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  1. Ouch! Looks like it's in a different place. Found it now. Thanks. This was a move from 3.4 to 4.4.
  2. Hello, What happened with moving posts from one topic to another? Is this option now obsolete and can it be back?
  3. Hello, I have been running a board using IPB for more than a decade now. I recently renewed my licence and downloaded 4.x, but the tutorial does not provide the answer to the issue I seem to be unable to solve. I asked my web hosting company to increase the memory limit and upgrade PHP and then I went through the rest of the process, but once I was prompted to convert the database to UTF-8, this happened. Error: include(/uploads/profile/photo-5354.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory File: /home/forumim/public_html/conf_global.php(191) : runtime-created function Line: 1 The said image file turned out to be corrupted, but I replaced it with another and the error still persists. Why am I not able to convert to UTF-8 because of a jpg file? My hosting company is refusing to help me by converting the database to UTF-8 manually and I have seen this error mentioned around the web, so I thought I'd ask in the place where I am most likely to get the correct answer. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mine isn't showing at all. Am I supposed to modify anything else or flush cache?
  5. Then, Michael, I apologise for not having read the very obvious in the name of the hook - that it's for the content module. And looks like none of my hooks (thanks for clearning it up, Marcher Technologies!) are showing; and I did install a couple that, according to what the two of you just told me, SHOULD work ont he board itself. I assume I'll take this to another thread, for troubleshooting. :/ Thank you.
  6. I knew the message was generic, that's why I was surprised to see it here. As for the other error, I apologise, I still didn't get used to the WYSIWYG copy and paste. So, basically, the board cannot have a sidebar on the front page at all, unless the content module has been purchased?
  7. Hello, I'm getting an error each time I try to edit settings for this hook: And, moreover, I don't have a sidebar to begin with and I have no idea how and where to enable it. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: D'oh, can't get used to WYSIWYG copy and paste - I apologise wholeheartedly!
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