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  1. Control over images, video is here. Admin CP --> System --> Posting --> Images & Videos
  2. Not quite sure what you mean, but these settings are controlled here Admin CP --> Members --> Profiles --> Profile Settings --> Signatures
  3. discussed here - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/458100-pixabay-language/
  4. Up. Maybe someone will explain how not to give a reprieve.
  5. Maybe this is what you are looking for - https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8980-group-colors-on-user-links/
  6. You can find yourself a developer on this page - https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/
  7. @kmk Look for this key - every_x
  8. Delightful @V0RT3X666, thanks! This should be the case by default in the standard 4.5 theme.
  9. @Pavel Chernitsky @Malwarebytes Forums This color is on the Front-End Colors > Selected
  10. @Takohashi I completely agree with you that there is indeed a lot of free space. The articles also contain a lot
  11. We have exactly the same problem
  12. Thanks for the answer @Daniel F. Could you tell me, are the notes visible only to admins or users too? it is not entirely clear, there are no notes about this.
  13. Hi guys, apparently there is a CSRF error, maybe everyone has it. Can someone confirm?
  14. Hello there! There is no way to set Subscription Plans Grace Period 0 days ie without delay. For example, we need to issue a subscription for 1 day, but we can't do this. We don't want to give a delay, is it possible to configure it?
  15. Just follow the instructions in the admin CP
  16. Now I get it, @opentype thanks for the hint.
  17. Thanks for the answer. The database itself is there, but the category does not @V0RT3X666 Tell me how can I set access rights for a specific category in a specific database?
  18. The problem is clearly not from the provider side, I did a clean install of the link working, but if the community is updated, then a similar error is observed.
  19. I may have missed something and cannot find it. There is no way to set the access rights of members in database categories. It would be great to have such an opportunity.
  20. If you insert a large code through a button in the editor, then it stretches to length. The problem seems to be global.
  21. Hi @Matt, tell me is it possible to change the language of the image search to any other? I can see that the Pixabay API supports this.
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