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  1. The new release of Moods has been posted in the marketplace and is awaiting review.
  2. 2.0.2 Version. Approval is pending. The first attempt failed.
  3. Yes, but not immediately. I have other apps to update before this one.
  4. Filter ads by "price range" ex: show all ads from 5$ to 100$ CL-Store/2 means that the user is not in the groups selected in Classifieds->Settings->MemberStore
  5. Unfortunately not, Nexus wants the price field. The only thing is to put 0.
  6. Classifieds 2.3.1 has been approved.
  7. Unfortunately not, I'm still working on upgrading to 4.6. Only after I have finished these updates will I be able to plan anything else.
  8. The 4.6 file will be rejected. I fixed the problem reported by IPS and a new file will be uploaded now. But now the waiting time for MP approval is two weeks. Look at GitHub, this issue already reported and fixed in the new release.
  9. The 4.6 version is ready to be released. I will send the file between today or tomorrow to the marketplace. But the approval time at the moment is two weeks.
  10. Yes, the 2.3.0 version for 4.6 is waiting to be accepted in the marketplace.
  11. It seems to work for 4.6, I'll do some more checking today and then I update it in the marketplace.
  12. Just disable user store from user profile. It works but 2.3.0 release with some 4.6 fixes is awaiting review in the marketplace. The app is only tested with paypal payout, but in theory it should also work with stripe because we use IP.Commerce to handle transactions. When the user withdraws the money, the commissions will be deducted.
  13. CLASSIFIEDS 2.3.0 (pending review in the marketplace)
  14. Follow this topic for 4.6 updates. I'll start with: Classifieds Iawards Badges Improved clubs enhancement
  15. I have honestly never tried Stripe with Classifieds. But in theory, since we use Commerce for transactions, it should work. You have to try it.
  16. Classifieds 2.2.2 for IPB 4.5.x is pending approval in the marketplace with these fixes: (FIXED) Missing background in MyRenewals, Offers and wishlist (FIXED) Little issue with uploaded photos (first thumb is the same of primary image) (FIXED) Bug with buttons in store header (FIXED) Price Text color not respect theme setting (FIXED) Bug with my BIDS, offer is always 0 (FIXED) Adding Custom Category Icons: Default icons blue circle remains after adding custom icon (FIXED) Contact Advertiser on pending ad (FIXED) Typo in menu manager (FIXED) ACP Notification setting error (FIXED) Activities Widget //MORE INFO on GITHUB This is not a 4.6 release.
  17. Yes, select a package is mandatory. You can't do that at the moment. Usually you set a very high value, like 365 days. If you want you can try to suggest a new feature here: https://github.com/netwaretcs/Classifieds/issues It seems a theme issue, can you confirm the same glitch with the default theme?
  18. You can edit a question from left bottom "Edit".
  19. I can't replicate this. https://github.com/netwaretcs/Classifieds/issues/6
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