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  1. Having abit of trouble with the widgets on default and custom theme My widgets are leaving the border outline, when viewed by guests. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  2. I have combined the view changer with the sort menu. Like discourse. However on forum view the sort functions won’t work, this is probably down to the topic listing and the forum view having the same paths. On discourse they have their own paths.
  3. Hey, I just noticed upon making the topic listing the default view that guests cannot switch to the forum view? Guests cannot also use the forum filter on topic listing. This makes it hard to favour the topic listing view when the forum structure is hidden from guests.
  4. Is their a way to assign friendly URL’s to each of the forum grid view?
  5. Hey, bit of a noob question but what would the path to the 'my activity streams' menu be? Im trying to place the menu item in a particular order so cant use menu manager.
  6. Hey, I would like to access the new version I’m existing customer.
  7. This function does not seem to work correctly, moderators can still delete verifications.
  8. What I’m saying is there is nothing wrong with the group permissions and I was actually agreeing with what you said about guests not being allowed to view groups. Just because “you” don’t use Facebook or don’t see the use in it or social media doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t addicted to it. I start changing things and my real life Facebook community and peers won’t know what’s going on. I think Invision got the group permissions perfect and that’s coming from someone who runs closed and secret Facebook groups the biggest in my country.
  9. It’s a cool idea but if your forming a closed or private club the members are not gonna feel like it’s private if anyone can come along and have a peak. It’s not how groups on Facebook work and the permissions are the same as what everyone is used to I don’t see much reason to change them or add more layers. I agree guests should not be able to see groups unless they are public, there should be a better solution for this than changing the module permissions. The best club enhancement is the advanced topic feed imo.. It turns the club forums into feeds and it can also pull from clubs so you don’t need your club category in the main forum section.
  10. My setting was 1 day. I feel like im talking in circles abit, the content has been permanently deleted with 'No locations to display' I have attachments dating back a month that have been permently deleted too. Perhaps this is a topic for support.
  11. How often would be a regular basis? because the problem persists when things have been permanently deleted.
  12. Would this be the delayed delete? I have no idea
  13. It's not just them, all my attachments are not being deleted automatically. Is there not an option for this somewhere that im missing that i may of toggled by mistake? Does this option have anything to do with it?
  14. Hey, Would anyone happen to know how to set the upload amount for the club profile pictures? Cant find the option for the life of me 😕
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