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  1. Has anyone heard from Mike John? This plugin is great, but it seems like he has disappeared, and I very much need support.
  2. I'm getting an error when accessing this form: https://www.argogaming.org/forms/4-new-member-initiation/ I have 3 other forms that work perfectly. I private messaged you info to access my ACP if that helps. Let me know if there's anything I can do to fix this. I'm not sure what caused it. I just set up this form a few days ago. @Mike John
  3. I think the staff directory could use some retouching. 1. Allow people to be added twice to the directory. Just give a warning if they're being added twice, so people don't do it by accident. In my org, some volunteers hold 2 or even 3 very important roles. It takes a lot of messing around to get that to actually be displayed on the directory. 2. When you add a Group to the directory, let us organize the people in that group. Sort by alphabet? Sort by age? Sort manually? etc. Usually when I add a whole group, I want to display the team lead or leads first, before the team members, which I can otherwise do but which takes extra work. 3. Make a 3-person and a 5-person template. 1, 2, and 4 team members per row doesn't fit every org. Most of my teams, for example, have 3 people per, and it looks odd: I understand I can manually make a new template, but I think this could be helpful options to ship with. 4. Custom fields could be useful here, maybe only if you own Pages? Extensibility in this regard would generally just be really nice. 5. Allow us to add other contact fields. For example, their email with a mail-to link, maybe social media handles, etc. I know I could do this with a plugin, but it would be wonderful to ship with. For us, we use Discord almost 24/7 for various business discussion and casual chats. So if we could post someone's Discord handle right here that would be great. Most of the time when our community messages us, they do so on Discord. Obviously this will vary by community, as different folks use different communications channels, so extensibility & customizability is key. This is just a rough list. Biggest thing I'd kill to see is just #1.
  4. I got a weird error when trying some unique functionality -- Error 2S119/1. It'd be very helpful if I could look that up and see what it means (assuming this is an Invision Community error and not something else). If there is, then I must've overlooked it.
    Adriano Faria is probably one of the best Invision Community third party developers out there. Like all of his other content, this plugin is outstanding. It does exactly what it says, and it has some very helpful settings, so you can achieve the exact setup you want.
    Wonderful product and outstanding service. I had a very specific and weird issue, and contacted the developer -- within 8 hours, I got a response and it was instantly fixed. Check out my wiki if you want an example of what this can do: https://argogaming.org/wiki/templates/personnel
  5. I remember a long time ago it was IP Board (IPB). Then, as new products were added, it became the IP Suite which had many other products too. Then it became the Invision Power Suite, I think? But I was looking at my Client Area today, and saw that it is now called the IPS Community Suite -- so it's the Invision Power Suite Community Suite. That seems real confusing. What is the correct way to refer to this software? I often refer friends or colleagues to it, and I'm not sure what its name is now. And I 100% understand the different marketing changes, especially as the product has evolved -- but I think it could help to have more consistent branding. When I talk to a lot of other community leaders, they often still call it IPB, and seem to think it stopped existing five years ago -- not realizing it's evolved into this.
  6. https://ckeditor.com/letters/ ckeditor released their own real-time collaboration system for their rich text editor, similar in capability to Google Docs or Office 365. I can imagine this being extremely useful. Does IPS intend on utilizing this to add real-time collaboration?
  7. Yeah, Saved Actions is what I mean. It would be useful if those were usable for all IPS apps.
  8. I'm aware you can give those permissions normally, but it was nice to have stock options. When you review thousands of applications, it saves time to click "Accept" instead of clicking "Move" then scrolling to the right forum, etc.
  9. Right now, you can create specific actions for the Forums app. For example, we used to have applications to our gaming server on the Forums, and when our Application Moderators would review them, they had little buttons (alongside the stock Lock, Move, etc) such as Accept, Deny, Pending, which would move to the relevant forum and whatnot automatically, with one click of a button. We recently moved to using a Database, because of the form features. However, we can no longer use those automatic actions. We review many applications on a regular basis, so saving time with those actions was a huge help. Please consider adding features such as those actions to other apps (ie Pages, Gallery, etc – they should be universal! Why aren't they?). Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas as to how to replace that functionality?
    Good plugin and the dev is very helpful. I asked how I could achieve a certain style and he responded within a day.
  10. Yeah, I'm unable to download it. It worked fine and I liked the plugin. Is there any way I could get a copy?
  11. Why was this removed? Can those of us who paid get a refund if so? @AndyF
  12. Is there any way to retroactively fix this? So I installed this plugin but I need to fix it for past users. Can I run something in mysql to enable these for previously registered users?
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