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  1. Ok I have a whopper of a problem. At 4:08 PM a guest was at my member map. But they don't have access. Then my server ran out if memory and I have 5 Gb. I wasn't aware of this since I was at work. But now my map won't work. Ok I now see that the map hasn't worked since at least when it was last accessed by a guest on 04/10/2016 6:40 PM Now I did update to the most recent version of IPS and never checked the map after so who knows maybe it was down then,
  2. @Martin A. thank you for your help. You are awesome!
  3. Well, I had already tried the code the way you posted, and it was still skewed. And nothing was centered also. But wait a minute.... When I use your center code for the ad, my having the ad code above <div id="ipsLayout_mainArea"> works. And the map is fine, Although now I am starting to like the ad placed between the block and left margin where there is a side block now (centered elsewhere). But that won't work because IPS won't fix that. Wow you really know your stuff.
  4. What do I put at the end of the code for this?
  5. Go to my site and select copy of purple passion and view the forum main page that has a sideblock. The right width is skewed and the ad is placed between the sideblock and left margin. At least in chrome it is,
  6. But then every page with a right sideblock has messed up widths, And the ads are smaller. That's why I had the ad moved in the first place.
  7. Oh it is the ad, I figured it out finally seconds before you posted. But since it worked right at first, I wonder if it is the online list plugin I bought and just installed. The problem is deleting the plugin doesn't remove it for me to check. Your location shrinks the ad where there is a side block, otherwise I would use the default. What this also does is skew the width of the page all up also,
  8. I placed the ad there. Because otherwise the ad is forced by IPS to fit only the width of the topic area. I like wider ads. The weird thing is that the ad was always there and the map was fine, Now it is shrunk,
  9. Thank you! https://www.ourbeautytalk.com/forums/membermap/
  10. All of a sudden my map shrunk to a half a page on the left. And now I have ti make my chrome 110% to have it fill the screen again.
  11. And you know what else? I forgot to mention this. After I posted screen shots showing the admins session frozen from when they worked on my site on Tues, I got the famous, blame the server business. And BTW, I had zero issues with this prior. What do they think we are, idiots that will fall for anything? .But just this once they didn't try to sell me hosting after they mentioned my "ailing" server. Whoopie! Anymore I feel like I am working with snake oil salesmen that will tell your anything,
  12. Ok this just takes the cake and I am fit to be tied. After a long drawn out process to fix what was basically a session type of bug, the second support left my admin CP, my sessions were screwed up. So what do they fricken do after I report this? They tell me to open a new ticket and marked the current one resolved! Leaving me with a dangerous situation with admins with sessions that will not go away. And I will not get a response now for days! You are just the worst!!!! What has become of IPS? Really? What?
  13. Ohh... :tongue: That was a 2 fer 1 answer. :lol:
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