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    simple, perfect, incredible, styling work! I have buy your Chocolate theme to thanks
  1. for @Heosforo the Show particles option don't work, but it's active
  2. hi, i have buy your theme theme and template installed, but the landing page don't work
    fantastic and professional work!
  3. in the editor, how i can modify this menu background and text colors? thanks
  4. after the last update, my home page http://www.drivingitalia.net/ with the articles (pages) you can not see it anymore, don't appear (also with the default skin) all others page (forum, download...) works ok
  5. I need, for my site, a customized version of the Dark Blue palette for the Magnum theme: the new style must be very similar to the old style of Drivingitalia (colours, style, caracters etc), that you can look also here http://web.archive.org/web/20060112004059/http://www.drivingitalia.net I can pay the work. Please contact me here in pm or to n.trivilino@drivingitalia.net thanks
  6. after installing the last update i have this error when i try to load a website page from the home page This URL has been blocked. Error Code: 4722
  7. banner problem solved another little problem @TAMAN : sometimes i have the page too large respect to the upper bar (look the image) i can reduce in % the dimension of the entire website page?
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