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  1. It's naive to believe that Facebook, Twitter, etc. are not subsidized by the surveillance state(s). You don't get that rich doing something that stupid only by using their claimed business model. I have never bought one thing because it was advertised to me on any free-to-me service.
  2. Why does everything have to be compared to facebook? I'm not on facebook, and I have no interest in joining it. Occasionally, I'll try to look at a facebook profile, whether a person's or a company's, and it's the most annoying, frustrating experience to have nag screens continually popping up asking me to log in, create an account, or click "NOT NOW." One could say I'm an occasional guest, a visitor of facebook, and I'm always disgusted with the experience, which obviously isn't something I partake in often. I don't want my site to be like that. I have lots of resources which I'm willing to share with guests. I won't pressure, bully, or annoy people into joining if they don't want to, and that's why I don't like teasers either. Really, it's no big deal if someone just wants to lurk. (I'm talking about actual enthusiasts, I don't mean bots, spammers, or other resource wasting undesirable types of interlopers.) Essentially, I just want my Clubs forums to be hidden from guests on the main forum table view for a cleaner look; my clubs are anyway really just to benefit my members, and setting the Clubs module off-limits to Guests has accomplished that. I try to do the most I can for my Members, and I want my welcome Guests to have an enjoyable, meaningful experience, too.
  3. No. I just created a test topic/post in one of the clubs, logged out, and checked the all activity stream (my site's default "home" page), and it wasn't visible. Are you sure you logged out before checking the activity stream?
  4. TGIF :happy:

  5. Ah, I see. To me it's all the same, because it lives somewhere on my board.
  6. I still don't get it, because if I post a status update it shows in the All Activity stream with the option for someone else or even me to reply...
  7. ^This. Very cool. I probably don't understand, because I'm not on fb, but maybe the All Activity stream? I'm currently using the "All Activity" stream which includes topics/replies and profile status updates as the first thing a site visitor sees.
  8. I have rules, but I'm not heavy-handed with them. It's pretty much anything goes, with a caveat: if you post something that could generally be considered too intense for all audiences (like with swear words and all), then use a content warning in the title. An [R} (like for an R rated movie) is all that I require, but I find that many members will add more like "language" or "religious" in the title line. There have also been members who haven't used the R, and I've had to put it in myself. I'll usually reply to their topics and include that I added the required content warning to the title line. Hopefully they learn from it. Also, in the rules, I specify a few things which are not allowed like porn, political endorsements, advertisements (unless approved by me), and since it is an artistic community, I state clearly that I, in my sole discretion, am the one who determines what constitutes porn, political endorsements, etc. In the words of "W," "I'm the decider!" I generally try to lead by example. My members will often post poems about subjects they feel strongly about, and I always let it ride even when I don't agree. I'll post a reply that addresses the qualities of the poem itself, not so much the content. I did have a member who recently posted a long anti-gun rant (er, poem). I had to clean it up, because he just copied/pasted from another site where he had posted it, and it was riddled with garbage links like [edit], [follow], [472 followers], [830 following], etc. I had to waste my time cleaning that up, so I was already in a bad mood. I happen to like guns, so I used the topic as an excuse to post some opinions of my own under the guise of inciting that member to post more poems. A few days later I posted a provocative piece of my own. 😉 But generally, I have a good group and haven't detected any outright hostility.
  9. I looked quickly at that link, and I don't see what's so great about that platform. 😐
  10. Posting an update. There actually is a permission to make Clubs not visible to Guests: ACP>System>Applications, expand System, click on the padlock next to Clubs and adjust the permissions for all user groups. I made mine so Guests don't have access to the Clubs module. Yes, there's a Category for Clubs on the Forums table, but when a user who is not logged in tries to expand it, there are no forums there. That's what I was looking for.
  11. Mine is both, but the community is what counts. I do have a lot of people who visit the site for information; I have heard from university professors who have told me that they instruct their students to make use of the reference section of my forum, but the intent of the site has always been to serve an online community, as a place where members can showcase, discuss, and archive their works. There are plenty of options online for the ephemeral, but longevity is what I need. I don't publish my own works anywhere other than in my own forums.
  12. Does using the security question 2FA option help at all on an http (not https) site? For example, if a forum does not have https capability, does that mean all transferred info (passwords, security question answers, etc.) are unencrypted and vulnerable? If yes, does using this option still make sense? I can only think of one possible way it could help: if someone has somehow (outside of a MitM or keylogger attack) learned my password. Not sure if I'm understanding this correctly ...
  13. I would like to be able to make Clubs so Guests can't see them, so only logged in Community members can see the Clubs in the Forums index table view. 🐮
  14. Too much ...

  15. Man, an email?!? Doesn't take a lot to set some people off. I just counted all the email addresses I have pushed to my smartphone. There are ten. I was annoyed by the daily emails from shutterfly so I unsubscribed. I'm pretty privacy minded, but I doubt most privacy minded people are having any emails pushed to their smartphones. Would love to check out your forum. What's the site address?
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