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  1. In babble images are not shown on mobile when mobile head up. But shows up in «landscape» (Sideways) after refresh.
  2. I have 87% on mobile. I will check out any option to have this removed by plug-in if there is no other option.
  3. My IPhone Xr are on repair again (terrible phone!), so at the moment I use my sons IPhone SE. I think that is a standard screensize for many members also. How many users need Condensed/Expanded and how many need to alter Stream Options. There must be better way of doing this. I think it is a setback from the version we are on now, and I hope there will be a setting so that we easily can skip that stuff. Most of my members don't care about this functionality - they just need to see activity.
  4. Will there be an option to remove unuseful information (For us)from top of that page when next version are here? On one of my sites members check new content all the time and this new look is not userfriendly in my opinion . attach views from new and old version...I know what I prefer 🙂
  5. I had the old app "Tags and prefixes" earlier, and it had an option to add tags through search - see picture. Is that an option in this app?
  6. Ja - men "online" er ikke norsk ord.. men du kan oversette det slik du vil ha og inkludere engelske ord inn i mellom.
  7. Jeg er norsk og jeg vil ikke bruke frasen "Påloggede brukere", når det er snakk om "Påloggede medlemmer" - men det er jo bare å forandre det til det du ønsker selv. Jeg har ikke sett behov for å endre noen av disse ordene. Tvert i mot er det et bra språk. Det er som nevnt ingen selvfølge at dette blir delt med oss, og det er bare å delta i dugnaden og oversette det selv og dele med andre om du ønsker det.
  8. Det er et imponerende arbeid som er lagt ned i oversettelsene til Norsk og jeg er svært glad for at dette er delt med oss andre helt gratis. All kred til diskusjon.no som deler dette med oss andre. Det er veldig enkelt å oversette dette slik man vil, så bare sett i gang om du ikke er fornøyd.
  9. A lot of good cooperation going on at the moment, and the latest news that Apple and Google will cooperate to fight this battle would be good news for all. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52246319
  10. Not by everyone. Some countries with more experience in these kind of situations, like Singapore, S-Korea and Taiwan did not under-estimate it and they are doing better than others. There is a big difference in the way each country have fought this battle, also on our part of the world and history will tell who's right.
  11. I support that - but some members complain that it is difficult to "climb" up to leader. So suggest a setting for random image as well.
  12. Here they will open kindergardens and schools grade 1-4 and some universities 2 weeks from now - around 20-27 th april. They will slowly open up. The area I live in are in phase one still, but in Oslo they are in phase 3, so nobody knows the outturn when they open up. Still the death rate is low, and we are allowed to go to the huts again from 20th April - and I look forward to that on a personal level. I just read an article about the Spanish Flu in 1918, and it is kind of disturbing to read about the waves upon waves that hit every country and city hundred years ago. Also the cit
  13. On todays press-briefing in Norway they say that R is around 0.7 - They will try to keep it below 1 so it is under control. So far 74 died in this country. Sweden have a different approach, and they have more than 500 deaths. It is kind of difficult to concentrate on anything else than this pandemic. We hope that schools could open after the easterholidays - nobody knows, but at least for the smallest children.
  14. This curve is kind of disturbing. Seems like it could last for a long time. I think the UK discussion that we could have a certificate that we are immune (after we have had the virus), might be the way to go. But still they do not know if we could have it a second time. I had to go for work earlier than normal because of this situation, but when we look around us we just need to be glad that we have job these days.
  15. Here we can hike in the mountains and a lot of people do that here where I live. I have an IPS site where people can register on summits (when they are closer to 100 meter from the cairn), and lucky for me it is not allowed to write in books on the summits, and therefore more people have to use mobile for registering on the summit. We have a giveaway with 2 giftcards on abt 100 USD each, so more people have registered to compete this month. It's fun and good health for everybody. As long as we stay more than 2 meters away from each other it is OK to hike. So beeing home with my family gi
  16. I have a feature request. Is it possible to have a "Next image" button, so that we can swipe through each image in a competition?
  17. I just read this report from last autumn. It has been mentioned that nobody could know that this was coming, but it seems like this WHO group warned about this precisely a few months before it hit. I forgot my glasses in my hut so I have to go there today. It is kind of first world problem to complain that we can't stay in our huts, but we are allowed to go there on day trips. Not allowed to stay over night. In case we get sick the small communities in the mountains don't have the medical aid for us, so thats fair enough. First person here locally got the virus, so it is just a question o
  18. Now they say that this virus will be around until we have a vaccine - at least 12 months, and maybe 18 months or more. They are planning an excessive testing. Every citizen will be tested several times, and if one person has the virus they will use mobile tracking backwards in time so they automatically inform every person that have been in contact with the one with virus in the days before. Their working hard with laws and stuff, so they can achieve this. This is kind of Big Brothers Orwells 1984 stuff, but they say that they must be certain that they pick only person that has been
  19. I agree, but one thing about some countries, maybe Italy and Spain, is that they have a higher antibiotic resistence in their population than we have in other countries. It might be the mix of Korona, and antibiotic resistence that makes it difficult to treat pasients in some countries. It is troubling times for everybody. Into second week with school at home for my kids, and strangely enough it is become routine and they are used to it and self diciplined on their Ipads. Nobody has the virus here in this area yet, and a lot of people have been tested without any virus, so that is good s
  20. Good luck Aiwa. I live in a "town" with 7000 people and most shops is shut down for a week now - and more to come. They have tested 61 people here, but still none has the virus around here, and the nearest case are a far distance away, but nobody knows off course. Oslo is the epicentre for the virus now, and they have special teams searching for the source for each case. They found that one person infected 100 people! Many of the infected came from winter vacation i Austria and one special after-ski bar was the main source for many infected they say. I forgot my new glasses in
  21. I can agree on that! At the same time I will give credit to the teachers here that is "all in" on electronic learning on the kids ipads, and that is working extremely well. I guess that this could be going on for many weeks, maybe into the summer. I think that this could not have happened (e-learning - school at home) even 5 years ago. (A market for IPS there?) We have not visited any shops or stores for nearly a week. There is still none where I live that has got the virus, but I guess several have been tested so we will know in days. The nearest person that have it is 200 km away. All p
  22. At home now yes - pretty hard measures here now. Not allowed to leave anywhere. "Everything" shuts down.
  23. Well - if you cough somewhere in a store or whereever other people are, the waterdrops and virus could spread up to three hours. we are still in the mountains with three meter snow, and have food for weeks, but now media is full of articles telling us (people moved into our cottages) to go home. So we do that tomorrow. Still feels more safe here than in town. They are afraid that the community Localy in here can't handle if we get ill. Fair enough.
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