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  1. I remember there used to be a list of devs that were for-hire on this website. Where did it go? And if it doesn't exist does anyone know of any good theme designers for hire?
  2. It looks like the Instagram login handler on the Marketplace is broken. Tried contacting the dev to no avail. Does anyone know of other ways to setup Instagram login integration?
  3. Is there any way I can set the calendar to be a different view, only on mobile? So I would like to have Monthly view on desktop, but Weekly view on mobile. The reason being that the mobile Monthly view is kind of useless. See pic below.
  4. Has anyone heard from Mike John? This plugin is great, but it seems like he has disappeared, and I very much need support.
  5. Thanks so much. One more thing, though -- it looks like it only affects desktop view, not mobile. Is there any way I can also color the boxes on mobile? These are screenshots of the same calendar in mobile and desktop view.
  6. Is there any way to assign a color to a club calendar? https://www.argogaming.org/calendar/2019/9/ All of my non-club calendars have colors and it makes it easier to discern what is what. But I cannot do the same with club calendars. For example, here I have my Meetings calendar in red, etc. Board Game Night, hosted by the Board Game Community, is the default black. Can I assign it a color somehow?
  7. I'm getting an error when accessing this form: https://www.argogaming.org/forms/4-new-member-initiation/ I have 3 other forms that work perfectly. I private messaged you info to access my ACP if that helps. Let me know if there's anything I can do to fix this. I'm not sure what caused it. I just set up this form a few days ago. @Mike John
  8. I think the staff directory could use some retouching. 1. Allow people to be added twice to the directory. Just give a warning if they're being added twice, so people don't do it by accident. In my org, some volunteers hold 2 or even 3 very important roles. It takes a lot of messing around to get that to actually be displayed on the directory. 2. When you add a Group to the directory, let us organize the people in that group. Sort by alphabet? Sort by age? Sort manually? etc. Usually when I add a whole group, I want to display the team lead or leads first, before the team members, which I can otherwise do but which takes extra work. 3. Make a 3-person and a 5-person template. 1, 2, and 4 team members per row doesn't fit every org. Most of my teams, for example, have 3 people per, and it looks odd: I understand I can manually make a new template, but I think this could be helpful options to ship with. 4. Custom fields could be useful here, maybe only if you own Pages? Extensibility in this regard would generally just be really nice. 5. Allow us to add other contact fields. For example, their email with a mail-to link, maybe social media handles, etc. I know I could do this with a plugin, but it would be wonderful to ship with. For us, we use Discord almost 24/7 for various business discussion and casual chats. So if we could post someone's Discord handle right here that would be great. Most of the time when our community messages us, they do so on Discord. Obviously this will vary by community, as different folks use different communications channels, so extensibility & customizability is key. This is just a rough list. Biggest thing I'd kill to see is just #1.
  9. That's a fair point. I can see that its intended function is to automatically update as you update roles. It is a very useful and helpful module, but I do wish it was more customizable. With us, we have over 50 active volunteers on staff and 300+ active members (as an in-person organization), so our hierarchy and staff are pretty complex. People wear multiple hats. I imagine many others have similar needs and setups in terms of their staff, but I could be an outlier. Either way, thanks to both of you for your prompt help and discussion.
  10. Good idea. I made one for the Board, and then I'll manually add each person to their respective second groups. However -- it doesn't seem I can organize group ones. This is a very weird order to have them in. Is there any way I can organize staff from a group? In my case, logically, it'd be... President VP Secretary Treasurer Comms Events Community eSports I could make individual roles for each of these and manually assign them then add them to the directory, but that seems like a lot more work to accomplish something that should be relatively simple. Honestly, this whole staff directory function seems pretty broken and redundant.
  11. Oh wow, clever idea. Thank you. 🙂 Doesn't seem to be working on my end though. That's using the Cyrilic a.
  12. Yeah -- when I do that, even on a different category, it shows this, since I have it listed somewhere else. I'm wondering if there's any way to bypass this.
  13. Is there any way I can add someone to the staff directory twice? A lot of my staff have multiple roles. For example, one of them is Director of Community and also the Fighting Games Community Council Chair. My Vice President is also Indie Games Community Council Chair. My Treasurer is Indie Games Community Council Chair. I'd like to list them each twice on the directory. One for both of their roles, in different sections of it. When I try to, this happens:
  14. It's quite tedious but 100% possible. If you go into Customization -> Language -> Translate and search Clubs, you can go thru each entry and change it to Businesses or whatever you desire. Changing all of these language strings to use language you desire (e.g. "Businesses" instead of "Clubs" and "CEOs" instead of "Club Leaders" or what have you) will take some time though as there are about 10 pages of strings that mention clubs, if I recall correctly. Note that this will not change the URL so on your site it will still be at /clubs/. In order to change the URL, you would need to go to System -> Advanced Configuration -> Friendly URLs and search for Clubs, then alter the URLs to suit your needs. (/businesses/ or /business-directory/ or what have you)
  15. The entire suite, excluding Clubs, has friendly URL options. I can give custom URLs to topics, to entries in a database, to images in a gallery, etc. I can edit built-in URLs in the advanced config area of the ACP. If the rest of the suite has friendly URL capability, why would Clubs not? I understand it's not too big of a deal, and I understand the utility of the unique identifier (if there are two topics or other content items with the same name, etc., prevents issues) -- but FURLs are a priority for me. Because I am building out my site and its content before launching it, I can make sure that it's really top notch and that every little detail like this is attended to.
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