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  1. I found the solution. If anyone encounters this problem the solution is MySQL socket path defined in conf_global.php.
  2. Hello, After migrating my forum to another server i get this error while accessing forum with URL: I have been following this guide: PHP version on my server is 7.4.16 Does anyone perhaps know what seems to be the problem?
  3. I just updated IPS to newest version, i hope this app will be updated soon since it's in essential part of my community.
  4. Yeah, that was a problem! Anyway, i changed system to CentOS, everything works perfect now! I have one more question, what exactly do i need to do to enable this cURL? PHP version is 7.4 but it still saying this: You do not have the cURL PHP extension loaded or it is running a version less than 7.36. Enabling the cURL module provides a more efficient and reliable library for making connections from your website to other websites. I can't find any theme on forum for this.
  5. Yeah, thats probably a problem. It doesn't exist. Thank you!
  6. Hmm, im 100% sure that credentials are correct. But, i have same problem with roundcube, credentials in config files are okay but it can't connect to DB.
  7. I checked right now, only folder 'themes' have 777 permission, all other folders in forum directory have 755. Some files have less than 755. I can't find any log about this problem... Im using debian 9, can that be a problem?
  8. Thank you for your answer! Mysql details? Yes, everything is fine there. Which folder? I didn't changed permission of any folder, it is the same as on old server. Thank you for your answer! Already checked, nothing for help there...
  9. Hello! We have migrated our forum to the new server. Database was transferred with mysqldump. Files were transferred with scp (zipped). Our wordpress site working good, but when we try to access forum it says: No such file or directory What can be a problem? I can't find any log with more information. Note: Directory path was changed. From: .../balkans1/.../forum to .../admin/.../forum Thank you!
  10. I already asked them, they said that everything is configured and i can send emails with roundcube so that confirms everything is configured good. But i don't think so. Im using PHP as mail delivery method. SMTP port still can be a problem? And can you tell me how i can check if it's really blocked? (PHP mail()/SMTP port) Is there any logs where i can exactly see what's wrong? Thank you!
  11. We have migrated our site to new dedicated. After that, we are facing the big problem... Emails from forum can't be sent. I didn't find any error log about this. I tried test mail, it said that test mail is sent, but i didn't received anything (neither in SPAM folder). When i send mail from roundcube, everything works perfect, and emails are sent. I think something is bad configured with mail system on dedicated, but what? Thank you!
  12. Okay i was just wondering is it fully compatible with 4.3. I know u posted earlier this month that there are no issues, but did something change in meantime? Is it safe upgrade?
  13. When can we expect next update?
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