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  1. Just so you know here... All this waiting and I still didn't have a correctly functional RSS feed. Support said oh they will discuss it. Basically it will not pull in pictures. So the 2 options would be manually sharing them or feeding the chimp again. Manually is out of the question because open graph pics get ten times the views then if I manually posted or shared them from the forum. So yeah I sat there for hours screwing around with this on my New Years weekend. And of course we are still stuck with the 30 min sessions. Everything about 4.0 sabotages our sites. My 3.49 forum needs no care and stays busy. The 4.0 still sux.
  2. This is working but I can't get the photos to work right. Keeps sharing the banner.
  3. Tell me about it... i am with you here... Every time you change your forum topics, you have to manually create a new feed for every single topic. My 4.0 site has a worthless FB page because of this. No following what so ever... Because every time I get more than halfway done, I screw up and give up. I am missing so many topics since I have an ancient feed. Now my 3.4 FB page is more popular than the actual site because of the feeds. Incredibly busy... And keeps a steady flow of new people joining my forum. This makes or breaks your site in today's social media atmosphere and IPS doesn't give a hoot.
  4. I agree, but I would keep it for the whole site, since it makes hacking a tidge harder.
  5. Hit this a bit late, but I have a couple of things I do that really help. Sure I have tons of backups, but this simple way is always foolproof. I keep a zipped copy of my most recent working IPS version on my home computer in case of a pinch. I name the folder with the version. Then you can just put back all the old versions files and import a phpadmin exported database with drop tables. (Any extras left from the new version aren't recognized.) Thus you have the old version back entirely. One that you know works right. You could have been back up in 10 minutes. Support even on a good day takes longer than this, Then you could have attempted the upgrade again, but the usual way. But then again, we don't have the external cache tools anymore if needed,. Hmmmm.... Would the new IPS handle this? ,
  6. Yeah, but wouldn't a prying human be able to see the page names that it hits the 404's on?
  7. The bots most certainly are able to, IPS even admitted it was impossible to hide them from bots, Go look in your error log, you will find tons of bot hits on your hidden threads.
  8. Is this something we all should do, just in case? Hey I had permission issues in the past where as they were changing on their own, So just call me paranoid... The bots can all see your hidden thread names all the time. So be careful what you name them. I often wonder if they can see what is inside also,
  9. Actually, I did try this and thought I did something wrong. Spent more time on this and it does not work. I will put in a support ticket, Woot woot! But it is $40. OMG... This will not do although I love Marchers work, Now that I looked into this further, it is for importing and not exporting,
  10. Well, my big issue is pretty much over, so I will be trying it soon and let you know.
  11. I know you don't, I was just chatting with you.
  12. Well what about me? Mine is working with the wrong permissions and I can't get rid of it. Does this mean I can't get a refund? LOL... I was hoping maybe a forum update would kick this off its leg.
  13. This also would not uninstall from my forum. I wish I was in the same boat as the ones that it would not install for. Well, the plugin did uninstall, the online list did not.
  14. I thought this was with the last update although I never tried it yet. Have had some big issues to sort first.
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