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  1. Yeah, looks like a caching issue. Topics created after a forum is ignored don't show up; only the older ones. Suppose we just have to wait for it to refresh. Thanks.
  2. I just installed the plugin. I have all the boxes checked to ignore content from the forums from as many places as possible. They are gone from the index, search and activity streams. However, topics from those forums still appear in the Topic feed widgets. Honor permissions is checked on the widgets and users don't see other forums they don't have permissions to view. Do you know what might be going wrong?
  3. This button is missing for my member usergroup: But available to my administrator usergroup Any idea why? Both groups can still remove bookmarks directly from the post. I can't find a per usergroup permission for the "remove bookmark" option. EDIT: Sorry @Fosters, nevermind. This has been resolved. I found the permission. Instead of deleting this post I'll post what I missed in case anyone else has this issue. I got confused because when I tried to edit the permissions for "Bookmarks" in the Applications section, I got a message that said: "You can control which groups have access to the application by changing the permissions on the modules within the application." I didn't see that from here, there was an additional dropdown with the bookmark module inside where I could edit the permissions. I created a new usergroup since I initially installed the application, and I didn't realize I needed to grant access there as well as in the main usergroup section.
  4. I made a private blog and gave access to about 20 members. Then I went in to add someone else to the list and the entire list was gone and replaced with a single entry that said "456", which isn't a user on my forum. Apparently everyone lost access. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? And is there any way to keep a back up list in case it gets wiped again so I don't have to manually select a large list of usernames to give access? If I try entering a pasted list it simply adds the entire list as a single username. 🙁
  5. I'd need it to hide them altogether so they can lurk threads without being exposed. Admin don't actually need to see them in these blocks. Is it possible to make it a global and not record them at all? I understand if this is an unusual feature you don't want to put in your main plugin - I might be willing to pay extra for it. I'm requesting this because some of my members care enough about having it to pay as part of their subscription, but I'm trying to be careful about not breaching privacy with it by giving members an option to opt out of being recorded.
  6. It hasn't been an issue yet and maybe it never will be, but I'm concerned some members might complain if they feel exposed if they thought "browse anonymously" would keep their browsing private. Changing the popup isn't necessary for me since I'm content with only showing the widget to the usergroup I'm giving access, which already hides the date. It's just that it's still possible to extrapolate that someone is currently online if their name wasn't there and then appears when the page is refreshed.
  7. @All Astronauts is there any way to have an option to make these plugins respect the "browse anonymously" option and not list members who check that when they log in? Seems like the default software goes out of its way to hide their last login date on their profiles, but this plugin gives them away.
  8. Thanks! It's better - I can at least see it working now. Unfortunately, now it defaults to checking "All" and still won't let me restrict it to specific usergroups.
  9. I just installed the "Who Viewed the Blog" plugin but can't get it to work properly. I want to restrict it to only a couple usergroups, but it won't save my permissions for the usergroups I want to give access. It keeps getting stuck on the first entry on the permissions list ((COPPA) - Users Awaiting Moderation). I can't get it to stick on even just the Administrator group. I also have your "Who Viewed the Topic" plugin and am not having this issue with it. I'm able to restrict it to the usergroups I want without issues.
  10. Although members can't see the actual posts on the activity stream, they're still getting notices that there are new posts (coming from forums they are banned from) when they're on the activity stream page. When they click the notice to see the posts, it appears as a horizontal bar in the stream. This is different from the subforums and clubs they don't have permission to view, where they don't get notices for the new content in those areas and the activity is fully invisible on the stream. The subforum I wanted to use this plugin with is pretty active, so they would see this notice a lot. Is there any way to hide the new activity notice from them too?
  11. Problem is with open clubs, the users don't even have a way to not have to see the homepage cluttered with dozens of club forums they have no interest in. Right now it's like we have to choose between "club forums are buried in the back and cumbersome to navigate" or "get a ridiculously cluttered index page that is possibly doubled, tripled or quadrupled in size". There should be some in between option allowing either the admin or user to filter out the clubs that they don't want to see there. Maybe something as simple as a "hide this club" option for users on open clubs would help too, so at least they have some control over how messy it can get.
  12. Regular club members can't add images to our club galleries. They can post in galleries outside of the clubs, but I can't find anywhere to set permissions for club galleries. How can I let my club members share their images in our club galleries?
  13. Is it possible to convert an existing blog into a club feature?
  14. I'm another of ehren's customers who would love to see a fix for this. It's the one flaw that keeps the otherwise beautiful templates from being perfect, and unfortunately it's a pretty big flaw.
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