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  1. Some here says that this app comes 5 years to late, and I'm just thinking they are right. Beeing without push notifications for so long has changed the way many use forums. As of now, they enter the site a few times a day and scroll through whatever notifications they have, and are fine with that. When the new app arrive they will see that the phone chimes in constantly. It is a new behavior, and I'm not sure that is a positive thing (as an everyday user). Every single user need to get through whatever notification settings they have to change it, and every user would change it to some setting not so annoying on their phone. I know that this will be an issue on my sites for sure. For me at least it was an eyeopener, and I do not
  2. well.. I don't get the Contact Sales button, Charles.. There must be a reason for it.. 🙂
  3. Need to tap two times on my phone and it is not userfriendly. If you look at the marketplace there is a lot of popular plug-in for this functionality so I think there is a need for this.
  4. Yes. You can see a live excample here (when you scroll) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/index.html Check how it is changing when you read an article. But I would prefer it at the bottom..
  5. Would IPS include a Got to top button in the next release? There is no way to go to top (on mobile), except adding a button through plug-ins from third party developers, something that most of us have done. It is a solution that in my opinion should have been in the core. I noticed one site that included the Top button, with Facebook share and I certainly would think this would be a good combination also for us? (Or something for a developer?)
  6. I guess so, but for me I would rather have this as paid option. At least until we can have ads displayed in the app as well. My paying users have no ads, and this can be another reason to be a paying member... Anyway - I look forward to see the final result. Also I have a website that only uses Pages, and I'm very curios on how this app will handle third party add-ons and Pages.
  7. Good News! Would it be possible to allow only certain user groups access to app?
  8. The babble chat is down atm - also on codingjungle site? Miss the option of changing server!
  9. How could I limit that then? Is there a way to show content like that - in a custom stream? I would still have the same problem, no way to limit it. As far as I have been told there is no way of limiting this information. I have tried other workaround, like using plugin [EPI] Activity Feed Amount, but still I have to have some forumcontent or whatever from the app, to reduce stream. If I have a lot of activity I the page is looong. Thanks for helping out.
  10. Yes this site is only used for people registering summits - they register a summit at the cairn of mountain summits. A custom app. There would be no point in switching off that information. It is the hole point with the stream. The other users checks what summits the other members are at. @Joel R I have checked with him as mentioned. As I said. I need the information displayed, but need a way to limit it. As of now I have to make some forum posts or that people post pictures in the app, to get som Items. I notice that there is a divider "Last hour", "Last week" "Yesterday", and if I could restrict it to "Last 2 days" it would have been a solution.
  11. I might be doing something wrong.. But this site has only content items.. Do you get Load more then if you have only that?
  12. Could anybody suggest a way to reduce the amount of content items? I have to make stuff up just to reduce the activitystream, and as far as I know there is no way to reduce it. I might be the only one with this problem, but still it is kind of strange that it is not possible to reduce the length of it. I have now 1600 content items a month (without a chance to reduce it), and everyone is looking at this activity stream, but I need only for a couple of days I have asked a developer btw, and he said it is not possible to reduce it.
  13. Jeg ser at språket endrer seg etter hvilken template man benytter. Har noen av dere vært borti denne problemstillingen?
  14. @CodingJungle is the Babble Chatservices down? I can't get it to work -and it is not working on your site either..
  15. I have this site with only content items. I need a way to limit the amout of content items in activity stream! Is this something that IPS would look into?
  16. Yes it was the same problem on default theme. And it happened after upgrade to 4.2.2 Fixed it after some investigation..
  17. After latest upgrade last night fra 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 this setting broke my forum. Every user that had a Blog (an URL in Blog Profile view), the forumpage looked like this.. I had no clue as to where to look. Might be some old custom formatting on my forum.. Found it now..
  18. I've had several users complaining that they have written stuff on Iphone or Ipads in Chrome or Firefox. When they open links in email to post it the email leads them to Safari, and then all the stuff they have written are all gone. I think it's not possible to open a link in chrome on Apple devices..
  19. Hvis du har oppdatert språkpakke til 4.4 hadde det vært knallbra. Jeg har gått over og endret selv, men er ikke 100% sikker på at det ble korrekt..
  20. Yes.. Just have a look at https://codingjungle.com/babble/ Possible to type /help - and some of the old IRC style commands.. Like /me or whatever you set up.
  21. They do from the menu - called something else suitable on my language. There is 5-10 people chatting every night, and this is the main reason people like to meet and great, and also relationships has started there, so it is good. Mostly old IRC'ers.. 🙂
  22. I have used that for a long time and it is very stable and support is good. Most importantly my users like it.
  23. I use it on one of my sites with 4.4. Works fine for me..
  24. Can't get that red one to move on my site.. Same here I guess.. First Gif and not moving.. Strange?
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