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  1. I think we have been copying social media in a way with user profiles and status updates. We are just limited to how we post and that’s why status updates are not used as much. When we improve that things like status and story posts will make more sense I suppose.
  2. My forum is timeline driven. Your idea of discussion is different from my idea. Your being stereotypical of posters. Facebook and social media has been changing how people like to post. This generation has different posting expectations than the generation 15 years ago.
  3. I didn’t say write I said read not everyone will feel the need to write a paragraph in response to a quick status. Your logic is backwards and only applies to a certain type of discussion. It is no secrete social media has been killing forums. Features like groups make communities look small in comparison. Stories is a popular feature that would help us take it back to the glory days.
  4. To clarify further by stories I mean pictures with writing on them. Not necessarily videos, picture status updates. Everyone has different purposes for their community ours is to connect with friends. Everything is discussion based even Facebook groups. That sense of community does not come without discussion. Story posts would boost activity for us because I know members will be clicking on a new story post to read it rather than saying “I’ll log in tomorrow and read it” because it won’t be there tomorrow. It encourages frequent usage and there is a demand for it in this day and age. Forums are great at being forums and social media is great at killing forums. Mybe I am light years ahead we still have not got push notifications but you can’t blame me for putting the idea out there.
  5. It’s just like I said users will post more freely and recklessly. Something we don’t see on forums too much. It also can be used for other means of relaying messages you only want to show for a day. Like “heading out tonight if anyone wants to join me” or “any plumbers in the group just had a pipe bust” or “lovely day outside” stories are things you can expect to read relating to the current time or someone’s current situation or even advertising. Their is tons of examples why users love it, I run a real life club and story posts have become more useful than Facebook groups. It may not make sense if your used to forums and making posts with a title ect but in the world of social media it makes alot of sense. Aload of crap to you mybe, not to the rest of the world as statistics show. Idiotic? Please don’t be ignorant we are clearly way behind. I don’t know about you but my member base does not spend their days in front of a computer screen or enjoy writing paragraphs for each post or adding a title. Or even uses forums. My goal is to create a platform that offers ease of use and can compete with social media. I did the forum thing over ten years ago when invision was back in beta. Times has changed. Cool you disagree and do you have any examples of this feature being utilised on a large scale? It’s a wasted feature when you look at it in comparison to Facebook, one or two groups on a community makes the community look small. A whole feature just for one or two groups, sounds like a waste of space to me. We do have hopes of using this feature as we have lots of groups on board and inspire the creation of groups but whether they find it useful remains to be seen. We need to evovle the way we post, if we want to make things like story post possible then there needs to be big upgrades to the what you see is what you get editor. Change is a good thing.
  6. We have seen it on instagram, facebook and youtube. We need this implemented as a feature for invision. This is becoming a vital part of social media with both facebook and youtube adopting it. With stories users blog their daily life without worrying about everyone seeing it or people looking at it more than once ect...It encourages users to check the site for live updates that they may miss if they decide to wait a week before logging back in. Users want to be able to make posts that only stay up for a day and self destruct, or that only select friends can see, when you give them this they will post more freely. It will also make your site look more complete by todays standards. I doubt many invision communities will develop a decent Club section most could be considered clubs themselves, its a really cool feature but more emphasis needs to be put on user interaction and post engagement, maybe a friend system. I run a few facebook groups and I know how notoriously hard it can be on facebook I can't imagine clubs working for too many communities infact most are bare with one or two clubs, its a wasted feature. We need user interaction, better status updates, we need to change the way we post, there is things we could be improving on that would help us even the playing field. +1 for Invision Stories
  7. Is this integrated with private messages, or is that wishful thinking?
  8. Thank you for this mod, brilliant work.. I have one question how do I change the colour of this black ring around the icons?
    Best looking chat application on the marketplace what more do you need! Our members love the popup chat, another option to hide it from desktop view rather than mobile view would be good because we currently use it as a block on desktop view. The ability to add chat rooms as a group feature is a must have for any IPS community this is money well spent! Cheers Again,
    Brilliant application turns the forums into a social feed, you can keep the forums or choose to let them act as an archive. With the automated title update it eliminates the need for topic titles and makes the post more like a status update. You can use this as the default module or else in the background. This is hands down the best application I have seen on the marketplace and has the ability to be the heart and soul of any community. The developer offers great support and he implemented all of my suggestions within 2 days. Thank you for the ongoing support.
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