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  1. Do you support purchase of this plugin through Credit Card. I can only see option through PayPal in market place.
  2. Awesome. I was waiting for this feature.
  3. I really liked this corporate look in the community. I was wondering for long time that IPS should match the look and feel of the community to the corporate website. This is reflecting the major advantage of having IPS apps i.e. Get your main website tightly integrated with your community. Good Work... Suggestion: In main content area of community keeping 100% width width 15px margins will look good. "Our community" text needs improvements or removal.
  4. I am not doing feature or price comparison between IPS and Kentico here. I just the listed the example for the kind of documentation that If IPS develops will benefit us (the users of IPS).
  5. IPS has definitely provided the feature rich community suite with the release of IPS v4. The efforts made in the v4 is well appreciated. But again the problem is with the lack of documentation. I have seen the Documentation as well as new Guides area which contains step by step guides. Those are just guides to get started and familiar with IPS Suite. IPS must provide us with the complete documentation for v4 containing all the terminologies, KBs, guides, examples, API structure (showing all API classes) which covers everything from the point of installation to advance usage in one place. What I am suggesting is the full HTML documentation. I am listing a CMS i.e Kentico (from which I migrated to IPS) for reference. They have provide full HTML documentation like this: https://docs.kentico.com/display/K9. They also have API reference which lists classes that one can use to customize and add own functionality like this: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/9_0/api If IPS develops full featured documentation for its products then we can easily get to know the full potential of IPS Suite and thus by doing much more amazing things with v4.
  6. New theme settings in IPS4 are impressive while customizing the default theme. But In addition to background-colors, text-colors and logos I would like to have Fonts Web Services like Google Fonts integrated into theme settings. So that for basic user it easy to pick and change the font family from Fonts Web Service as well throughout the Suit just like text-colors and background-colors.
  7. Gallery View is nice but I would like to see topic description and author details below the title as well. Giving look and feel of pinterest like post will be great. This is what i am looking for more or less:
  8. Interested in buying but could not get to see gallery view demo by following this link: http://www.zuzu.vn/forum/131-tin-cong-nghe/
  9. Agreed... Custom fields for topics in forum app should be implemented too. For example using custom fields we can add Teaser Image in topics just like in IP.Content. Thus, It will open unlimited ways of utilizing forums content.
  10. MariaDB is valid. I used MySQL 5.5.37-MariaDB, but did not get such warning as yours.
  11. Seriously, I never wrote a feedback for any company before. My positive experience towards Invision Power Inc. have led me to write one at last. I recommend IPS Community Suite to everyone who is willing to build a new community. The combination of IP.Core, IP.Content and IP.Board is so powerful that is offered nowhere either in PHP or ASP.NET based web scripts. Soon after purchasing a vBulletin Forum License I migrated to Invision Power Services. vBulletin could not meet my expectations in neither product or support they offered, though what IPS have offered to me is quite amazing. The Stable Product: Unlike vBulletin you don't need to have run upgrades every week to fix bugs. IPS Community Suite is indeed a stable product. Professional Support (Not just support): Through Customer Support IPS Staff always point me in right direction and was able to understand my issues properly each time. They are Polite, Cooperative and Knowledgeable. Among them I appreciate Rhett Buck the most for his informative and detailed replies to my tickets. It has been a year since I started development on IPS Community Suite and see no reasons to choose any other product... :smile:
  12. I was able to fix missing indexes by running Database Index Checker tool.
  13. Conversion to UTF-8 was successful, but while checking database index, I had to fix the following indexes: Missing index: page_seo_name Missing index: notification_task Missing index: tag_app Missing index: word_find Missing index: template_name Is this cause of conversion process?
  14. My all forums use Best answer feature and I always wanted to give look of my Board Index and Topics like Questions/Answers instead of Discussions. Appreciate this feature very much for my knowledge-driven community. These days more and more communities are adopting Questions/Answers format instead of Discussions.
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