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Hump Day: show off your community's theme

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Happy Hump Day, team! And RIP to Internet Explorer.

While we put the finishing touches on our upcoming release, 4.7, I wanted to touch base with you and talk about your community's theme. 

A beautifully branded theme can take your community to the next level in my opinion. An original logo, smart color scheme and easy-to-read fonts (no Bionic Reading today, folks!) can make all the difference.

We wouldn't want to use #EEEEEE when #1abc9c is the better fit.

Do you use light or dark mode or both? Did you incorporate a sans or sans serif font? Are the buttons easy to see? All of these touches add up.

I'd love for you to share screen shots or links to your community to show off your existing theme(s). Or, if you are stuck, please feel free to share your concerns and maybe we (as a community) can chime in and offer you some suggestions.

If you're interested in us creating you a theme, please reach out (smooth, right?).

I'll kick things off with my own community. Shout-out to @Ehren for this. I wanted pops of color to contrast with the dark look and feel. I also recently modified the logo for Pride. You can also customize the sidebar so it's sticky.  

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I also want to give a shout-out to SquareSpace's community. I love the minimalist design! 

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Feel free to post yours in the comments! And hey, while I've got you, check out a list of updates made to the platform in the last 7 days. 



- Fixed an issue where toggling editor source mode may cause errors with certain blockquote html.
- Fixed an issue where setting the member for a stock action could fail.
- Fixed an issue with viewing member points/badges in AdminCP if either had been awarded by an application that has been deleted.
- Fixed an issue where OpenSearch failed the version check when configuring.
- Fixed an issue where RSS imports set to be hidden on creation were still visible in the activity stream.
- Added an option to enter the main site's URL and name for JSON-LD if different from the community's URL (eg, installed in a directory or sub-domain).
- Removed the block output preview in the ACP while creating/editing it.
- Fixed an issue where CKEditor would double paste images if "paste as plain text" was enabled.
- Added AdminCP keyword for 'solution' to guide admins to forum edit/add forms.
- Fixed an issue with tracking email click statistics when a URL is really long in an email.
- Added a notification email when tracked invoices expire.
- Fixed an HTML validation error for embeds.
- Fixed an HTML validation error for embeds.


Looking forward to chatting about themes! 




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I use two of @ehren. themes one dark (Titan) one light (Novus) both heavily customised to work around the apps I use by @Adriano Faria

My current (and probably my last) site can be seen at https://musicandmoviebuffs.com

I use to have two sites, one for movies and one for music, on different platforms, so it made sense to merge the two and just have one site and one platform (IPS).  I have to admit that I actually get more of a kick out of designing the sites than I do actually using them.  I promote on Twitter, but that's all I do there, movie of the day and album of the day with links to the site.  Examples shown below:

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17 hours ago, nodle said:

Nice looking site @Jordan Miller, I like the bright colors. @Ehren has the best themes for IPB, always has. 

This is mine, which is a modified theme of @Ehren that I have customized myself. I tend to go for a clean look with my site.

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Appreciate that! Loving how your community is looking, too. Very easy on the eyes 👌 

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12 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

I'm actually using @Ehren's "Uniform" theme.  It fit VERY well with our logo without a lot of heavy customization.  

I did end up tweeting the button colors a bit to reduce some of the grey (some users thought the grey meant the button was disabled), but nowhere near what I would normally need to do to integrate a theme.  

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Ohhh fun! Awesome that the existing theme already matched your own branding. 👍 

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This will be a website with community aspects for enabling the development of personal talents (side project, volunteer, not for profit). 

Kinda happy how it's turning out with relatively minimal effort. There are some minor theme tweaks 😉

Here is the for profit community I have developed:

Lowepost, creative learning platform (Which basically pushes the limits of the IPS suite kinda everywhere)

(n.b. I need to put some effort into making the forum prettier once again 😉 ). 

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