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  1. Can I be a pain @Tom Irons? You've provided a RAR file and my mac doesn't decrypt that, can we have a zip instead please? Oh no worries downloaded: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/rar-extractor-free/id646295438?mt=12 to extract it.
  2. Anyway to reverse this? So you show adverts to a user until they reach XX posts?
  3. Anyway to allow members to not post as each other, and just have a linked account so: Callum and Mike both have been linked on "Licensecart" but can't post as each other but has: Licensecart under their name or Mike@Licensecart, etc and the admin can kick me off Licensecart and it just has Mike again.
  4. It's pretty easy to upgrade I believe even cPanel support 5.5+
  5. There's no update in my admin area? Edit: Got it by going via the support option > Update now.
  6. Any updates on this thread, a cool way to give a 1 - 10 rating per poll row would be nice e.g: What do you think about the features in IPB? Forum 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[] 6[] 7[] 8[] 9[] 10[x] Pages 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[] 6[] 7[x] 8[] 9[] 10[] Store 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[] 6[] 7[] 8[x] 9[] 10[]
  7. @Square Wheels I agree we should be able to pick the colour
    From Page Speed Grade: F and YSlow Grade: C to a Page Speed Grade: C and YSlow Grade: C Thanks mate.
  8. ​Haha that might be it then lol when I saw the title thought I must have got yours but I take it I must have been dreaming lol. If you have that I will buy it and swap
  9. I use the free one but was wondering if you did this feature in the paid one I'll buy it. The thing I would like is to exclude some groups. At the moment it does every group but I want to exclude admins and moderators, or if you can go one step further that would be amazing, for example exclude by user, like the staff page? Thanks.
  10. ​That's got the permission fix I reported in it for limited access to forums etc. I use it fine
  11. On IPB4 I can't find a way to limit the viewing to the moderators / Admins and the thread owner, so only we can reply to it no-other members can?
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