we can easily get to know the full potential of IPS Suite and thus by doing much more amazing things with v4.
  6. I want to show full size images in forum posts. Currently, images are showing as thumbnails. I have also set the maximum dimensions to display and save to 1000x750 in settings. Also, when inserting attached image in post, editor is not accepting width value greater than 100px.
  7. Currently I am trying to add a custom.css to make minor adjustments in the default theme appearance. But, whenever I try to add a custom.css, changes that I made for front end, also takes place in AdminCP (backend). What is proper way to add a custom.css so that only front end theme is effected by that custom.css? I have also tried adding new CSS File > Front > System with no success.
  8. In IPS 3.4 I was able to add link attributes e.g class="home" in navigation menu. But i don't see such option in IPS 4.0. Is link attributes feature in navigation menu is removed for IPS 4.0?
  9. Yes! exactly. There must be some settings which will disable this empty background area for those Community Administrator who do not want to make use of the cover image globally.
  10. ​Thanks. I already know this settings. In addition to that I want to disable the default empty background area behind profile image. How can I do that?
  11. I want to disable the use of cover photos in my community. How can I do that? I am looking for a setting which will disable default cover background (in profile area) in addition to "use cover photo" settings in AdminCP.
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