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  1. I'd even be so inclined to say that a Private Club or "PMs" which are just private conversations can reach that goal with no issues. The PMs being available depending on how the site staff have it setup but you can include specific members in a PM exclusively. I'd probably say a private club would be more user friendly though.
  2. Try using this. It won't use the integration but will allow users to join the chat: https://deploys.io/docs/disweb/
  3. Yes. Add these items to the custom.css if you need them to be more forum specific you can do that too. This is just generalized replacement.
  4. Hey @AlFed @steve00 is correct, there is some manual style bits in your global template. I don't know how you uploaded the theme but it's still there. Particularly this bit: <style> #ipsLayout_header header { background-color: #3d5e78; background-image: url(http://www.spain4you.es/forum/uploads/monthly_2016_12/699329.jpg.716a4acadcfee74382d1192a0d378f0e.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center; background-size: cover; } </style> Now, note that the image doesn't actually load for me at all but that's why your header color isn't changing.
  5. Hey @Vianney Gantelmi You can achieve this through CSS. If you want to use two different Font Awesome icons (this includes changing the background color too): .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large .fa.fa-comments::before { content: "\f0a2"; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large { background: #FF0000; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read .fa.fa-comments::before { content: "\f0a2"; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read { background: #000; opacity: 1; } For two different images you would d
  6. Closed and private clubs content are only viewable by the members of those clubs or a moderator with the permission “has leader permission in all clubs”. As such if you are seeing different behavior be sure of the above two things before submitting a ticket.
  7. Only moderator teams that you allow: Can set custom penalty if no Warning Action is set? Are able to set a custom penalty and ban people outside of the standard warning actions.
  8. I had to write an article on how to link images on my site because apparently the double click isn't super intuitive or clicking on the image and then clicking the link button but it's always made sense to me. Sometimes it just takes an explanation and some getting used to, like most new things.
  9. At this time users don't have control over off site links go to other websites. Internal links should always open in the same window but administrators can choose whether offsite links open in a new window or not. Unfortunately "New Window" and "New Tab", last I checked, is a browser option and not something controlled by an embeded link.
  10. While a few extra templates never hurt anyone I will say that extensibility is already there for 3-5 through custom Staff directory templates. This includes adding any custom details from their profile that you see fit as well as being able to make the variable sized layouts.
  11. Hey @azcazc there is no "tabs" for this however our Activity streams are modular and a member can pick and choose options to show the content they want and save them for their personal use. As an administrator you can also create default custom feeds for your users and place them in the Menu manager for the user to use. You can read more about activity streams here: And the menu manager here:
  12. Hello @Iva83 of course you can still move posts into another topic. When you choose the posts you want to move choose "Split" and you would choose "Existing Topic" and paste the topics URL. This would then move those posts into the other topic.
  13. As long as you are self hosted you'd create a custom constants.php. We only recommend this for advanced users as it can break your entire site. The specific one is CP_DIRECTORY: We honestly think instead of moving the location of the ACP you should just use 2FA instead to secure your ACP.
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