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Invision Community Insight: Happy Friday!

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🌸 Welcome to this week's Invision Community Insight🌸

Thank you for checking out this weekly round up post. I hope you each well and having a great week. Anything exciting going on in your community? Did you give live topics a try or are you an iPhone user enjoying push notifications? Anything fun planned now that spring has sprung? 

From the Invision Community team...


Current Happenings

New Version

Our April release was released last week and ready for you to upgrade your community. As you know, we recommend that you keep your community up to date each month to keep it running smoothly and so you can enjoy the latest updates.

Review the release notes to see what is included in the April release, version 4.7.9.

Key changes:

If you want to get your iOS users using push notification, here are two guides to help you. 

This first one is for you as the Admin: 


Then, if you want to reach out to your users about setting up their push notifications, you can repurpose this guide with your own screenshots and notes. 


On Deck

Bounce Management is coming in May. For Cloud customers, we are adding the ability for you to view reports on bounced/complaint emails, take action on member accounts (purge them or mark them as no notifications), and unblock emails that our platform may be refusing to email. 

Our new Courses and Lessons application is moving right along. No sneak peak this week but we will hold out for one soon. 😬


Peeking Ahead

Statistics and reporting improvements are nearly complete. We did opt to add a bit more to our improvement list so we postponed our Statistics and Reporting live topic event. Join us in May and we will talk about what is included



Invision Community 5

Thank you for sharing your excitement and eagerness to hear what version 5 is all about. For now, we have begun work in some areas and are still planning and scoping in others. We are not quite ready to share specific updates at this time but promise to once the time is right.


Finally, for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week for version 4.



version 4.7


- Removed the ability to set up Twilio Authy as a new MFA Handler (Twilio deprecated the Authy API)
- Added Twilio "Verify" as a new MFA Handler
- Fixed an issue on the ACP support page where the "Caching block" could throw an error.
- Fixed an issue where producs without a renewal fee would show as free.


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  • Management

Just to clarify that the Authy code still exists and can still be used, but you cannot create a new 2FA with it.

If you wanted to set up a new 2FA with Twilio, then you would use the Verify API.

But if you are using Authy, nothing changes, although Twilio have now deprecated the API and at some point will remove it. I'd hope they'd let you know in good time if/when they do.

I've edited the change log above to reflect the changes.

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On 4/14/2023 at 4:31 PM, Olivia Clark said:

We are not quite ready to share specific updates at this time but promise to once the time is right.

When you are ready, please share how translating Invision Community 5 will work. Since whatever system you will use has a huge impact throughout the lifetime of version 5, I hope you present your ideas as soon as possible (and allow feedback from native speakers of various languages) to make translating Invision Community 5 more flexible than it is now.

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