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  1. great is this new enhancment to the software ? or it been exist for long time and I didn't knew about it before ie it was my fault to overseen it ?
  2. may be I mdentioned this issue before and - thanks it get improved in the latest release of the software - however the mechanizm still need improvement why not defrentiate between the categories and the discussion forums from the first place it happened in our community to get mixed up between the discussion forums and thde categories ; and people screams they are not able to add topics in certain forums and after adding a ticket here and with the hosting company we gets the answer .... the forum wich reject adding new topics is category not discussion forum. this suggestion I think wi
  3. this flagging action trigger the system to hide all the posts of the member being flagged as spammer to be hidden ! in principal in any software everey action should be reversable that is ABC software development in our community www.egyptiantalks.org which been running for twenty years we have to ban a noisy member his displayname is White heart ; this member posted 7050 post in the period between 2002 april until 2020 feb 10th we banned him by flagging him as spammer all his posts became hidden it seems no way to reverse this action making this posts seen again
  4. after converting the database we discovered that members with arabic characters in their display name cannnot log in ; although if we create new member with arabic character in his name he can login with no problem attach screenshot of the conversion:
  5. I installed it on the latest version on my site http://www.egyptiantalks.org it is arabic language site exists since 1999. it didn't work ! is it matter of language ?
  6. I've been expecting correcting the bug in the bulk mail ; however for the messenger it would be great if we can have the ability to to send the pm to as many members by activating selection criteria and filter say like the one in manage members or the one we use for bulk mail.
  7. it doesn't place * but the anonymously logged members appears fainted in the list of oline members ; this is OK for me
  8. I opted for two groups to see the anonymously logged in users ; the feature of this plug-in doesn't seem to work the block of who-is-online does'n't show any asterisk while there is a user logged on anonymously
  9. simply it doesn't work ..... what you mean by in the widget not in the online users list ?
  10. on my board 3.4.8 there is about 900000 post, the background tasks took so far ten days to rebuild half the posts ; logically I can't accept the this task takes this amount of time because this means me closing the board for nearly a month to get this posts being rebuild. the support staff advised either running in manually as I'm doing now or run an acron if I knew how to do it ; fact is I don't knew this expression at all and how to do it the only option left for me is forget completely about moving to the new version !!
  11. I've liked the deals with him
  12. eAccelerator is already working and used in another community on the same server
  13. Dears, Why the eAccelerator extension not activated although eAccelerator extension is already loaded n the server?
  14. Hello, It's the first time to upgrade to IPS After finishing the upgrade process, I've got the themes like the image attached... NO CSS NO IMAGES Thanks for your support in advance
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