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iPhone notifications, web app and more

The longest awaited iPhone feature is almost here, native iOS notifications, and we couldn't wait to ensure it is enabled for your Invision Community.

Invision Community 4.7.9 is iPhone push notification ready for when Apple release their latest iOS update later this month. This means you'll finally get notifications on your phone, even when you do not have your browser open, to alert you of new content on followed items and more. A feature Android owners have enjoyed for a while.

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With notifications, you can have an authentic native app experience with built-in Invision Community features such as the manifest editor.

The manifest editor allows you to edit your theme icons, colours and URL for when your members add your community to their phone's homepage. This manifest file helps mobile devices understand how to display your community site when launched from the home screen.

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Your members can add your community to their home screen with the share button. Once it has been added, it looks and feels like a native app downloaded from the App Store.

With Apple finally allowing native notifications and Invision Community's mobile-ready UI coupled with the manifest editor, you can have a real app experience without needing a mobile app.

We intend to bring more functionality and ease of use to mobile devices over the coming releases.

We hope you're looking forward to iOS native push notifications as much as we are!

The features discussed in this announcement are available in both Invision Community and Invision Community Classic.

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