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  1. Thanks for all the hard work over the years everyone!
  2. Better than normal, yet my site is going down in Google's search.
  3. No same visitors as always, we have our regulars. My site is not a large forum with tons and tons of people. It's been around for a long time though and always sat at number one spot for many years, then out of the blue at the end of last year, it starts to drop off Google all together. No decrease in regulars etc. Just strange, then I run across this thread and I thought maybe it was related like everyone else did.But I am sure it is like @Matt said, it's just the new way of Google handling things I guess.
  4. Like I said I know it's not your IPS fault. Just like everyone else in this thread I came looking for an answer to "why". The link you posted here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/seo-poor-after-move-to-xenforo-from-ipb-help.129943/ Basically this was from him switching over and if you look at the date June 7th was way before all of this started happening with Google at the end of 2017. Mine site was fine until the end of December. Anyways it doesn't matter, I will just patiently wait until 4.3 comes out. I am interested with the changes to SEO that you made and will see if that makes a difference.
  5. That's not quite fair, I know it's nothing to do with IPS, but who is Google/Facebook to say what is real news and what is not? Seems like it's forcing people to think one way or the other, very Orwellian. I know I had a ticket in about a year ago for some sitemap problems, and I wonder if it might had never been truly fixed? It always worried me because it wouldn't set to defaults. I keep an eye on Xenforo since I used them for years, and I haven't seen threads like this over there much. So it's starts to panic me like "should I switch back to Xenforo 2 for improvements"? But I know you guys are doing what you can.
  6. Back was I was playing with a custom theme, I ran into this also. Please fix!
  7. I don't want to be a bearer of bad news either, but I have had HTTPS set in my Google search console for quite some time since I went to HTTPS early back in the day. But still whatever has changed has dropped me from Google's search results from #1 for my forums name to about page 7 or 8 in Google's search results. Almost completely removed me now. I haven't changed anything either. This last week I tried replacing my robots.txt to something new hoping anything would make a difference. Just grasping at straws here now. Hoping 4.3 comes out soon and it fixes things. I am at a loss here.
  8. Here is the "official" guide on it from IPS if that helps.
  9. I thought I would chime in. I don't know if this is related to this as well, but I have also noticed a big change lately as well.
  10. I just sit back and imagine this is the contents of a new patch.
  11. A suggestion would be either in this plugin or a new plugin. A Top Reactions filter. Basically this would calculate the most reactions to post for a thread either in a week/month/year format. When clicking on the thread in the widget it would take you to the post with the most reactions.
    Works great! Way better than the default ones. Great plugin! Keep up the great work!
  12. Cloudflare will work just fine, just make sure to disable Rocketloader. Also if you using a theme from @ehren. then you will need to disable .css caching but besides that, those are the only issues you should run into. Disregard, I didn't see you were using IPS cloud, I just read the title IPS & Cloudflare.
  13. Just switch to Redis, pretty sure it's working with the socket just fine. I don't think it's a placebo effect either, everything is almost instant to load. It has a more "Snappyness" to it then running on Memcached. So I see why it's the preferred option now.
  14. Thanks @Matt for the response, I will give it a go later. I appreciate it.
  15. Still waiting for an official word. A yes it does, or no it doesn't would be sufficient for me. Thanks! @Lindy, @Matt, @Mark, @bfarber.
  16. Is there anyways we can get an official answer if Redis supports sockets? I would like to try the same as @Ernest Defoe did above but would like an official answer. @Lindy, @Matt ,@Mark, @bfarber. Thanks!
  17. Thanks, @Ernest_Defoe I could set mine that was up also if it works. Still, want an official answer if it will work like that or not. @Lindy or @Matt any official word?
  18. @Matt or @Lindy can you verify that Redis supports a socket? Support told me that it would not, but @Ernest Defoe said he got it working. Just want to verify one way or the other. Thanks.
  19. How were you able to set it up to work? IPB support told me that it wouldn't work.
  20. For those of you that use a socket port I just found out by the support that it won't work, they need a port number instead. For example:
  21. Interesting. I have the ability to run either. So you recommend switching from Memcache to Redis then? Is there a big performance boost?
  22. Since this has now turned into a "What Do You Wish For" thread. I wish for a lifetime IPB License, world peace, and a shiny new Red Rider B.B. gun for Christmas.
  23. Can't wait to see all the new changes. Love the way the new Emoji panel looks!
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