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  1. I like it the way it is. Similar topics is what the tags feature is for.
  2. I love the profile pic and cover photo! ❄️🐮❄️

  3. I believe you're being sincere, but I just don't agree. And that's okay. Forums are primarily for certain types of discussion (e.g.paragraph style posts) just like social media is primarily for certain types of discussion (e.g. broadcast messaging). From what I've read those groups are a timeline-driven mess. I wouldn't waste my time posting on them.
  4. Another sound-byte cliche like "change is good." Only for people who want social media to begin with. There's nothing wrong with logging in tomorrow to read a post if that's when you have the time to do it. It's better than showing up now when you're out of time (like I am now) and half-assing it.
  5. Exactly. If you need social media you go to social media. If you need forums, well...that's why I'm here. It's like saying you think diesel is great. Well, it is, and it has its uses/fans. But you don't buy a gasser and say, let me turn this into a diesel, change the engine, rip out and replace the fuel system, etc. You just get a diesel if that's what you want/need. This kind of "change" is bad, impractical, at best.
  6. Going all out and posting a story. Now, only if I could get it to show only once for each user and self-destruct so I don't have to worry about it for more than one day. VID_20190630_215433.mp4
  7. Why??? What is the big deal with these dumbass stories disappearing?!? It's nonsensical. These so-called standards to which you allude are crap. If I wanted to "blog about my daily life" I would do it right on my forum. If I wanted to make disappearing blog posts, I would go to one of those idiotic social media platforms and do that. I disagree. No, we don't. Thankfully, forums are not childish chatsnap, nor should they be.
  8. It seems like Clubs or private topics would be good choices for such conversations going forward.
  9. I'm in this for the long haul. I came to Invision when I realized, pretty quickly, that free options are wholly unsuitable for the longevity I need. When your "free" forum disappears after all you've put into it, you'll have absolutely no recourse. With a paid option there is accountability. Invision has stability and a track record you can count on. @Matt,Hopefully that's one more you can use. I'd really like to see that promised pic!
  10. Matt, off topic, but how did you put the blue box around your post to highlight it and make it stand out in the thread?
  11. My members choose their display names. I would probably disallow something offensive (like swear words or something like that) as a matter of personal policy, but I haven't had to do that. As for not allowing someone to use a handle instead of his given name, nah I won't be doing that. I'm in Rhode Island, and I couldn't care less about GDRP, "real" names, hurt feelings, policing others, or whatnot. What, you're gonna sue me?!? Good luck with that even if you win. Ask your attorney to explain the meaning of "judgement proof." I have no love for the nanny state. I won't say I'm an outright libertarian -- we can't all go through the intersection at the same time -- but I lean that way. Some regulation is necessary, but excessive regulation is bad. For example, regulating driving and licensing to make sure drivers are qualified and follow the rules of the road is good, but suspending someone's driver's license because he owes child support is bad; the latter has nothing to do with the original intent of the licensing scheme. Oh, and guns are good. Regulating and licensing of guns is bad. No, I won't be asking members for government ID to verify names. As an American, I'm not even required by law to have an ID. Mandatory ID schemes are for totalitarian regimes. Your papers please? Just no. Waiting for the "Likes" to come in, Tõnis aka Tony ☺️ (no fraud here)
  12. I just edited the "edited by" line when I noticed that I had typed "edited by' ...
  13. While I totally understand that a short edit time (or an edit notification) is a great way to minimize spam, we do need it to remain an admin adjustable option, and I'm the right person to answer your question as to why this may be desirable. 😉 My forum is a writing forum where members post their literary works. A huge part of writing is revision. I'll often go back and edit stuff I posted even ten years ago. I'll do it in my topics (in the original works), and I'll even do it in my replies, not exclusively for the benefit of a topic's participants who would receive a notification when a new reply is posted, but for clarification purposes for anyone who might come by and read the topic. I'll do this anywhere I write, even here, for example, whenever possible, if I come across a particularly embarrassing mistake. My community is small, and it's a good group -- there's no trolling, etc. -- so I like to give the members reasonable benefits, little rewards whenever I can. I enabled the "edit silently" feature so that they, themselves, can decide if they want the "edited by" line to show. I personally like a clean look in my topics and posts. Very rarely will I leave the "edited by" line, only when it serves a special purpose.
  14. Wow, that's pretty disgraceful. Thanks for the heads up. Another one that could be worth watching is the user who joins and does nothing. I have some of those. It takes a bit of effort to join my site -- you have to write to me first -- and I have some users who have gone through the trouble of doing that only to do nothing after they've registered. Whenever that happens, I wonder whether the user is just laying low for a while before returning to start posting spam.
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