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Andy Millne

Events update includes additional streaming platforms

Last month we introduced some powerful updates with a long overdue overhaul of community events. We were very pleased by the excellent feedback received and enjoyed hearing your suggestions.

We listened and have been working hard to bring some further updates to Events.

Support for more streaming platforms

When creating a virtual event in your Events application, you may include a link to your event and the platform will advertise it with the vendor’s logo so your community knows what to expect. When your members are ready to join, choosing the “Open Event” button will set them on their way. With this update, a total of 14 third party streaming platforms are now supported.

  • Zoom
  • YouTube
  • EventBrite
  • On24
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Webex
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Microsoft Teams
  • TikTok NEW!
  • Twitch NEW!
  • Vimeo NEW!
  • SpotMe NEW!

Could contain: Word, Logo, Trademark, Symbol, Text, Alphabet

Unobtrusive location prompts

When viewing the list of events, Invision Community would immediately prompt the user for their location. Your feedback suggested this was too intrusive and as a result members can now opt-in with the “Use my location” link and checkbox. If members do not opt in then their approximate location is used based on an IP address lookup. If neither of these options are available the results center on a default location that you can set in the admin control panel settings.


Bug fixes

As well as these changes we have also fixed a number of bugs including:

  • A longstanding issue where event times could show incorrectly when members in different timezones edited events.
  • Better localization to make sure all phrases are translatable.
  • Some issues showing events in regions that use commas instead of periods for numbers.
  • Hiding online event links after the event has passed.

We still want to make further improvements to Events and are looking forward to more updates in 2023. Let us know in the comments how you are using Events to bring together your community online and offline.



Recommended Comments

These changes look great!  Thank you for adding them!

Some suggestions I hope you might consider in a future version...

  • Could you add a text box to the search space to allow searching by name or keywords within the event listing?
  • I've tried creating a "Holidays" calendar with the common events...  New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc".  I'm not able to setup certain holidays as a recurring event because certain ones don't happen on a fixed date.  For example, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.  It would be helpful to be able to specify relative annual dates such as "4th Thursday in November".
  • Would you consider making Venues not required to be a physical location?  I would love to include certain locations (like chat rooms, or other virtual locations) be a venue that could be searched, sorted, filtered, etc.  
  • It would be helpful for an event organizer or admin to be able to manage RSVPs.  For example to add an attendee/remove an attendee or change their status (Going/Maybe/Declined)
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Thanks @Andy Millne for the update, looks like some useful additions for some users here. 🙂 We may use Twitch ourselves but we'll see what the future holds first.

On 10/26/2022 at 4:47 PM, Randy Calvert said:

Would you consider making Venues not required to be a physical location?  I would love to include certain locations (like chat rooms, or other virtual locations) be a venue that could be searched, sorted, filtered, etc.  

This is essentially what we've done for years. Gaming platforms and other places virtually you want as a 'venue', we've translated and used a tactical way to work with them - underlying they always have a Country they are assigned to but its the best we could do. With Online Events coming in and requiring a URL of some kind makes me believe that this suggestion is required more so now than ever. Only challenge is whether its put with the 'Online' section or 'Physical' - it logically should be Online but there is no workaround on Online events for this so its why i've had to turn them off (via a plugin currently).

Unless you can add a checklist instead of URL for other Online 'venues', e.g. Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC, etc.

Would be great for you to look into this whilst the hood is still open on Events to make these logical and hopefully beneficial improvements to many. 🙂

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9 hours ago, Andy Millne said:

We agree, cover photos in general are on our list for future improvements.

Thank you for confirming, looking very forward to this.
Right now I'm going to have to make one more variant of my promo images for the event pages. Not ideal!

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Would love to see the fix for Arizona MTN time. since this time never changes its always wrong on events when others time zones change. As an admin i can never fix calendar when in this time zone. 

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A possible additional function that could be added?

If I add a link to a live stream via the site Events page (e.g. to YouTube) then that "Open Event" link should also be included in any local calendar entry on people's local calendars (if they've subscribed to the site calendar in question).

i.e. So they can click on the link in their personal calendars to be taken to the live stream location directly.

Just an idea.

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Is there no way to put a URL on a Live/In-Person Event so a button shows up to take the user to the event website? Link to Purchase Tickets?  Even for live or in-person events it would be nice to have a button that takes the user to the event website or to a purchase tickets location.

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