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flag the member as spammer is unreversable in the software


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this flagging action  trigger the system to hide all the posts of the member being flagged as spammer to be hidden !

in principal in any software everey action should be reversable  that is ABC software development

in our community www.egyptiantalks.org  which been running for twenty years we have to ban a noisy member his displayname is White heart ; this member posted 7050 post in the period between 2002 april until 2020 feb 10th  we banned him by flagging him as spammer  all his posts became hidden    it seems no way to reverse this action making this posts seen again

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4 hours ago, Abuzaid said:

great  is this new enhancment to the software ? or it been exist for long time and I didn't  knew about it before ie it was my fault to overseen it ?


With that said, it probably can be reversed with sql query, but I can''t help with that. 

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