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  1. LIKE and a 4-star rating on this entry because a.) it's sincere/heartfelt, and b.) it's Matt.
  2. Thank you. What would be a reasonable number to change that to?
  3. I received this question from a member: Here are some settings I found: Are these the settings I should tweak? If yes, what are you guys using for settings, and what shoukd I set these at to avoid problems like this member is having?
  4. True. I've also found that when I participate, my forum is busy. When I take a break, the place quiets down.
  5. It's more like it's by design. For example, a forum with no topics, though it exists, is not visible to users (or a category with no forums - something like that). Maybe check the affected category/forum settings. Grasping at straws here, if nothing else, bumping the topic ...
  6. I remember something like this happening a long time ago. In my case it had something to do with a category with no topics in it being invisible on the message board. Once a topic was added, the category became visible. I know it's not much to go on, but maybe something will point you in the right direction, something to do with the renaming. Hopefully you get it resolved, and hopefully the topics, etc. are all still there. I think they are, because you said they seem to be in the database. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. It's in Settings>LogIn & Registration:
  8. If so, I hope it's optional, because I don't plan on letting members do that themselves.
  9. I use a similar approach. My community is exclusive, and my policy for years has been that you have to ask to join. I kept registration deactivated and had an announcement visible to guests telling hopefuls to use the Contact Us link to write to me. I would then temporarily re-activate registration so the prospective member could register. Lots of users joined that way, and I knew that spammers weren't going to write to me. Since activating PBR, I've been able to re-activate registration, and almost no spammers even try to register, because they're too busy "posting" ... or at least they think they are! 😉 With this feature and the spam control rating option, it leaves very few IP addresses, user names, and email addresses for me to Google and run through WhoIs, Project Honeypot, etc. It's working out great for me.
  10. Isn't that an individual user's browser setting?
  11. I agree. I hate the Breitbart model. Just because a million idiots (and bots) high-five each other with likes doesn't mean that the post brought to the top to be showcased is the most intelligent post that somehow defines the topic. That's akin to the delusion many people suffer from when it comes to voting: they think the mere act of voting makes a difference when they cast a vote for either Bad Candidate A or Bad Candidate B. Sad and pathetic.
  12. I have it activated. Haven't had a single incident of spam, but that's because I have to manually approve each registrant. I do look at my online users list and find it amusing to see some user busy posting a topic in a forum where I know we will never see his post. Why? Because he won't be approved, or he won't even bother registering after trying to post, because he's a spammer lol.
  13. Starting to see a lot of these 504 timeouts here on this forum and, more importantly, on my own forum, @IPS, Invision, etc. This is not right. No excuses .. if amazon is to blame, hammer it! It takes the money ... Hold it accountable!!!
  14. So, it's not okay for me to say what I said about my forum? No matter ... Thankfully, what she's asking for isn't gonna happen. (And I don't even work for Invision.)
  15. My forum isn't a "social media experience," nor should it be.
  16. It's actually great when they reply to the emails, because some (maybe all) of them I can read even when I'm not a party to the conversation.
  17. Thank you -- makes sense. Sort of like a "soft" delete. Is there a way to make the members see their hidden content and able to unhide it (other than making the whole group a moderator group of sorts with limited permissions)?
  18. A while back I allowed my members to hide their own content by activating this feature: I did see that it says content will be visible to "staff" only, not "regular users." I presumed wrongly that my members were staff, and that guests were the "regular users." I wanted my members to be able to hide and unhide their own content, but now I realize that once a member has hidden his content, he doesn't see it any more; he can't see it to unhide it, probably eventually forgot that it was even there, and I have not very useful hidden content scttered across the forums. What is the advantage of letting members hide their own content if they can no longer see it once it's hidden? Why does this feature exist?
  19. Hohoho Happy New Year! ©️
  20. Yes, I got that too on my own forum and here. It must have been across IPS sites. Was about 6 hours ago and seemed to last for less than an hour. Been fine since. It wasn't just one device, it was several and on both home wifi and mobile network connections.
  21. I might want to do that. Mine is a poetry board, and I and other users are often doing unusual things with the way lines are laid out, spaced, indented, etc. I have it set for double space (ENTER key set for a new paragraph), but a lot of people are posting their poems with a space between every line. I don't know if they want it to look that way or if they don't know they can hold down SHIFT and hit ENTER to make it so there is no extra space from one line to the next. I think it looks stupid in a poem, it stretches it out and makes it long so you have to scroll a lot to read it; I single space each line. But I think people who write more than just one single paragraph block wall of text might appreciate the ENTER key making a double space...for paragraphs. But okay, with single space option, they can hit the ENTER key twice for each paragraph. Like you, I just want every option to be available.
  22. I get it, but I don't want it automatic. What if for some reason I don't want the space? I have to live with it or switch to the standard editor to fix it because the lowest common denominator doesn't know to hit ENTER twice? I don't want the software dumbed down and designed for idiots.
  23. When deleting a member, a small screen pops up and reads, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this member? This action cannot be undone." It would be beneficial if the message was more specific, if it read, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete aloppibra? This action cannot be undone." Whenever I see the small screen asking me if I'm sure, I always hesitate and sometimes wonder, second guess myself, as to whether I'm actually deleting the correct user.
  24. I understand. You can't control what every member does. No matter how you set it, some people have no clue what they're doing, and some have no sense when it comes to aesthetics. I have concluded that I can only do what I can do, and that's make my own posts look good. If someone asks me to help him make his post look better, I would. Another thing people will do is copy rich text from their posts elsewhere (online, word documents, etc.) and paste it into the editor, sometimes yielding horrible results. They're too lazy or stupid to type directly or to take any extra effort to fix what they've copy/pasted. If they won't take pride in how their stuff looks, what do I care? My posts look good.
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