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  1. I don't understand how did you make this conclusion?
  2. @bfarber, my PHP settings are maxed out of all proportions. I really don't know what more I can do. Can you tell me what values you recommend? User with UL speed of 0.5 Mbit/s with one 1.9 MB image gets this error. He needs max 30 sec for this, and my max execution time is set to 120 sec. What would it be written? Question is - how to avoid this error?
  3. Of course I did. Setting is 1200x1200 pixels. My server has 20 GB of RAM and I gave as a a test 10 GB for this, and no avail. I still get the error. There is something wrong with your software. Even timeout on my server is set to 10 minutes. This happens to a lot of users who use WIFI and upload images from their phones. Last user who had problem is continuously getting this error for his 1.9 MB images and his 0.5 Mbit/s upload speed. I repeat, something is wrong from your side. Fix it as soon as possible, please. You did not gave me an answer or solution to this issue. It is all set and it doesn’t work.
  4. Hello, Since I allowed upload of images on my forum, more and more users with slow connections are getting this non-descriptive error. Thing that makes me mad from your side, dear Invision Community, is that you didn't bother to at least add a description to that error. My findings are that is a thing purely from your side, since my server settings as well as image settings are optimized to the core. Can someone shed some light on this issue?
  5. I have very, very passionate users, so lot of them downloaded photos from forum locally. And that same users are now helping me to bring back those images on forum. There are myriad of lost images and of course, I will never get 100 % of them back, because it simply isn't possible, but returning for example 80 % of images is an extremely huge success. Bare in mind that there are literally millions of images on my forum, so the process will be very slow and time consuming, but not impossible. Result of higher registrations are all the new features I added on forum, image hosting is one of them.
  6. I will not tell my opinion about that host, but she should deal with burgers, as @tonyv wrote. Yes, but you're comparing apples and oranges. Forum is a concept, Nokia is a brand. And we are here talking about the concept. Mobile phone didn't die with Nokia, it just evolved. There is nothing old in Invision Community. Concept of forum is thousands of years old. Social networks are bull*hit of this era. My forum is better than Facebook in every bit. Not just mine, anyone's, with quality content. I couldn't say better myself.
  7. If I may add my own personal experience. I'm running a specialized internet forum in Croatia (small country in Europe, for those who don't know) which has population of a city like L.A. I started my forum almost 15 years ago and it was the first railway forum in southeastern Europe. Many forums with the same topic appeared later on, but many of them unfortunately didn't survive. What was the reason for that? Well, mostly, they were all set on phpBB and lot of admins didn't have time and knowledge to go with the trends. I realized in 2011. that I have to move on to a payed platform for a much better and professional experience, so I converted to Invision Community. Well, traffic was rather stable for years, but it kept shrinking. And I knew what was the reason - demise of the image hosting services like Imageshack, Tinypic and others simply destroyed lot of my discussions, because a lot of topics had lot of photos in them. My users were getting frustrated more and more, and Facebook didn't help with it either, but I could say that I had a really good and faithful following. For years I knew I had to deal with the issue with image hosting, but it was simply to expensive to run a VPS or dedicated server. 2019. had some of the worst (statistically) months ever. And then... After almost 15 years of this problem that I was having, I finally changed hosting provider and acquired my own personal server. Result? Well, it is only three weeks, but I'm literally hitting records in registrations - I didn't have so many newly registered users in eight years(!!!), in time period of a month (last month that had so many registrations was in February 2011.), and it is only the 16th! Over 60 newly registered users in three weeks! Can you imagine how big actually is that number for a specialized forum in such a small country? Number of daily posts has risen an average from 50 % to 75 %. My daily number of members coming on forum was raised for more then 50 % and it is steady for three weeks now. There is not a single Facebook group that can compete with my forum in terms of quality of content, quality of members and usability. I have to accentuate that there is no chat or off topic on a forum. You can only discuss about railways and similar topic. My forum is now most advanced(modern) forum in Croatia and second biggest specialized forum in Croatia in terms of posts, currently counting 612 946 posts and 4454 members. You can check it on: https://zeljeznice.net So, this is my story. You have to be the one who really knows the subject your forum is about. You have to be the one that can be a front end admin and back end admin. You have to keep up with trends. On a top of that, I'm not monetizing anything. I don't have ads nor will I put them on my forum. I run this from my own pocket, without anyone's help. It is a passion for me. You have to be passionate about the subject of your forum AND forum itself. Will this all guarantee you that you will succeed? Of course not, there is not a guarantee for anything. But, these are some of guidelines I think that you should follow. Yes, I had luck starting forum in a right time and a right place. But, keep in mind that with constant censorship and Weyland-Yutaniiness of Facebook, Google, Twitter and other corporate monsters, who just eat you in their bowl of nothingness and stupidity, free, independent platforms where you can discuss topics anonymously and freely, will have a bright future.
  8. @bfarber, is there any info when will this app be released? I know it comes probably with 4.5, but can you give us approximate time? Q1 2020? Later? Thanks!
  9. I'm interested to buy this widget. My question is, can you you block the access for unregistered users - guests, @newbie LAC?
  10. I don't know. For the third time - I'm not a programmer. That is why I asked where is the problem and why not just change logo. I understood what they wrote and and what's going to happen, but as a paying customer I have a right to ask. I see that you are a client, not a representative of this company, so there is really no need for this somewhat rude attitude towards my questions. If they didn't want me, or anyone to post under this comment, then they would've turned off the comments.
  11. Yes, I know that. My question is how hard is to replace a logo and provide necessary data for Apple Store and Google Play. To further explain my question - what else than changing a logo does a user need? What kind of customization? I personally need only logo, and as I said, I'm not a programmer, but I don't think it is too hard to change a logo.
  12. Can someone explain me what does the white-label option give except the icon logo of a forum? I mean, I'm not a programmer, but this is probably a two click job. I just need a logo of my forum instead of IPB logo and that's it. How hard is that to set up? Something like that removing of your company name from footer.
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