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  1. Still having the previous issue even with new version wich is very annoying. Except Widget, everything else is broken. I dm'd admin logins of my Forum to SoftwareFactory. Hope he will find a way to fix this. If anyone else here found a way to fix, please @ me.. IPS\Login\Exception: generic_error (2) #0 /home/xxx/public_html/forums/system/Login/Handler/OAuth2/OAuth2.php(372): IPS\Login\Handler\_OAuth2->_exchangeAuthorizationCodeForAccessToken('Iq6Od1rHtNSuUmD...') #1 /home/xxx/public_html/forums/system/Login/Handler/OAuth2/OAuth2.php(169): IPS\Login\Handler\_OAuth2->_hand
  2. Hello, How can users connect their PayPal so they receive the money please ? Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone ! I would like to display invitations in my commerce so members can buy it ! How can I do it ? Cheers, Ginzeru.
  4. Hello, I would like to turn my new admin dark theme (4.5) to white theme (like it was before),can someone please show me how to do it ?
    Not working anymore, i paid 30 USD for nothing 😕
  5. @Lycanth @Fierce Godhand I found a solution, create a user and make it a bot, like a Bot name, bot titles etc You can configure the plugin to get the bot automatically sending DM's with the voucher to users. There will be no blank screen anymore. It's working with me! It's a test, but working very nice! If you need help contact me, I will show you my settings!
  6. Hello man, i love this plugin ! But members don't receive anything after buying vouchers, it's just blank. Any help ? screen after redeem the voucher code, just black screen
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