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  1. Welcome Jordan. As far as the other stuff, my experience with Invision has always been great. This seems like a solid move and I feel like the excellent customer service will continue.
  2. I was just going to upgrade to 4.3.1 but would prefer to wait until this is fixed. Unless there is a way that we can check the settings ourselves to know if we are impacted?
  3. Max

    New: Reactions

    We are always asked for reputation comments. A one-liner that could be added to a rep. It doesn't look like that is in here, just wanted to check. Thanks.
  4. Max

    Post Number

    Thanks, I tried all that. No luck. I appreciate the responses!
  5. Max

    Post Number

    Do you have an example of a site that it is working on? I would love to check it out. Unfortunately no matter what I do including clearing cache it wont show up for me on http://forums.JetNation.com Thanks!
  6. Max

    Post Number

    I just upgraded to 4.1.10 and it isn't showing the post #. Also tried this out on the default theme, no success there either. Thanks.
  7. Max

    Post Number

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, changed all the group setting. Still not showing. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Max

    Post Number

    Thanks I did that. Not sure why it isn't working on my site. http://forums.JetNation.com We had this exact request, so this mod is cool. Hopefully I can get it to work.
  9. Max

    Post Number

    Does anyone know if this works in 4.1.9? Was looking for this exact plugin, but it isn't working on http://forums.JetNation.com. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Anyone know if this works with 4.1.9? I just went to by it but the authors last post is over a month ago and he said he didn't have time. Not sure if this has been abandoned.
  11. I was hoping this would be fixed. This was a big issue for us, we are always merging threads and we end up with dead links on Twitter when people RT the "wrong" thread before the merge.
  12. We had the same problem with our podcast. We use to just paste the mp3 url and it would embed automatically in V3. That stopped working in V4. I opened a ticket for it and they gave our tech guy some work arounds. We can not upload mp3 and it embeds but unfortunately i don't know how they did it exactly. I would check with support.
  13. Oh I like this. Would love to add the sidebar to all the pages for guests.
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