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  1. mardiv

    Community Map

    Would be nice in members-fields to show in the marker popup to have option to choose status updates.
  2. mardiv

    Community Map

    Hi, how can I do it? Is it only for admins or can users do it as well? Thanks
  3. mardiv

    Community Map

    Hi, is possible to import gpx route files? Thanks
  4. Hi, I just bought your Pages Legend News and its not working, all templates are broken. Also plugin is showing version 2.0.0. not 2.3. Thanks
  5. mardiv

    Template System

    Hi, is possible with your app to do on calendar: In form I will fill up only Start of event and Title? (no content). End of event can be required or automatically +2hour? Thanks
  6. thank you very much its better, but click on the thumb is opening other image, not the same. If I have Two images. First open second and other way. If I have three images: same as above, and third is working If I have four images: first open third, second is working, third open forth , forth open first. 🙂
  7. Hi, can anyone help me please how to setup custom field for multiple image upload and how to display this field in the record with thumbnail and full size image? If I use this code in the record, its mixed up and pictures are doubled. {{$images = $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('galerie', 'raw') and $thumbs = $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('galerie', 'thumbs');}} {{foreach $images as $image_url}} {{foreach $thumbs as $image_thumbs}} <a href='{$image_url}' data-ipsLightbox><img src='{$image_thumbs}'/></a> {{endforeach}} {{endforeach}} I have uploaded only two pictures Thanks
  8. mardiv

    Radical Tags

    Hi, any news about database pages fix?
  9. mardiv

    Radical Tags

    Hi, when I have Radical Tags and create page database, that database is broken. I must first uninstall Radical Tags and then create the database.
  10. mardiv

    Radical Tags

    I tried on other installations. Require a prefix doesnt work with pages categories.
  11. mardiv

    Radical Tags

    Hi, I just bought your app and I cant setup Prefix: Users can only choose from a specified set of prefixes When I setup anything apart from Use global configuration and Require a prefix?No, tags and prefixes are missing in form I am using only pages categories Thanks
  12. mardiv


    Hi, my install is accessible to guests. I am using Books app in clubs. Example: https://ikomunita.cz/books/book/23-bílý-oheň/
  13. mardiv


    the record itself
  14. mardiv


    Hi, book records are marked as noindex. Is possible to index the records? Thanks
  15. mardiv


    thank you. Why book record URLs are marked as noindex?
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