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  1. Please, look ? Adsence ads are placed above the content, without the possibility of closing them. This is because they are normally automatically inserted between paragraphs, but it seems that Adsence has trouble figuring out how to do it.
  2. Hello, I use Adsense automatic ads in my forum. Sometimes automatic ads are positioned above the message content. And it is not possible to remove them by clicking somewhere. It seems that Adsence has trouble positioning its ads sometimes. Would it be possible for the team invision community to take into account Adsence automatic ads in its development? Sincerly, Théo'.
  3. The search field is short, at the top right, thank you for watching the screenshot. There is no more space here to report bugs?
    Fantastic ! Finally the possibility of having a marketplace in its forum, so that members can sell objects. Simple and fast installation, less than 5 minutes. Intuitive setting of the plugin, quite easy, in 5 to 10 minutes, we have already done a lot of work. Forum members can sell items. The buyer can pay by credit card on the paypal site, or with the balance of their paypal account. The classifieds are nice to see. For a member, it's easy to put items on sale. The plugin uses the functions of the forum, as for posting photos of the classified ad or writing the description of the object,
  4. Hello, please, a plugin to lighten the images on our server, as the tool to optimize images Kraken.io or WP Rocket (wp-rocket.me) for wordpress. Thank.
  5. me to, I took the full archive on the IPS website, I replace this file on my server by the IPS file, and update works. good luck
  6. Oh yes, I look forward to it. This will revolutionize my website. In communities around the bike, photography, collectibles, whether members can sell items, this will create a dynamic beautiful. As we say in France: Champagne! Friendly, Théo.
  7. Hello. For a user, it is difficult to understand that one can see in a video message hosted elsewhere (youtube and others). But we can see in a video message uploaded to the site. This encourages members to use other services like youtube or facebook. And so to leave the community. If we have to go on facebook to post a video on the forum, so then stay on facebook. We need a complete ecosystem, so that members can stay without having to go elsewhere for certain things. My forum works with a large server. I do not have space or bandwidth problem. I hope that soon it wil
  8. I'm afraid it is limited. No ? I would like the members to offer for sale items. Payment by paypal. Commission to my forum. There would be options: - Sales visible by members or by members and guests; - Costs for the Member in favor of the forum to an Item, or percentage of sales. It is not easy to monetize a forum. A well-developed party store would be welcome. A "WooCommerce for IPB". On a forum for photographers, this would allow the sale of used equipment by members. With compensation for the forum.
  9. Hello, IPS 4.x.x lack of Plugin. I think such a plugin newsletters, as MailPoet Newsletters or MailChimp for wordpress. Or a plugin kind of ecommerce as WooCommerce. Or a plugin to lighten the images on our server, as the tool to optimize images Kraken.io. There is a lack of tools to properly develop our communities, create an ecosystem to encourage plugin would be wise. Sincerly, Theo.
  10. Avatars rounded is not pretty, my community prefers avatars to be square again. i hope it's possible in 4.1.x
  11. Hello, sorry for my bad american, in the 4.1.x series, the bottom of each page, the statistics take up much space, are presented in large print. It's not very pretty ...
  12. Hello, without being logged in as a member, download the zip file does not work in firefox and ie anyway. And impossible to paste directly, and it's not easy to understand how do that... Sincerly from Paris :). Théo.
  13. Hello, in the IPS 4.x, there is not the "New Content" function for visitors? This is very useful, it is in the habits of visitors forums, and it is easy to use for everyone (there are not that pro of IT on our forums). Myself visitor here I am lost ... So easy "New Content", we all active subjects for 24 hours or a week, or other period. Sincerly, Théo.
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