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  1. Is it possible to change the idle time to longer than 15 minutes?
  2. I've PM'ed you on your site. Seems like the /purge command is not working. Get the warning but nothing happens..
  3. Just installed and notice just a minor issue - not a bug. When app is making a new window - the new window is coming a loooong way down the screen - below the footer. Like when I switch from Legacy view the chatwindow is far down out of sight. I use a standard laptop PC with Chrome. The same is happening when I like to make a privat chatroom. That will be confusing for new members/chatters. Except this all look very promising and good - also on Iphone Xr.
  4. Great news - look forward to it. Will the 2x series stop working at the same time? I'm also a little curious on how the chat in 3.0 will work on phone, because many are using that now.
  5. I have the same issue as TS. I have tested all the code suggestions here, but none of them seems to work. I think it is the size of the Header bar that causes this, but I might be wrong.
  6. Noen som har oppgradert til 4.5 som vet om det er mye kluss med språkpakken?
  7. Yes and as I said. I tried everything to stop those ads. Every kind of setting I could find to block them. Still - when I blocked them - just new alternatives popped out - page up and down of people complaining about that in the forum. It was just not worth the time.
  8. I removed it, even though the income was pretty good. I removed it because complaints about nude ladies in ads. I did all I could to get rid of that stuff, but I did not manage to remove those ads completely. Actually seeing my own site through others eyes with those ads just got me mad (users posted clips on my site what they did see). I never looked back after I removed it. Google are still pushing a lot of trafic our way.
  9. In babble images are not shown on mobile when mobile head up. But shows up in «landscape» (Sideways) after refresh.
  10. I have 87% on mobile. I will check out any option to have this removed by plug-in if there is no other option.
  11. My IPhone Xr are on repair again (terrible phone!), so at the moment I use my sons IPhone SE. I think that is a standard screensize for many members also. How many users need Condensed/Expanded and how many need to alter Stream Options. There must be better way of doing this. I think it is a setback from the version we are on now, and I hope there will be a setting so that we easily can skip that stuff. Most of my members don't care about this functionality - they just need to see activity.
  12. Will there be an option to remove unuseful information (For us)from top of that page when next version are here? On one of my sites members check new content all the time and this new look is not userfriendly in my opinion . attach views from new and old version...I know what I prefer 🙂
  13. I had the old app "Tags and prefixes" earlier, and it had an option to add tags through search - see picture. Is that an option in this app?
  14. Ja - men "online" er ikke norsk ord.. men du kan oversette det slik du vil ha og inkludere engelske ord inn i mellom.
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