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  1. Check to see if redis is running from the command line (SSH) [18:41][root@server.myserver.com ~]# redis-cli ping PONG the command redis-cli ping should return PONG at the command line To check the Redis Server info type redis-cli info server at the command line [18:42][root@server.myserver.com ~]# redis-cli info server # Server redis_version:6.2.6 redis_git_sha1:00000000 redis_git_dirty:0 redis_build_id:4ab9a06393930489 redis_mode:standalone os:Linux 3.10.0-1160.59.1.el7.x86_64 x86_64 arch_bits:64 multiplexing_api:epoll atomicvar_api:c11-builtin gcc_version:8.3.1 process_id:1674 process_supervised:systemd run_id:043da472ae3981c1a97423caed2f788cfaf9ebad tcp_port:6379 server_time_usec:1647196988402886 uptime_in_seconds:679823 uptime_in_days:7 hz:10 configured_hz:10 lru_clock:3029820 executable:/usr/bin/redis-server config_file:/etc/redis/redis.conf io_threads_active:0
  2. @Mediamage If your on a cPanel host then go to your cPanel Normally https://yourdomain.whatever:2083 In there in files is backup wizard, generate a full backup and then use FTP to download it or go back to the backup page once you get an email from cpanel that its finished (generate full backup) and click the backup link and you will be able to download it
  3. Ive seen the Invision Sweat Shirt modelled by @Jordan Miller but havent seen him modelling Invision Socks......
  4. Its pretty dead as far as any revamp or major updates go like pages..... Then do a major update of Commerce and make it happen A major upgrade to Pages & Commerce ? Or do you mean they have yet again got missed off the agenda and its just forums......
  5. Have you been through all of this ? Its normally an SSL issue.... https://community.cloudflare.com/t/community-tip-fixing-error-525-ssl-handshake-failed/44256 You could also try 1. Switch Your SSL/TLS encryption mode to Flexible. 2. If your not redirecting http to https on your server then click the switch in CF to always use HTTPS Note 2. Dont click the switch if your redirecting at your server as you cant do both.....
  6. +1 You will get told to post it as a feature request - however common sense says it should be a core feature - its a no brainer The Diva Community ? 🙄 😆
  7. User sigs for links and anything else are a royal PITA with IPS - so use a plugin like this as in the vanilla software everything goes and you cannot moderate it as such
  8. CentOS 6 hasn't been supported for a long time now. So yes you need to upgrade - And yes AlmaLinux is a perfect choice - Its my choice for the next CentOS replacement, the other one I like is Rocky Linux. https://blog.cloudlinux.com/almalinux-is-born https://rockylinux.org/about/ I have used Cloud Linux for many years (ok paid for, but not expensive) so my own personal recommendation for AlmaLinux is biased, have a google as there are more than these two, however these would be my go to choice. I would also recommend a new fresh install and not an upgrade (not even sure AlmaLinux supports going from centos6) Really ? 🙄
  9. Some sort of advertising ? App or something ?
  10. I from my own experience found sendgrid awful - that was a few years back now
  11. Just a fact of life, you have a client/customer, no matter what minimal amount they paid or how long ago, they mostly expect you to drop everything 24/7 to sort their issue out as they are blinkered and think they are the only customer/client in the world and you dont have a life or anything better to do..... I have had quite a few of them over the years, thankfully I got rid of most of them 😆 Hope you recovered from covid and haven't any lasting symptoms, stay safe and love the newsletters app !
  12. @Afrodude You may be better posting in help. & support as this is the developer section and may get missed by staff
  13. Whilst I agree - I also disagree - In some instances I dont believe the customer does always get an email - this is fact from my own experience - and it wasn't blocked by my mail provider in this particular instance as it was my own mail server on a dedicated running mail scanner under whm - nothing was blocked, rejected or in the logs - I didnt receive emails for one of my licenses - didnt matter to me as I knew it was expired and I no longer wanted or needed it but just saying it does happen.....
  14. @LiquidFractal Sounds interesting - could you elaborate a bit on how/what etc ?
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