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  1. You have an option to "make a solution" for your post so people can see that. You're welcome Mariah
  2. Let people know what was the solution for further issues.
  3. You would need to contact IPS Support and ask them to remove or to show you how to "uninstall" the NEXUS from your website so it will give you to click on continue on Upgrade Page. IMAO I would not buy the nexus if I do not really use it. Hope that FlashFXP helped you with something 🙂
  4. Hey, I would do it again and upload all files from starting. Invision always recommend to make a copy test that your live board will not down for some reason. Try to use FlashFXP program. By the way after upgrading clear cache and see if that still happens.
  5. It sounds like a typically Cloudflare that keeps a cached copy of it for a period of time, it may take a couple of days. How to solve css caching issues with CloudFlare☁️ A useful link below: https://support.ezoic.com/kb/article/how-to-solve-css-caching-issues-with-cloudflare
  6. in LTR the code is: <div class="cMenuManager_dropdown ipsHide" data-manager="dropdown" style="display: block;left: -50%;"> then in RTL it has to be the same or right: -50%;
  7. Hello guys, There is a problem with the menu manager while we are trying to "edit" the dropdown menu it's redirecting to a blank page. It is not only with Hebrew language, it's associated with all the LTR Languages. Try it yourself in your community if you use RTL theme, go to AdminCP and set theme to "Right to Left". Then go to AdminCP > System > Menu Manager (app=core&module=applications&controller=menu) > Try edit dropdown menu. while using in English LTR support it will swipe left with the settings. In RTL support it will swipe a blank page, maybe it's an issue with the RTL CSS? @Rikki (something with "right: px / left: 0px" ? something with the cMenuManager used to be edited but I couldn't find the attribute of that in CSS.
  8. Have a look on this topic: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8746207/1071-specified-key-was-too-long-max-key-length-is-1000-bytes
  9. Go to languages > look for: _list_format_ string. The original sentence is a, b and c , it has to be a translated to a, b yourword c Put another word instead of "yourword" something that links to the "third" member. now it's working! This has solved my problem.
  10. That is what I am going to do. I changed them and it is still not changing the line.
  11. it is not replacing the "username , username and username" line.
  12. Thank you. I hope someone else can help me with it. I tried to search the "and %s" word or anything else, but with no success. I also tried to look for "and" only , and didn't get it.
  13. First of all thanks in advance. I translated those already: react_blurb_you_and_others react_blurb_you react_blurb_others_secondary react_blurb_others react_blurb_just_you react_blurb_generic react_blurb None of them include the "and" word.
  14. I already changed the strings "people : peoples" and all the things in that page when searched the "react_blurb" then came back to the topic view and still see "testuser, testuser1 and testuser2" I want to change the "and" word in "testuser, testuser1 and testuser2" to another word in hebrew. where can I find the "%s, %s and %s" string?
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