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  1. Just a small thing I've noticed: when reviewing installed applications under SITE FEATURES > Applications, the search field in the top-right corner of the listing doesn't work. I can enter a search term which includes the name (or partial name) of an application I know I have, and nothing comes up. Strangely, this option does work for plugins.
  2. I was just wondering if the fine Invision folks could tell me/us if you plan to introduce the ability to create Donation projects which accept more than one currency? Great idea, but if you're appealing to the good wishes of people across the globe, they tend to want to pay in their own currency and not be slapped with extra conversion fees, so it would be cool if people could choose their currency.
  3. @Matt, thanks for clarifying this. But I'd also love to know if there are any plans for Points economies as well, including a (limited?) Rules system which would allow emails to be sent if the number of points/tokens/etc. from bank X is at level Y or whatever (and yes, I'll probably mention this from time to time until you ban me πŸ˜„).
  4. Looks great! I know I've gone on about this before, but: are there any plans for a more standalone Points system which isn't specifically tied into community participation, i.e., blocks of Points/hours/tokens which can be purchased in the Store for various services which may or may not be directly linked to the website? I'd also like to know: what is the messaging interface with all of this? That is, is there (or will there be) the opportunity to set up email schemes where members are automatically emailed to notify them they have X amount of points, they've earned X Badge or whatnot? That would be a(nother) major selling point IMHO. But I get it if that's down the track....you can only do so much at a time, and this looks great! πŸ˜€ EDIT: right after posting this I got an in-site notification that I received a Poster's Badge or something like that! πŸ˜„ Very cool...but does this sort of thing extend to email?
  5. Dude, I'd almost buy this just because you used Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and Moving Pictures as examples! 😎 Seriously though, one question - is Landing Page meant to give functionality to people who don't have the Pages module installed? Are there things LP does that you can't do in Pages?
  6. Let me just say that I had given up on this app until just now, when I saw that Adriano had taken it over. Yay! I can install and use it with confidence now. πŸ™‚
  7. Hey @Adriano Faria, I'm using the most recent version of Member Notes (2.2.3) on IPB v4.5.4.2. I've just noticed that I am unable to create Member Notes using the Member Notes tab in the adminCP's Member view. Here, whenever I click the Add Note button I get a Page Not Found error. I can still add Notes to a Member site-side while viewing their Profile without any problems.
  8. Thanks Morrigan...I believe I did email Sales as well but never received a response, hence my message here after trying other avenues. Either way, I hope one of the channels will get my message through!
  9. Hey Morrigan...it's about a business proposal. I sent snail-mail to the address on the Invision site some time ago, but of course given the current situation it's difficult to tell when it will arrive. I emailed @Charles about a week ago (only because his signature says it's ok to email him!). I have no way of knowing if it's been read yet (but I realise everyone there is busy so I'm not whinging or table thumping! lol), but was wondering if there's a more direct line of communication or contact person as a rule. Thanks!
  10. I'd like to know the most reliable method for contacting Invision regarding things unrelated to sales or support, and if there's a specific person I should contact for such matters. Thanks!
  11. @Jordan Invision, first off, thanks for responding and taking into account what you call the "justifiable outrage" here. For the record, I myself don't feel "outrage" so much as a bit of anxiety that this is the beginning of a larger trend, under the rubric of "business decisions," to exclude self-hosted clients - not so much from core apps, but from key improvements and developments that keep the suite attuned to the evolving needs of communities. Tell me I'm wrong, because this isn't something I particularly want to be right about! So I'm somewhat disappointed: I understand the necessity of "business decisions," but as a long-term customer I can say that I've been waiting for something like this for quite some time since Kevin Carwile's unannounced and profoundly disappointing abandonment of his apps. Not to say I know what's best for Invision of course, and I get the appeal of outsourcing, but speaking as a customer I can't help but think that this particular aspect of gamification really is not something which should be outsourced, or should only be outsourced in the short term. In the longer term, I suspect it may be a far more powerful selling point to be able to have (and advertise) it as a native feature, which would ensure its development in step with the Invision suite so that key parts of the CMS aren't beholden to a third-party company for whom Invision is just one of many clients. I don't know the CMS market, but I ask the question out loud: could this put Invision in a unique position, having inbuilt gamification and triggers/actions? I realise it isn't something you can just add to Invision overnight and that it would take extensive development, testing, troubleshooting etc., but I (and I think others here) believe that it would be well worth it in the long term. Anyway, just my two cents. I'm still here until they kick me out of the place! EDIT: upon thinking this over, I want to ask if I'm talking about two different things? Is Zapier Invision's answer to a point-system style "gamification," or is this separate from Zapier?
  12. Yeah, I was very enthusiastic about this until I read that self-hosted clients like myself were left twisting in the wind on this. 😞 I, too, am concerned about a possible paradigm shift that would leave self-hosted clients more and more out in the cold. Not that I distrust the cloud (for the most part), but I lease a VPS and I love having a VPS; I can run Invision, I can create test/developmental sites, I have root access and can experiment with other apps and platforms for resource management and other things. I wouldn't have it any other way...and, to be quite honest (and no offense), with all of this taken into consideration it's currently cheaper than your services. Now, I've been with Invision for 10+ years (since 2009) and there's a reason why I'm still here - I love the crew and the platform and have built my business (as well as my academic research) on it. And while I have no plans to go anywhere, and I also remember Lindy saying somewhere that Invision has no plans to alter their availability to self-hosted customers, things like this do make me antsy. At a time when I'm still building and soliciting clients, the thought of having to pack up and find somewhere else (even far into the future) almost makes me nauseous (you don't even wanna know the trials and tribulations I went through to finally arrive at a good VPS provider!!). I understand that things evolve and change, but something as big as this in terms of trigger/action functionality for an Invision CMS? Well, I don't get how you could simply leave us out and do truly hope that the "beta" release means at some point there will be some integration. (NOTE: I can search the adminCP on my self-hosted install for "Zapier" and get one hit for [System] Community Enhancements, and when I follow that link there's nothing πŸ™ƒ). I'll be opinionated here and say that through my experience I believe that there are some things that simply shouldn't be left to third-party developers. This is one of them. So although I despise catchphrases and dogwhistle words with every fibre of my being, I'd love some "inclusivity" here. There...look what you made me do! πŸ˜‰
  13. And this is especially true because there have been developers here who have simply abandoned customers and in doing so have done their part to erode trust. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I'm consciously scaling back third-party app investments until they prove themselves...learned by experience. This is why simply saying that "at the end of the day it's the dev's choice" to do what they want, while true, sidelines the very important issue of customer confidence.
  14. OK, but nobody's debating or criticising your life choices (I'm certainly not) - but they are your choices. If you choose to have all this stuff going on in your life, fine - but that doesn't mean paying customers don't have the right to wonder what's going on when we hear nothing for a month (which could be simply a "hold on, it's on its way" email). I think the issue here is the radio silence - not your choice to update renewal apps first or your choice not to wait until IPS approves apps before moving on (both of which are perfectly reasonable choices to me).
  15. Yep....getting a bit impatient on this one. @TheJackal84, it has been almost a month since my last query and not a word re: updates (and others are wondering too)? Sorry dude, but quite frankly I expected better.
  16. @Jordan Invision @Joel R I agree with everything Joel says about gamification, and please forgive me if I speak naively as I'm not in-the-know with this stuff the way others are here, but here goes: I don't at all mean to diss gamification and the development of an online community, but my initial focus was on a Points system which is more overtly "business-focused" instead of focused on community development (if that distinction makes sense). To wit: geared toward clients who come to a website in search of a particular service they are set to pay for, and not necessarily or primarily bound together by common interests which would be more amenable to things like trophies, leaderboards, new user activation, profile completion and the like. Hence my personal preference for being able, say, to simply buy blocks of hours in the Store and have those hours immediately credited to a defined "Bank" connected with all the other goodies like email drips, notifications, possible transferability, etc. I'll be selfish for just a moment longer and say that this would be a HUGE selling point for me (and I'll bet some others here). If I'm creating a distinction where none exists and the gamification we're talking about includes what I've mentioned, I'll just shut up πŸ˜„ .
  17. Good idea, although I don't know how this open document would be structured on this website. Or do you mean a discussion thread/poll?
  18. Thanks @Jordan Invision. I realise this would be a major addition to the suite and would take some time to develop, but it would be well worth the effort. Not to eat anyone's lunch or anything, but If I can help schematise this let me know. πŸ™‚ And btw, congrats on the position and welcome!
  19. If by this you mean my original reference to a points economy system, you lost me - I don't see how this already exists apart from the mentioned 3rd-party app, which I think is limited in its applicability for reasons I've mentioned. I also think that perhaps this is comparing apples and oranges - I'm not saying mobile UX isn't important, but a points economy could not only fundamentally change the structure of one's community, but also expand one's business model. Put differently, I don't see it as a zero-sum game where one necessarily has to occur at the expense of the other.
  20. Well said. It's important to keep in mind that capital isn't the only currency that matters (in an online community or in culture in general), which is in essence the whole point behind this thread. So yeah, this gets my full support and I'd offer myself as a tester in any capacity. Oh, and let me do the fight pit part. Pleeeeease let me do the fight pit part... That's great news. I think one could also argue that this could transform the potential of the IP platform as much as Clubs in some ways. I mean, are there any other CMS which have points economies as baked-in features? Is this new ground Invision would be breaking in doing this?
  21. Some interesting responses here! @Jordan Invision, thanks for the link to thejackal's point system - that's the one I was thinking of before, and aside from my reservations about trusting something like this to a third-party developer, the deal-breakers for me, upon reviewing the product page, are you don't seem to be able to create several different banks. Personally, I need to be able to create "hours" (for consultation and tuition), but also (somewhat less importantly) I need another economy such as "reputation points" or something, which could ideally be exchanged for X amount of hours (in short, the ability to purchase/trade between economies). key deal-breaker for me: clients need to be able to purchase blocks of points/hours directly from the Store. To use an admittedly facile distinction, thejackal's app seems more "community" based and not so much "business" based for these reasons. I know there's a "Members' Shop," and you can probably set up a system where you can give clients X points and then they go into the Shop and buy packages for tuition and whatnot, but for my specific situation those are unnecessary steps when you should be making it as easy as possible for people to purchase your products (or, in my case, services). It also comes across as unprofessional in my specific situation (not bashing the app; I'm sure it works great for other user cases). I'd also hope that a native app would allow a more direct and intuitive way of email-dripping based on point amounts (as per my OP).
  22. I have used Kevin Carwile's Points Economy app, which was working fine until Kevin decided to abandon all of his IPB apps a little while back without notice. I believe there might be another one in circulation, but to be honest I haven't checked into it since restructuring my site around the sudden disappearance of KC's app. If I remember correctly, it didn't support the creation of different "currencies" and was fairly limited, but I could be misremembering.
  23. I think so too, @Jordan Invision - but I also think it's the kind of thing that would add a new dimension to the Invision suite and allow for all sorts of possibilities - including all the possibilities I can't think of. Thanks for your response and for sending this forward!
  24. Perhaps this is a pipe dream, but as sub-economies have proven to be a very effective way of hijacking goal-oriented psychology I would love to see a native points system in IPB. In such an application one could develop different "banks" for different types of points systems depending on the nature of your website. Examples: "credits" (for purchasing services, Store products, exchanging for cash donations to relevant charities) tokens (for gambling, buying bling for their online personae) hours (if you're like me, you sell hours of tuition and/or consultation) How might these points be accumulated/awarded? Examples: buying blocks of tokens/credits/hours in the Store buying Store products: buy product X and get Y amount of credits in points system Z having the highest-rated answers in a Q/A Support forum having the highest reputation in a given forum Awarding points to people who invite new members to your community completing courses or other certifications Other ideas: Targeted emails to certain groups, or certain individuals when credits/tokens/hours are at X or 0 - time to get more!) Targeted emails to people indicating they've been awarded free tokens/credits/etc. Promotions where points are awarded under special circumstances from dates X to Y Toss tokens into a (virtual) fight pit and watch your community fight for them. Cue the oldschool Star Trek fight music. Dance, puppets, daaaaance! mwuahahaha) Hijacking goal-oriented psych--err, offering points could be a great way to spur development and participation in one's community. They could also obviously be integrated into other apps (or other apps could make use of points) as part of competitions, e.g., submitting the highest-rated photos, articles, blog posts, etc. The possibilities go on and on! As some know there have been a couple of third-party devs who have made Points systems, but I have come to think that if one is going to embed something like this into a community (let alone a business) I wouldn't want to trust it to anyone but the core developers for updates and stability. I obviously can't speak for others, but I for one would be happy to pay for this as an additional (optional) IPS module, similar to the way IP.Downloads is offered.
  25. OK....now I'm really wondering wth is going on with the update's release on the Invision site. How long has it been? @TheJackal84, is it possible for those of us who bought SN on the Invision site to get the update from your site?
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