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Grow your community without limits

Over the past several years, you have seen us add many improvements to our platform packages. New features and capabilities leveraging the advanced technology we can offer you have really moved so many Invision Community powered sites into new areas of engagement.

We have been investing heavily in our platform resources and have seen hundreds of clients move from classic, self-hosted environments to our platform to take advantage of new features, and the peace that never having to run a server brings them. It's incredible how often the number one reason for moving is never having to utter the term VPS again!

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Our packages used to limit based on online users, but that wasn't easy to track and explain. The switch to limits based on page views has made more sense, but it is still a limiter on traffic and, therefore, growth. 

We really do not want to limit your community growth! So today, we are happy to announce that all of our current platform packages now offer unlimited page views.

With this change, we look forward to seeing your community grow without worrying about traffic causing your costs to increase. We think you will love this change and look forward to presenting new platform improvements coming soon. 

Switch to our Platform 
Are you on a classic self-hosted Invision Community? Ready to stop caring about servers, databases, and backups? 

We offer free transfers to our platform, and we even give you an account credit if you want to give up your classic license. Not only does our team handle the technical move for you, but we also recognize your past loyalty so you can focus on running your community rather than the server. 

Contact sales today to talk about scheduling your transfer to our platform. We can talk via email or schedule a Zoom to go over options. 

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