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  1. Not that I disagree with your post, just offering a thought. Some of us don't care about traffic. I consider much of it useless, undesirable, and/or outright objectionable. I agree with everything you're saying here, although I did not see the OP's suggestion as something that would be forced on anyone. Maybe I misunderstood. In any case, something like this should never be forced, but it could be something that might take off and do well on a voluntary basis. Perhaps a pinned topic, prominently situated, where every member here is allowed to make one reply, which could be just a link or as elaborate the member wants, to promote his IPS forum? I do something like this on my site. I have a "Member Archive" forum where each member is allowed to make one topic to serve as an index to his self-curated content (not a function of search) on the site. Replies to these topics are not allowed; I want them to remain static in this forum. I also have another forum called Promotions where each member is allowed to make a topic whenever he has something to promote elsewhere on the net. Again, other members are not allowed to reply to the topics. I want them to remain static and not be bumped or otherwise influenced by comments/replies. Yes, that's smalltime as far as IPS is concerned, but it could serve as a place to start: a voluntary list of forums that IPS would ultimately know how to promote much better than I.
  2. A prompt and/or an ACP option to set the timeout duration in the ACP security settings ...
  3. I'd like to go on the record: an app is neither necessary nor desirable. Sixteen year old girls? Yes, I like 'em, but it's not part of my target demographic.
  4. Yasss! 🙃😊

  5. My site is called Poetry Magnum Opus The most important part of the site is the Forums of which the Member Poetry and Member Poetry (overflow) forums are most popular. These are the two forums where most activity is concentrated, where members can showcase and discuss their poems. There are other forums for discussing literary and general/misc. topics. One of my key members has devoted considerable time and effort into constructing a comprehensive Reference Section for various poetic forms. Only this member who has painstakingly built this Reference Section is allowed to post within its forums. I have received communications from university professors who have told me they refer their students to the Reference Section, and from time to time I see guest IP addresses that resolve to various colleges/universities. The member who built the Reference Section told me that she has found her Reference Section work copied verbatim into Wikipedia usually with small acknowledgements at the bottom crediting my site. Another forum I included in the Poetry category is called the Member Archive. Each member who wants to is allowed to create one topic within the Member Archive to serve as an index to his works on the site. Part of my vision for my site is for the site to serve as a means for members to promote themselves and their work. A member's index can include whichever works he wants. That way when the member wants to share his works with someone (a publisher or whomever), all he has to do is pass along the one link to his Member Archive topic. He doesn't have to tell someone to go to the site and use search to find his works. He might not even want an interested party to find every work, only those works included in his own carefully curated index. And no one has to make Member Archive topic. Not everyone even has to share the same vision I do insofar as posting works on the site or Member Archive topics themselves are concerned. This is merely the vision I have for my own Member Archive topic, and I want all my members to have this added value. There's no pressure; the members can do as much or as little as they choose. They can make any of their topics as basic or elaborate as they want. I also have a "Reading" section. It contains a couple of forums ("A Poem I Read Today" and "Favorite Poets") where we discuss the greats. This is where we discuss Frost, Yeats, etc. and it's one of few areas where one must be logged in to read and participate. Here we're sharing various works for the purposes of discussion, not publishing them for non-members and copyright attorneys on the prowl. My site is small, and it's exclusive in the sense that one has to ask to join. Instructions for joining are in an Announcement visible to guests. This isn't because anyone gets denied -- all who have a genuine interest in poetry and writing are welcome to join -- rather it's so I don't have to deal with spammers. Prospective members who follow the instructions and write to me are admitted. Spammers are unlikely to do that, and so far I haven't had anyone who hasn't been legit ask to join. I don't like ads, and I'm pleased that I haven't had to resort to ads to fund my community. I really love IPS, and I'm excited by its elegant community software, the inclusion of quality features, and all the reliability and value delivered year after year. I have zero love for fb -- See? I won't even spell out the name! -- and I'm not even on it. Forums/communities are where content is created. I have one member who will sometimes send me a private message saying he wrote a particular poem he shared in my community for a particular contest. He'll include a link to the contest, and he'll ask me if I think his poem is good enough for the contest. When I check out the link, I'll usually find that poetry, in that site/publication, is an afterthought stashed somewhere between Home & Garden and Lifestyle. I can reasonably conclude that the contest will probably be judged by someone who has no clue about poetry and that the winner will probably be a friend who also happens to mention the local hardware store (e.g. if the contest calls for a poem about the locale where the publication is based). I'll answer this member the same way I always do: "Is the contest good enough for your poem?" I, myself, only publish my own work on my own site -- on my IPS forum.
  6. Happy New Year, everyone. Tony Rhode Island, USA
  7. It would work like this: 💡 The Admin can allow or disallow this across the board, or he can allow Members to choose whether their signatures are visible to Guests. 💡 Also: The Admin should be able to decide whether signatures can be seen in the mobile site.
  8. Yes, that would be serious compromise even when a strong password is in use …
  9. Two factor annoys me. I hate when I go to a site like the Sprint site to pay my phone bill and can't even log in because I have to wait for a text message with a ridiculous 4 character code. This extra step is just another example of dumbing things down, of making extra work for everyone just because some (or even many) people have CHS. Use a password that looks like this /?N_cCO{H<u)[4^+ and you won't have a problem. I would avoid my own site if I were forced to use two factor.
  10. This isn't the first time I've been told the horde will win … … but yes, I agree the mobile site (not the mobile app ) needs to remain fluid.
  11. Agreed. This is a must keep feature, though I don't see the need for any solution, because I don't see a problem to begin with. This is the type of thing I don't want. A few points to clarify/elaborate on this and what I wrote above … Having to maximize/minimize quote boxes makes me work harder with extra clicks opening and closing boxes when re-reading while formulating replies. If the problem is redundancy and length when it comes to quotes, the problem isn't the software, it's the users. I find myself going through many aspects of life having to circumvent morons. For example, when driving I avoid intersections with perfectly functioning, elegant traffic control signals because I can't stand watching green lights turn red only because morons in front of me don't know that green means go or that the gas pedal is the one on the right. I won't tolerate this kind of nonsense when it comes to something I have control over: my forum. If users start quoting walls of text in their own four word replies, I'll take away their ability to quote. Part of my preferred elegant IPS discussion forum experience includes the way a topic looks. Most of the discussions on my forum are centered around member posted literary works of art: poems. I have the tagging feature enabled, but as soon as I saw someone start putting tags on my topics, my poems, I told him to stop. No tags on my poems! When I post a topic, a poem, the look and presentation of it matters a whole lot to me. I won't stand for something like ten tags to the likes of "love," "sonnet," "despair," etc. taking away focus from the poem, perhaps even taking away the reader should he click one of the tags. Other members can do what they want with their topics, they can make them as messy as they want with tags, but I want mine to look clean. But the same goes for topics forum-wide generally. Scrolling is about all the meniality I can tolerate. I won't stand still for extra clicks minimizing and maximizing quotes within topics. Users who can't formulate their own minor point replies without relying heavily on the lengthy quotes of others need to work on becoming better posters. I just don't want to see anything elegant ( e.g. the experience of crafting and enjoying attractively rendered topics using wonderfully functioning software) dumbed down, reduced to a user level of the lowest common denominator. 😀
  12. I'm not familiar with the posited method, but I like the current quote method. It has all the options a user needs, and the user can make his own choices as to whether he quotes the entire block of text or makes more precise selections. I almost never quote or reply to giant walls of text. I might use the quote control to quote someone's long reply when I begin my own reply, but I'll delete most of the text and only leave what I'm replying to. The other method I use often is highlighting portions of the text and using the quote control that appears to insert them as quotes in my own reply. Again, not sure what this suggested method is, but I'm opposed to any changes that eliminate choices/options or otherwise dumb down products to suit lazy or inept users. This results in a less enjoyable experience for careful users like myself. If someone starts to make a mess of my board, I won't attempt to idiot-proof the board to suit him (or masses of those like him), I'll correct him.
  13. Why did IPS remove the chat system?
  14. I wonder if this is the issue. I'm a guest in a topic I would like to reply to. I sign in and am brought to the home page. I then have to find the topic I was already in ...
  15. Of course, like many people, I have numerous "favorite" movies (in my top 10 or top 100!), mostly horror, thrillers, and drama, but if I had to narrow it down to one movie out of any category/genre it would be that one.
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