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  1. I want to move from self-hosted to Community in the Cloud with a new project I am working on. But I am forced to use self-hosted, because 90% of the platform is gatekept behind higher pay... Why use Community in the Cloud, when self-hosting gives us the whole platform? Also, the marketplace is going away... This is heartbreaking and makes me want to jump ship to a different vendor. EDIT: Sorry, clarifying a bit: obviously Invision should make money. But this feels like Invision does not care about small-time customers anymore. Small-time customers willed this platform into existence. That departure saddens me. I cannot pay $1,000+ a month, but I can drop, say, $50 or $100 a month... Yet I miss out on features if I do that with Community in the Cloud. Hence, only self-hosted seems to make sense for my use case...
  2. I remember there used to be a list of devs that were for-hire on this website. Where did it go? And if it doesn't exist does anyone know of any good theme designers for hire?
  3. It looks like the Instagram login handler on the Marketplace is broken. Tried contacting the dev to no avail. Does anyone know of other ways to setup Instagram login integration?
  4. Has anyone heard from Mike John? This plugin is great, but it seems like he has disappeared, and I very much need support.
  5. I'm getting an error when accessing this form: https://www.argogaming.org/forms/4-new-member-initiation/ I have 3 other forms that work perfectly. I private messaged you info to access my ACP if that helps. Let me know if there's anything I can do to fix this. I'm not sure what caused it. I just set up this form a few days ago. @Mike John
  6. I think the staff directory could use some retouching. 1. Allow people to be added twice to the directory. Just give a warning if they're being added twice, so people don't do it by accident. In my org, some volunteers hold 2 or even 3 very important roles. It takes a lot of messing around to get that to actually be displayed on the directory. 2. When you add a Group to the directory, let us organize the people in that group. Sort by alphabet? Sort by age? Sort manually? etc. Usually when I add a whole group, I want to display the team lead or leads first, before the team members, which I can otherwise do but which takes extra work. 3. Make a 3-person and a 5-person template. 1, 2, and 4 team members per row doesn't fit every org. Most of my teams, for example, have 3 people per, and it looks odd: I understand I can manually make a new template, but I think this could be helpful options to ship with. 4. Custom fields could be useful here, maybe only if you own Pages? Extensibility in this regard would generally just be really nice. 5. Allow us to add other contact fields. For example, their email with a mail-to link, maybe social media handles, etc. I know I could do this with a plugin, but it would be wonderful to ship with. For us, we use Discord almost 24/7 for various business discussion and casual chats. So if we could post someone's Discord handle right here that would be great. Most of the time when our community messages us, they do so on Discord. Obviously this will vary by community, as different folks use different communications channels, so extensibility & customizability is key. This is just a rough list. Biggest thing I'd kill to see is just #1.
  7. So I've managed to use a number of Marketplace plugins to get a Pages database to behave essentially like a wiki. But I wanted to edit the template to look more like a wiki. Specifically, I want to move the author tag and reword it. So instead of "By Jane Doe on x y z" at the top left, I would have "Last edited by Jane Doe on x y z" at the bottom. Less focus on the author, and also emphasizing that it was an edit, not a post (as I have wiki-style editing enabled.) How could I achieve this? A custom Pages template? Is there a plugin for it? etc. My wiki on my site can be seen here: https://argogaming.org/wiki
  8. When you delete someone's pokes by clicking the ex on http://example.com/pokes/ it... acts weird. Before deleting I was #1 in pokes received and given. Chaos wasn't actually on the leaderboard. But I deleted my pokes with him (we had 1 poke) and it appears to have copied the pokes that I had onto his pokes.
  9. Waiting a bit to update. Everytime we've updated before we've had loads of problems so we usually wait 2 or 3 patches. Otherwise we'd be spending hours and hours fixing problems updating IPS and fixing problems with it and we don't have the resources for that. D:
  10. Just tried that, and even on the default IPS theme the problem continues.
  11. Last I iinstalled in the last few months is the rainbow link plugin, hah. Just disabled it- asked one of my users and they said the problem still exists.
  12. Seems to be mostly Chrome. I had 2 more users tell me just today. It's very odd- this has cropped up out of nowhere in the last week. ACP details sent in pm. The actual form affected is here. Not sure if other forms are affected, my users only really use that one. Edit: Here's a gif one of the affected users showed displaying problem #1, the ticking thing.
  13. I've had 4 people report that 2 things are broken: 1) When they tick a yes/no box it doesn't tick. It slides and reverts. It works fine for me though. 2) The image upload does not work. https://www.tyrenale.net/forms/2-whitelist-application/ That's where this happens. Please help. This is urgent. This is the gate to entry for my community.
  14. You can insert an advertisement after the first post of each topic. This would be through the ACP itself. System -> Promotion -> Advertisements and create a new ad. Then set the location to be there.
  15. Since installing this, and vehemently advertising its features to my users, I'm yet to get a single person to actually register from invitations... while countless have found us through other means. Email isn't the best solution for this. Please consider adding referral link functionality to this plugin, or even as a separate addon to this plugin which costs money on its own. Gamers and many other niches don't actively use email. They use Skype, Steam, and other social platforms like that. Having a referral link users can generate to invite others would make this hook so much more worth it.
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