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  1. It's true this kind of stuff can backfire. I don't like antics like punishment/reward so I'll often do stuff simply out of spite. For example, I went in my grocery store a few weeks ago, and I had forgotten that the stupid town had banned the grocery store from issuing disposable plastic bags. When I saw the sign, I was pissed, thinking what am I gonna do now I need to get groceries, but then I realized there were paper bags which are totally fine with me. But my initial anger was because I had forgotten about the ban and had not realized there would be paper bags, and my plan to deal with this nonsense was to buy my own case of disposable plastic bags, and I had forgotten to do so. So yes, I wasn't going to be putting up with the town's ban, I was simply going to bring my own case of brand new disposable plastic bags out of spite. So, I generally don't notice stuff like the referenced coffee shop pricing antic -- I can't even tell you now that I understood what it was that's how quickly I glazed over it -- but I do notice if something becomes a p.i.t.a, and that's when I would take action and take my money to another coffee shop.
  2. Not mine. Facebook is not allowed on my community.
  3. I like the smilies! 🐮🦝🐄🦇
  4. I'm an all-stock, all-the-time power user!

  5. Somewhere, in a silo

  6. USA! USA! USA! 🏳️‍🌈 (That's the closest flag emoji I could find.) Someone, please post a gif
  7. Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer

    Roadhouse Blues

    Blues Sonnet

  8. Isn't CA great? You could go there and be hit by a drunk illegal alien with no license and no insurance and have no recourse, or you be running a little website and be here on the support community forums sweating some Californian's cookies while he's away from home in Florida. Too much, lol
  9. With all the GDPR FUD that was out there I wonder how many admins here have felt the hammer fall and been sanctioned by the EU. Has anyone here been served with a lawsuit yet? I like PGE's approach after its equipment was blamed for the wildfires: Shut off power in areas where risk of fire is high on a given day. I think that's great. Open the wallet and pay for a generator...or be without power on those days.
  10. Agreed. The rest of what you wrote (the code, etc.) is out if my skillset.
  11. Some years ago, before it went to cloud, I htaccess banned google IPs. I only allowed them again because a few members complained that their stuff wasn't showing up in search results. I checked for myself, and it was true. I myself would have left it banned, but I reinstated google. Did it for my members.
  12. Imagine going through life worrying about this? 🙄
  13. The forum where I and much of my core group were active had automatic registration enabled. The admin became an absentee, and the forum became overrun with spam. No one could reach the admin, and even when someone successfully did get through to him, nothing got resolved. He didn't want to do anything; he held onto the forum yet he wouldn't relinquish any control. Very strange. I think he was trying to run the community through the web-site/portal thingy with comments enabled there, and he just didn't care about the forums. The website/portal wasn't really conducive to interaction. The spam situation in the forums was horrific. Most of us migrated. Some stayed and kept trying with that admin. By the time he finally relinquished some moderation/admin control most had moved on to my current community. Only stragglers were left behind. Some of my current members would post in both places, I think just to support those few who had made a go of it there, but soon that fizzled out, too. I've maintained my community for longer than a decade.
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