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  1. I found ! "Category Submissions" / "Allow location for adverts" was on Off (not green) Instead checking this setting, I added an extra field "location" with parameter "address"... it displayed the same fields. But no map. It works now.
  2. I have already checked. I have the same screenshot than you. And it doesn't work 😓
  3. Hi, With Classifieds application, I don't succeed to display map of the location ("Localisation" in French). However, Google map is displaying on Calendar. Why that difference ?
  4. I think you speak when Admin can enable Transactions, is'nt it ? But I let my advertisers perform the transaction manually (I'm not alone evidently).
  5. The best for the application is to have the choice "Show / Hide" with "Contact the advertiser" on expired adverts. However, there's something I don't understand when you speak about relist. Do you have a in-depht help for your application ?
  6. Please, where is the logic behind this? I don't understand.
  7. 1) What a pity... What's up when the advert expire ? What's the difference with "active" ? 2) I think I mistaked, sorry. I thought the warning message was on the top of the page, but it displays below each field. That's good. So there's no conflict with Guidelines.
  8. Hi, Congratulations for your application. i'm a new user of your application and probably, I missed something. 1) When an advert has expired, "contact advertiser" doesn't disappear and members can see it. Is it a normal behavior ? How to avoid it ? 2) If a advertiser forget something when he fill in the form, a warn message appear on the top of the page. But when you fill in the guideline, the warn message don't appear. Is it normal ? Many thanks !
  9. Ok, thank you for the answer. A last question : to be sure I have understood, could you attach me a screenshot showing me the set up of a package in Admin CP ?
  10. No one is able to answer that question ? 😓
  11. Hi, I searched the answer but I didn't find it. My question is easy. I am not a customer yet. How the packages works ? Can you choose different permissions for two groups so that you display one package for a group A and display a different package for a Group B ? For example : -package "365 days free" for group A and package "30 days free" for group B ? Thanks !
  12. it's Ok. Two ways for "update" : one doesn't work, the other, works. You are facetious.
  13. I used "Upload new version" feature
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