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  1. I agree. I hate the Breitbart model. Just because a million idiots (and bots) high-five each other with likes doesn't mean that the post brought to the top to be showcased is the most intelligent post that somehow defines the topic. That's akin to the delusion many people suffer from when it comes to voting: they think the mere act of voting makes a difference when they cast a vote for either Bad Candidate A or Bad Candidate B. Sad and pathetic.
  2. So, it's not okay for me to say what I said about my forum? No matter ... Thankfully, what she's asking for isn't gonna happen. (And I don't even work for Invision.)
  3. My forum isn't a "social media experience," nor should it be.
  4. It's actually great when they reply to the emails, because some (maybe all) of them I can read even when I'm not a party to the conversation.
  5. Hohoho Happy New Year! ©️
  6. Well, I'm a member there, but I'm not very active, because I don't have time -- I'm so busy with my own board -- but I joined because someone else in my house is a member there, very active, and loves it much more than the original imdb.
  7. Yes that was stupid and annoying, but an admin took up the job and made a forum where some people migrated and are having a better experience: http://imdb2.freeforums.net/
  8. When deleting a member, a small screen pops up and reads, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this member? This action cannot be undone." It would be beneficial if the message was more specific, if it read, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete aloppibra? This action cannot be undone." Whenever I see the small screen asking me if I'm sure, I always hesitate and sometimes wonder, second guess myself, as to whether I'm actually deleting the correct user.
  9. That shows how brainwashed and stupid that host is. Honestly, she shouldn't even have that job. She should be asking if you would like fries with your burger.
  10. Was this a removed feature? I seem to remember being able to choose how many topics are displayed on a page ...
  11. It would seem that your obligations would depend on whether you've been charging the users and what they have already paid for. In my opinion, no one has to keep giving you something for free. One of my favorite expressions I've seen used on a forum whenever someone made a big deal about leaving is, "Your admission fee will be refunded at the door." Of course, the admission fee was zero.
  12. It's true this kind of stuff can backfire. I don't like antics like punishment/reward so I'll often do stuff simply out of spite. For example, I went in my grocery store a few weeks ago, and I had forgotten that the stupid town had banned the grocery store from issuing disposable plastic bags. When I saw the sign, I was pissed, thinking what am I gonna do now I need to get groceries, but then I realized there were paper bags which are totally fine with me. But my initial anger was because I had forgotten about the ban and had not realized there would be paper bags, and my plan to deal with this nonsense was to buy my own case of disposable plastic bags, and I had forgotten to do so. So yes, I wasn't going to be putting up with the town's ban, I was simply going to bring my own case of brand new disposable plastic bags out of spite. So, I generally don't notice stuff like the referenced coffee shop pricing antic -- I can't even tell you now that I understood what it was that's how quickly I glazed over it -- but I do notice if something becomes a p.i.t.a, and that's when I would take action and take my money to another coffee shop.
  13. Not mine. Facebook is not allowed on my community.
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