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  1. I tried to add this code to template nbPinnedPostsSeparators too - the same result. Easy example: just try to imagine, that you pinned all comments in the topic. Yes, this is stupid, but this will show you the problem: Page 1: topic message + all comments Page 2: all comments Page N: all comments Let's try to add provided code: Page 1: topic message + all comments Page 2: empty page (because all messages are pinned) Page N: empty page (because all messages are pinned) And one more problem: direct link to post (do=findComment&comment=ххх) will redirect me to empty page 🤐 I found a simple workaround that solved all my problems: I simply disabled plugin for all pages except first (file nbPinnedPostsPosts.php, function "comments") if ( \IPS\Request::i()->page > 1) { return $comments; } After that we can "pin" for example 30 messages out of 1500 messages and everything will work fine ☺️
  2. I bought plugin and tried to test it. I used provided example of code, but with "request.page > 1" (because I need to show pinned posts only on the 1 page). As a result - the second page is empty... How to reproduce: try to create a topic with 35 comments and "pin" comments from 14 to 27 (I use the setting "14 messages per page").
  3. Hello, I have a huge topic (1500 posts). I need to "pin" about 40 posts and show them only at the beginning of the topic (these will be pages 1 and 2), and not on all pages. Will this plugin be useful to me? Thank you 🙂
  4. I think it is very good feature. It seems we still do not have such functionality out of the box.
  5. Hello, I created a new application - a very specific Awards system. I want to add an additional field for each poll choice. At the moment, we only have one text field - "Answer 1, Answer 2..." Is it possible to add an additional field - ideally with type "Member"?
  6. The Google Search Console displays an address like "/entries/1111" Perhaps the Google Crawler saw a redirect to "/ entries" and added that page to the index? 🤕
  7. Hello, Each post inside the topic contains a link to the user profile with the strange query parameter "wr". The same situation with picture comments inside albums. Example: mydomain.com/profile/13967-ajna/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjkxOTksImlkXzIiOjE4MTU2NH0= This prefix is visible only for administrator. Guests and Members do not see this parameter. What is it? Is it possible to remove this parameter? P.S. My forum was recently migrated from VBulletin 4.
  8. Apache: RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} b=([0-9]+) [NC] RewriteRule ^/blog/entry.php$ /entries/%1? [R=301,L] I fixed a tiny mistake in the RewriteRule: /entries/$1? => /entries/%1? Works fine. Paul, thank you very much.
  9. Thanks guys for the comments. Here are the results of my experiments: Current Blog location: http://yourdomain.com/blog/entry.php?b=1136 - redirect does not work Ok, I moved blogs to default location http://yourdomain.com/forum/entry.php?b=1136 and migrated data again - redirect does not work I tried manually modify url http://yourdomain.com/forum/entries/1136 - redirect works fine! So, If I understand correctly, Migrator expects to see "entries/1136" instead of "entry.php?b=1136" In this file I see code if( preg_match( '#/entries/([0-9]+)#i', $url->data[ \IPS\Http\Url::COMPONENT_PATH ], $matches ) ) I can try to modify this code but will be good to keep the "core" functionality unchanged in order to avoid problems in future updates.
  10. Hi guys, After migrating from vb4 everything works fine except redirecting from existing blogs and articles. Vbulletin was installed to mysite.com/forum, but blog and articles located outside "/forum" (this is a standard VBulletin feature). VB4: forum - mysite.com/forum, blog - mysite.com/blog, articles - mysite.com In the database I found tables: convert_apps, convert_app_sessions, convert_bbcode_mediatag, convert_custom_bbcode, convert_link_pms, convert_link, convert_link_posts, convert_link_topics, convert_logs I don't see any information about matching old and new blogs and articles... where can I find this information? Obviously, we have some redirect rules, where are these rules located?
  11. Morrigan, thank you for help. Everything is working fine now. I added full path "/home/{username}/web/{sitename}/public_html/uploads2" instead of relative path "/uploads2" and migrator correctly moved all attachments.
  12. Hello, Tried to do a test migration from vb4. As a result, attachments were not transferred 🤥 VB4: forum - mysite.com/forum, blog - mysite.com/blog, articles - mysite.com IPS Community Suite 4.5.3: test.mysite.com Subdomain and main domain - on the same server. Questions: 1. How to specify path to Gallery Images? I tried to copy "mysite.com/forum/Uploads" to "test.mysite,com/Uploads2" and specify "/Uploads2", but it does not work, albums are empty. 2. How to specify path to forum attachments? There are no such settings in the migrator. I would be grateful for your help.
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