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Interview with the founders of Invision Community (VIDEO)

To celebrate Invision Community turning 20-years-old (an eternity in Internet years), I interviewed the company's founding fathers.

Ahh the good ol' days. Remember simpler times?

This new video interview touches on Invision Community's past, present and future thanks to the invaluable insight from  @Charles, @Matt and @Lindy

In our chat together, these gentlemen...

  • Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and reflect on the company's origins
  • Explain the power of community amidst the social media boom
  • Offer advice for new community leaders on how to grow
  • Share some of the biggest changes to the platform
  • Recant fond memories from the earlier days
  • Reveal a teaser of what's next for Invision Community


Noteworthy quotes:



"Don't be afraid to push the envelope forward more quickly. Sometimes we've held ourselves back in implementing new technologies because people don't like change... sometimes we have to push people out of their comfort zones and say, I know it's always been this way, but [the platform] needs to move forward, it needs to advance."




"[Looking back on advice I'd give to my younger self... it] starts as a confidence. If we get a lot of pushback on things that deep down we know we're right, but kind of succumb to the pressure... [That] holds yourself and everybody else back in the process. Be confident in what you're doing, push the envelope and move forward."




"20 years ago we had no idea we'd still be here in 20 years time. When we started all those years ago, we didn't have a 20 year business plan, we had a 12 months business plan... It was like can we get through the month? Can we get to the end of the year? Be confident in your decisions and don't be scared of change. Change is critical to growth."


Thoughts on the interview? We'd love to hear from you in the comments! 🎂 

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