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  1. If the client requires a special dimension and different script to another device I have no other choice. Using CSS, this could not be overcome.
  2. Hello to everybody, I encountered a problem with displaying ads on the forum. I'd like the opportunity to choose which devices to display advertising. Preview I am not alone whom this function should help
  3. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    This error does not appear to me again. When I add advert, I see the buy button. Is it right? I would recommend here to show the Edit / Delete button It will be an option in the top menu link for all my ads? Where is the list? For example, with the option to renew ad?
  4. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Click "add" I aligned centered and more accentuated. Maybe in a row to give a gray background. Unable to add product
  5. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Do you have closer dates?
  6. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    ŠKODA Club http://forum.skodahome.cz
  7. IPS 4 classifieds

    Do we have another alternative. @Spanner is already working on an upgrade to version 4
  8. IPS 4 classifieds

    I personally am waiting only for classifieds in support IPB4 and then immediately upgrade from version 3
  9. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    thanks for the info
  10. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Do you have a start date plugin for v4+?
  11. Questions about IPS Connect

    How to do that after login transferred and user groups? So when I log in as a moderator on another forum I've still got the basic user group. Thanks for the advice
  12. IP.Board 3.2.0: Remote Skin Editing

    good job
  13. Auto-resize lightbox images in posts

    For us in the forum is the same problem. Would best be solved this way, control the uploaded pictures and possible shrink him straight to a given size. For example, 800x600 and the original image is erased. It will save disk space and users will also be satisfied.