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  1. I'd even be so inclined to say that a Private Club or "PMs" which are just private conversations can reach that goal with no issues. The PMs being available depending on how the site staff have it setup but you can include specific members in a PM exclusively. I'd probably say a private club would be more user friendly though.
  2. At this time this behavior is working as intended. You can make a suggestion in feedback and suggestions.
  3. No, as I said in my previous post manually registering an account bypasses the IPS Spam service entirely. It won't even check the email if you register them. Unfortunately, as for the why it was flagged as a spammer, I cannot provide further details. The spam service takes a lot into account when it provides a level to an email so it could be any number of things. It's rare but it could be a false positive, thus the fail safe to manually approve or register the user.
  4. A level 4 response means that in our system the account is a known spam account. To change how your system deals with those you can go to Members > Content Moderation > Spam Prevention > Click on the "Spam Defense" tab and adjust these levels appropriately. Currently your system is likely set to "Disallow Registration" for a level 4, thus the specific error you're getting. If you would prefer to keep this setting in tact go to Members > Members > Click the Create New Member in the top right and manually register the member. This will bypass the IPS Spam service. @kherezae
  5. Hey @kherezae this looks to be an issue with the spam service and your settings. Most likely you have a Spam level 3 or 4 account within the IPS spam service set to deny registrations (instead of register and ban or register and require admin approval). In this case you can either manually register the member or change the spam registration settings so that you can manually register the account. This will have nothing to do with gmail accounts in general, just this specific users email address.
  6. @kmk each field has a "View", "Add", and "Edit" permission for each group. View is whether they can see it on the record, Add means that they have permission to see that field when they are creating a new record and Edit means whether or not they can edit it after the record has been created.
  7. It's technically easier not to do it by just checking to see if the person is an admin (since technically you can add administrators without them being in the admin group) by using this: {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->isAdmin()}} What you want admins to see. {{endif}} Additionally, in pages you can set fields so only specific groups can view them using the permissions for the custom fields. Hope that helps @Brian
  8. Try using this. It won't use the integration but will allow users to join the chat: https://deploys.io/docs/disweb/
  9. .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read { background: #000; opacity: 1; }
  10. The item status badge only changes for unread. The greyed out background would require a change to custom.css
  11. Yes. Add these items to the custom.css if you need them to be more forum specific you can do that too. This is just generalized replacement.
  12. Hey @AlFed @steve00 is correct, there is some manual style bits in your global template. I don't know how you uploaded the theme but it's still there. Particularly this bit: <style> #ipsLayout_header header { background-color: #3d5e78; background-image: url(http://www.spain4you.es/forum/uploads/monthly_2016_12/699329.jpg.716a4acadcfee74382d1192a0d378f0e.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center; background-size: cover; } </style> Now, note that the image doesn't actually load for me at all but that's why your header color isn't changing. To me it looks like someone copied the CSS and pasted it into a style code in your globalTemplate. Your globalTemplate is the first thing that opens when you open the theme editor so look in that one.
  13. Hey @Vianney Gantelmi You can achieve this through CSS. If you want to use two different Font Awesome icons (this includes changing the background color too): .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large .fa.fa-comments::before { content: "\f0a2"; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large { background: #FF0000; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read .fa.fa-comments::before { content: "\f0a2"; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read { background: #000; opacity: 1; } For two different images you would do this: .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large .fa.fa-comments::before { content: url(PATHTOIMAGE); } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large { background: transparent; } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read .fa.fa-comments::before { content: url(PATHTOIMAGE); } .cForumRow .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read { background: transparent; opacity: 1; } You can do similar things for the topic list etc.
  14. That is coming from the auto welcome application. You can change those settings in Members > Auto Welcome > Settings
  15. This functionality is currently not available.
  16. Closed and private clubs content are only viewable by the members of those clubs or a moderator with the permission “has leader permission in all clubs”. As such if you are seeing different behavior be sure of the above two things before submitting a ticket.
  17. Only moderator teams that you allow: Can set custom penalty if no Warning Action is set? Are able to set a custom penalty and ban people outside of the standard warning actions.
  18. This is a known issue and should be fixed in our next maintenance release @Gil Ronen
  19. It's the same CSS to replace it with an image instead. The only difference is you change it this: .ipsPip::before { content: url(URLTOIMAGE); } Just make sure the image is the right size.
  20. For the Profile header it's all of the follow bits. You'll need to find every instance of this: ( $memberFollowers === NULL ) ? 0 : $memberFollowers->count( TRUE ) And replace it with this: $member->followersCount() Remove both instances of this: {{$memberFollowers = $member->followers();}} And find this: {number="$member->followers()->count(true)"} and replace it with this: {number="$member->followersCount()"} For the second template. Find both instances of this: $followers->count( TRUE ) and replace with this: $member->followersCount()
  21. Opentype is correct that you can’t directly replace the pip but you can I believe use CSS to replace it with your custom image. Im not at my PC at the moment to get you exact CSS but I’m pretty sure you can do it. If someone else doesn’t post the CSS answer first I’ll post it for you later today (as long as I’m correct)
  22. Most likely it's the Topic forward and back section, considering the version it was made for. @Scu11 Find this: <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone ipsPager ipsClearfix ipsSpacer_top ipsContained'> <div class="ipsGrid_span6 ipsType_left ipsPager_prev {{if \IPS\forums\Forum::isSimpleView( $topic->container() )}}ipsPager_noDesc{{endif}}"> {{if \IPS\forums\Forum::isSimpleView( $topic->container() )}} <a href="{url="app=forums&module=forums&controller=index" seoTemplate="forums"}" title="{{if $topic->isQuestion() }}{lang="go_back_to_qa_forum"}{{else}}{lang="go_back_to_forum"}{{endif}}" rel="up"> <span class="ipsPager_type">{{if $topic->isQuestion() }}{lang="go_back_to_qa_forum"}{{else}}{lang="go_back_to_forum"}{{endif}}</span> </a> {{else}} <a href="{$topic->container()->url()}" title="{lang="go_to_forum" sprintf="$topic->container()->metaTitle()"}" rel="up">rel="parent"> <span class="ipsPager_type">{{if $topic->isQuestion() }}{lang="go_back_to_qa_forum"}{{else}}{lang="go_back_to_forum"}{{endif}}</span> <span class="ipsPager_title ipsType_light ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line">{lang="$topic->container()->_title"}</span> </a> {{endif}} </div> {{if $nextUnread !== NULL}} <div class='ipsGrid_span6 ipsType_right ipsPager_next'> <a href="{$nextUnread->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'getNewComment' ) )}" title='{{if $topic->isQuestion()}}{lang="view_next_unread_question_title"}{{else}}{lang="view_next_unread_title"}{{endif}}'> <span class="ipsPager_type">{{if $topic->isQuestion()}}{lang="view_next_unread_question"}{{else}}{lang="view_next_unread"}{{endif}}</span> <span class="ipsPager_title ipsType_light ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line">{$nextUnread->mapped('title')}</span> </a> </div> {{endif}} And replace it with this. <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone ipsPager ipsClearfix ipsSpacer_top ipsContained'> <div class="ipsGrid_span6 ipsType_left ipsPager_prev ipsPager_noDesc"> {{if \IPS\forums\Forum::isSimpleView( $topic->container() )}} <a href="{url="app=forums&module=forums&controller=index" seoTemplate="forums"}" title="{{if $topic->isQuestion() }}{lang="go_back_to_qa_forum"}{{else}}{lang="go_back_to_forum"}{{endif}}" rel="parent"> <span class="ipsPager_type">{{if $topic->isQuestion() }}{lang="go_back_to_qa_forum"}{{else}}{lang="go_back_to_forum"}{{endif}}</span> </a> {{else}} <a href="{$topic->container()->url()}" title="{lang="go_to_forum" sprintf="$topic->container()->metaTitle()"}" rel="parent"> <span class="ipsPager_type">{{if $topic->isQuestion() }}{lang="go_back_to_qa_forum"}{{else}}{lang="go_back_to_forum"}{{endif}}</span> </a> {{endif}} </div> {{if $nextUnread !== NULL}} <div class='ipsGrid_span6 ipsType_right ipsPager_next ipsPager_noDesc'> <a href="{$topic->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'nextUnread' ) )}" title='{{if $topic->isQuestion()}}{lang="view_next_unread_question_title"}{{else}}{lang="view_next_unread_title"}{{endif}}'> <span class="ipsPager_type">{{if $topic->isQuestion()}}{lang="view_next_unread_question"}{{else}}{lang="view_next_unread"}{{endif}}</span> </a> </div> {{endif}}
  23. I had to write an article on how to link images on my site because apparently the double click isn't super intuitive or clicking on the image and then clicking the link button but it's always made sense to me. Sometimes it just takes an explanation and some getting used to, like most new things.
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