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  1. "Singing stops in Italy as fear and social unrest mount" Ah, yea no kidding. This deliberate shut-down of the economy is not so romantic anymore, is it?
  2. LIKE and a 4-star rating on this entry because a.) it's sincere/heartfelt, and b.) it's Matt.
  3. Hi everybody, just checking in here, in case anybody has been worried about me. I'm still around and available to answer any questions and offer opinions about this ongoing drama. I've been self-quarantining I mean self-censoring on this topic for almost two days now. It's really that I've just been spending some time on my own poetry forum, interacting there, and crafting a sonnet on my own; for me, writing is a solitary activity. Some of the haters participating in this topic should follow my example and self-censor. I'll tell you guys, some of my members have posted poems about this pandemic drama. So far, I've been taking a hands-off approach, but if it keeps going or gets hysterical, I'll be taking some drastic measures. Poems/topics/posts that a.) are hysterical; b.) glorify the government, royalty, or covid19 celebrity/figureheads; and d.) molest other members, especially those posts that presume to tell other members what is and isn't essential, will be deleted. Anyway, still revising/working on this policy. I have a pretty good group, so I don't anticipate that I'll have to get heavy-handed or take drastic measures. Hysterically yours, Tony
  4. I agree Matt, I hope we pull through, together. I've been caught up here in this hot topic, but I think I'll dedicate a portion of today to my own forum. I'll retreat to my poetry world. It's so nice there. If anyone misses me here, he can ping me. I'll reply if I can. #defeated
  5. Okay, just went out for some coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I also picked up a few odds and ends at the grocery store in my town, in RI. I normally go over the line in MA because they have a more extensive natural foods section, but I already went to that one yesterday. Long story short -- don't you hate people who say that?!? -- I had forgotten they still had the disposable plastic bags at this one here in RI! Nice! I even doubled up on some of them just because I could. In any case, still no bathroom tissue. No matter, didn't really need any. #doingmypart
  6. LOL okay, okay, you're right...about everything! Now, please click Thanks and go off to do your part.
  7. Try to come up with something original, instead this amateur hour nonsense. But okay, you continue to do your part (pat yourself on the back while you're at it), maybe the government (or at least your facebook friends) will give you a medal, and I will continue to not do mine.
  8. Who? You mean the ones who are saying the ice age is Trump's fault? Or Cuomo who said Trump was about to declare war by suggesting similar drastic measures Cuomo has touted and I think you yourself have been favoring?
  9. Makoto, you're all right as far as I'm concerned. But ease up on the tinfoil, there's no deadly virus coming to get you.
  10. I know, l know, climate change is real. And four out of five dentists recommend Trident for their patients who chew gum.
  11. Midnight, thanks for being one of the few, sane, non-hysterical voices here. In some ways, those telling you to shut up are tiny tyrants. They think they should get to talk all the faeces they want, but you're not supposed to say anything because they purport to have educated you. It's like those clowns on Ars who offer "consensus" re climate change as proof then shout you down when you don't agree. Cuomo was for taking drastic measures so long as he's the ones doing it, but when Trump suggests that the use of drastic measures might have to be used to quarantine NY, Cuomo starts screaming "illegal" and says it would rise to a declaration of war. Well, which is it??? Are "drastic measures" needed or are they not? My answer is the same as it has always been: even if it can be argued that they're "needed," I'm opposed to them. The fact that hospitals might/could be unprepared is a different problem, and they who have created that problem, those assorted financial criminals who have stripmined critical infrastructure, scrapped it and sold it off as parts, should be held accountable in serious ways along with the politicians who have allowed it to happen. The blood is on their hands. Always there is the use of the dialectic. For example, the federal government created the illegal alien problem or at least allowed it to happen. The "solution" they would love to implement is a national ID (they've got a defacto one in Real ID already). After all, "We need to make sure you're not one of those illegal aliens!" Or their other "solution": "We need to eliminate birthright citizenship!" Wrong! You are traitors to the American people. Once anchor babies are here, it's too late; they are American citizens, and I will defend that till the end. But those who created these problems are traitors, enemies of the American people. I won't stand still for, "Your papers, please!" It's distressing and sad to see my fellow Americans being conned by these machinations.
  12. Designz, I'm excited about this video you've posted -- thank you. I'm watching/listening now. I wanted to clarify the points I've been trying to get across re Cuomo, et al. Cuomo has had no problem getting heavy handed with his own NY citizens, shutting people down, ordering them to stay home, etc. He has practically been begging the federal government to come in and help him with it. Now, that RI is getting heavy-handed with New Yorkers entering Rhode Island, he's talking about suing RI, and he's screaming bloody murder after Trump said that the fedgov is looking into possibly cutting off NY, NJ, and CT. He's saying it's almost a civil war and that it might even be illegal! No kidding!!! That's the point I've been trying to get across! These tyrants think nothing of stomping on the citizens whom they take to be mere serfs, and are now squabbling amongst themselves when it looks like it could come down to something that might personally affect them and their cronies. Those of us who know that there's much more to it than just "do what 'officials' order you to do" are watching this unfold, and it's clear that it's about more than this Covid-19 thing which I acknowledge is a problem of its own, but not the way it's being presented, used, handled, etc. Despite the rhetoric, this is not a "war." It's no more a war than a war against drugs or a war against "terror." For example, in the case of the latter, terrorism is not an "enemy," it's a tactic. Citizens of the several states don't lawfully lose their rights nor the federal and states' constitutions become suspended whenever there is such a purported "war" or "enemy."
  13. She's coockoo! coockoo! But yes, there's nothing that stops the police from asking anyone questions, but there's also nothing that compels you, me, or anyone to reply. I live in the city. Why would I answer the door? Just go away! I'm sleeping (or drinking, on forums, or on pornhub -- so long as those are still "approved" activities). 😏
  14. No, that's not it at all. It's all irony/sarcasm. This action the RI governor is apparently taking is 100% wrong, and I'm 100% opposed to it. I'm a 100% opposed to police state measures. I live in RI on the MA line. This morning, I saw the weirdness already when I went to my grocery store in MA. I parked in the lot for a bit and was on a phone call while I watched a cop drive up and down all the lanes of parked cars and then he parked off in the corner of the lot. I finished my call, went inside and shopped, and got back in my car, ran one of those grocery store parking lot stop signs in front of the cop while on the phone (a no-no), and got gas at the grocer's pumps before leaving to go home. While on my call, I learned that they might be looking for NY license plates, even in MA. I wish he had stopped me for something. I would have loved to engage about this, but he was probably afraid of the virus. But I won't entertain some knock on the door. I don't answer the door to random strangers, even were they to show up under color of law. My home is my peace, my sanctuary.
  15. Matt, you're a pal. I love you, man!
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