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  1. I myselve are thankful for topics like this. I upgraded to 4.6.2 on monday, and it was all OK, and a minor upgrade from 4.6.2 - to 4.6.3 should be quick to do, and still stuff like this happens. It is a reminder that even this small upgrade could go bad and the only way to find out that is via topics like this.
  2. I just noticed that there is a setting in All activity that restrict display of content and that it should show just content within the last days - like 4 days in my settings here. I can't remember that this was a setting earlier on, and on the site I need it, it is not working as intended. There might be something else going on there but could not figure out. Does it work as intended? When I restore streams to default, the All content link has a stream number 6 like https://nnnne.no/discover/6/ I don not understand why the number 6 is added there, instead of just /discover/
  3. No not at all. Just a sidenote: But english is not my first language and I try my best to understand the humour and «in between lines stuff» that happens in a language that is not my first language. I guess there are many members in the same situation as me also - so do not forget that you have an international audience. I know you have not forgotten, but in my sites I try to think my site as how a new member sees it, and to much «noise» can be a turnoff for some seriously newbies.
  4. I agree. I’m here lurking and seriously trying to read and learn stuff that I can use on my own sites. All this childish noise (like meow and posts with only gifs) might get some members here a good time laughing but it just gets this site less serious for users like myselve. I have enough of that noise on other sites - fb, insta. Also don’t forget that there is a lot of visitors around that seriously consider using this software and the discussions you have here is important to showcase what the software can do.
  5. Thats a setting in php.ini on your server I guess,
  6. Just out of curiosity - why don’t you just use the forum here for internal support?
  7. Agree. My single most important plug-in is the one that hides links from guests. When I installed the plug-in several years ago the new users sign-up tripled. But off-course, signing up for a new site is one thing, another is if the will contribute to the community later on. But the idea of just showing smaller images or maybe blurred images for guests appealed to me as well.
  8. Kind of strange that vbulletin has this feature and that it is so diffucult here. Wouldn’t it help if you disable lightbox (or whatever that pop-up with lagre image is called) for guests via a plug-in?
  9. Hello Michael - I notice that the version you have on your own board that I have bought there has a different date than the one you have here. Is it the same file or did you update it? Reason for asking is that I still have that issue that I can't edit blocks on my site when Babble is enbled. I have asked this on your site as well, but you do not visit it so often. Hope you're not lost in the jungle there...
  10. There is. I used it a few years ago. I used a service called email to rss, and then converted the email-rss to topics via rss import. It worked out nice. I registred that email adress on a lot of websites to receive bargains, and everytime the shops had a sale email - a topic was created.
  11. https://www.fjellforum.no/topic/50489-hvor-har-du-vært-på-tur-i-dag-2020/?do=findComment&comment=475659
  12. Hei I had the same issue with that language-file - Key "stream_blurb_relative" change %d to %s
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