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  1. Yeah as @opentype suggested your HTML is broken - whether this is down to a third party plugin or just something that has gone awry is hard to determine. Your text is there, just all over the place and it looks like it's all breaking out from the main elements, suggesting that the HTML is broken or your CSS is screwed. See screenshot below. If you have anything in your custom CSS file I would suggest that you copy the contents and then delete them so the file is empty, save it and check again, if all is OK then it's something in the custom CSS file - assuming you have anything in there 🙂
  2. Davyc


    I know, but the ones I'm looking at is the Random Movies block and the Featured Movies block, they are amazing blocks but can only appear in one place. I'm not sure how much work would be required to make them available for adding anywhere, but I believe they would be well used and appreciated. There is also a slight issue with the blocks you refer to above, when I want to add them to the individual categories and select the appropriate category from the options to match the category being added to and I choose Movies and TV Shows there are entries from other categories not selected appearing (mainly TV Shows) so that kind of limits their usage. Sorry to be such a pain, but there are some fantastic features that are not behaving as they should lol 🙂
  3. Davyc


    No worries Adriano it's not a deal breaker just me being nit picky lol. Any thoughts on making the the blocks that can be assigned to the categories page via the ACP being turned into blocks that can be added anywhere in the site via the blocks manager; random videos and the featured slider, etc?
  4. Davyc


    Just added a TV Show as a test and it is showing in the Activity Stream, however it is being classed as a movie: Thanks for the info @Steph40 🙂 Forgot to add the reason I queried this is that I went through several pages of Activity and no TV Shows were showing up, so they must be well down the list lol.
  5. Davyc


    @Adriano Faria Adriano something strange happening in the Activity Stream, only movies are showing up but not TV Shows, is this by design or a bug? Also, for a future update the blocks that can be assigned in the movie settings, can these be made into blocks that can be added to any page via the block manager? With thanks 🙂
  6. 4.6.0 thru 4.6.4 no issues at all, but then I am not running all the apps, so if the issues are specific to certain apps perhaps I'm not affected. I have a client site to update that is running an app that I am not (commerce) so I am a little hesitant to go ahead right now - maybe leave it for a week or so lol. Luck to all who go for it and I hope you avoid any pitfalls 🙂
  7. There is no simple fix - it may take several CSS commands and perhaps even some template code changes. It's not something that can be addressed easily. As @opentype stated the carousel is not meant to show just one image. You may be better off getting a slider from the marketplace.
  8. Just looking at the screenshot (link would be better) it appears that the images are not filling the width of the carousel - which would explain the left side not being fully moved along the line. There is always some natural overlap (screenshot below shows similar but not as bad as yours): It can be sorted with some CSS, but your images are looking too narrow for the width of the carousel element.
  9. Sometimes you have to take a longer route to express your desires for the application to provide for. Everything you mentioned I agree with and I am not under the illusion that this is something that can be cobbled together and added quickly. The whole Page application needs a complete overhaul and revamp. It's showcased as potentially the most powerful application in the suite, but its use cases are incredibly limited, especially for novices who would probably love to use the application but user experience is sadly lacking for this group of users. Not everyone is a coder, not everyone can manipulate backend code and CSS to achieve a desired outcome, so for the uninitiated Pages is taken out of their reach. With some imagination and seeing what other page builders can do, especially with drag and drop, Pages could become the most sought after application in the suite. Let's see what the dev team come back with in response to our observations and request 🙂
  10. I can do all of these things myself, being a website developer for the last 20 years has stood me in good stead when it comes to this type of exercise. However, I am not aiming this at the developers like myself who can create new templates and add scripts, CSS, etc, but for those who don't know how to do these kind of things. Being more versatile, initially in layouts, would be a huge boon to people who don't want a rigid 1, 2, 3 column layout that is inflexible. I imagine a lot more people would feel comfortable using pages if it were more user friendly. I love dabbling and fiddling with templates and code, it's in my blood lol. But those souls who haven't a clue are left out in cold and prevented from using a very powerful application. My example of Divi is what I would like to see Pages become, initially in terms of layout options; it could then progress to being a more useable and powerful application with additional modules (or blocks) being created, not just by IPS, but also third parties. Your other mentions of options 1 and 2 above are another area that would prove very useful for those of us who do like to get our hands dirty and fiddle with code and CSS. Anything that can extend the usability of the application for both novices and coders would be a boon. Thanks for taking the time to comment Chris, always appreciated 🙂
  11. Just giving this a bump as I've added a poll about the Pages app just out of curiosity 🙂
  12. Davyc


    Update was as smooth as Galaxy Chocolate - thanks @Adriano Faria for this update 🙂
  13. I've spoken briefly in other topics on how lamentable the Pages app is for those who do not possess the skills to create their own templates and layouts. The Pages app is heralded as one of the most powerful applications in the suite, and it may be for those who can harness the power it yields. For everyone else it is a minefield to navigate and a lot of people either just give up on it or resort to plugins from the marketplace, which are generally pretty good at what they offer but they are limited by the functions which developer has designed the plugin to do. One of the most powerful page layout generators I have come across is a WordPress plugin called the Divi Builder (made by www.elgantthemes.com) - it is one hell of a powerful tool that allows you to develop complex pages using adaptable rows and columns. An example of some of the basic layouts offered (which can be applied on a row by row basis) is shown below: At present, Pages is constrained to 1,2 or 3 column layouts which cannot be applied on a row by row basis. For example you CAN mix some columns in Pages but you are stuck with X number of columns on top/bottom with a single column that sits above or below; you can't have single column, two/three column another single column and another two/three column layout, etc. The other pain with Pages is that the column widths are non-negotiable; two columns will span the width of the container equally - you can't have one column take up 60% of the real estate with the other column taking up the other 40%, that is incredibly restrictive. I'm not advocating that Pages mimic the Divi Builder in all of the features it brings - it's module based and there are loads of different modules that can be dragged into the layout - but Pages can make a start by giving more power to layouts. That would be a massive improvement on what sits there now. The other noticeable missing aspect is the ability to add pages to a page layout. Very long articles would be better if they were broken into pages much like a book. Single column layouts could have an added feature of making a page columned where the text will flow naturally from one column to another, much as it does in Microsoft Word, for those reading on wider screens. Stacking order for columns on smaller screens would be another feature bonus where you can choose to stack the most important blocks near the top with the least important below. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what Pages can become as truly outstanding CMS application within the IPS Suite. How much work would lie behind such an undertaking I have no idea, but it would be worthwhile and it would be a huge boon to those who want to harness the power of the Pages application and create some beautiful page layouts that capture the imagination. Thoughts? More suggestions also welcome as this is something that can be of benefit to everyone. Thanks for reading.
  14. Ran CCleaner to empty device caches and it's working now - thanks for the headsup 🙂
  15. I've generated a manifest but it doesn't appear to be working as no 'install' is showing in the browser. This is how I've set it up (bearing in mind I've never done this before lol) so is everything in place and the settings correct? The only thing I've not done is the safari mask icon as I am uncertain as to what that entails. Here are my settings (BTW for some reason the Favicon has been replaced by the Application icon, is that normal?)
  16. Updated to 4.6.3 with no issues at all. I imagine that something screwed up during your upgrade and the only recourse you have will be to open a ticket. No software is totally bug free and with something like IPS being installed on many different server environments it's to be expected that issues will arise. If you wait until 'all' issues or bugs are discovered then you will be in for a very long wait - ad infinitum 🙂 Open a ticket IPS developers will be able to help you - I just hope that you took a backup of your database before updating.
  17. Try pasting different images of different sizes rather than the same one and try it in other apps other than forums and see if you get the same result 🙂 Just so you can see the image below illustrates the images I wanted to paste into an article on how to use the calendar feature. This is in Pages. The images with a green tick pasted directly into the editor. The ones with a red cross went into the uploaded images tray and had to be inserted manually. It's not a huge issue, I'm just curious as to why?
  18. I've encountered an unusual event in 4.6.2 when copy and pasting images. I use Snagit to create images for help files and generally just copy and paste the images into a topic or article. In the past I could just copy and paste away until I completed the task. In 4.6.2 after so many copy and pastes the images no longer appear in the topic/article but appear in the uploaded images tray and have to be added manually. So I'm wondering if this is by design, a bug or is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere? This generally happens after about 3/4 images have been pasted into the editor.
  19. That was a feature in a previous version which has not been carried over to the current iteration (I believe it was dropped a few versions ago) 😞
  20. If you want to create forums where no one has access until you decide they can, then just create a forum with no permissions (other than admin/moderators) and then add in the groups you want later. Unfortunately you're going to have to use groups otherwise you will not have any control over who sees what. A forum with no permissions granted to any group is the same as a forum that bans all members. Even if IPS were to create such a forum, you will still need groups to manage who can access that forum. The alternative is to use a password protected forum, but the hole in the bucket with that is members can share the password. Member groups are the best way forward and if you are going to have so many restricted forums on your site then you are opening a can of worms for yourself in terms of management. You can use Clubs - they can have their own forums and you can choose from a variety of types of group from open, to requesting joining to by invitation only.
  21. You can already do that by creating groups that have permissions to see and post in specified forums. Each forum has its own permissions as to: Who can see the forum Who can read topics Who can post new topics Who can reply to topics It's a very powerful feature and by creating groups and moving those members you want to have access to certain forums, you can restrict who can use the forum without the need for a different type of forum. You can also use member permissions to restrict their individual access 🙂
  22. I had a similar, possibly unrelated issue this morning when images I uploaded yesterday into an article suddenly disappeared as though they never existed, yet they were uploaded and showing yesterday, today they were just showing that image not found icon and the name of the files. They were not anywhere to be seen on the server and nothing had changed from the previous day other than an upgrade to the latest version 4.6.1 I uploaded them again and checked the server, but they are not there, though they are still showing for now lol. I've had this happen in the past, and it generally happens when a new monthly folder is created, but the previous month (or part of it) was not being accessed. It's weird set up, either the images are on the server or they are not and if not, how come they show?
  23. @A Zayed PM sent with thanks 🙂
  24. @A Zayed any thoughts on the above?
  25. @A Zayed here's another issue that has cropped up in another link I added. When I added the link into the topic it appeared like this: When I posted the topic it turned into this: The URL is: https://www.cruse.org.uk/
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