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  1. Ah, sorry if I misunderstood. Believe I understand what you’re saying now. MailChimp treats email addresses uniquely. We also use commands to add or update email addresses so MailChimp would attempt to update the record on your MailChimp list and if it doesn’t exist, it will add the record. Therefore, you shouldn’t have duplicates. I use this for my own community and also allow my Facebook and Twitter followers to join manually to our mailing list. We don’t experience any duplicates from users who sign up first outside of our Invision Community then later on do.
  2. This app will sync registered users only so this is not something offered via my app. There’s nothing unique we pass to signify this. With that said, you can sync a profile field so you know they’re from your Invision Community. MailChimp also signifies in the profile in MailChimp that the user was added via their API, if that helps any. We only sync registered users. They will be changed to unsubscribed in your list as this is an unsubscribe action. They will be re-subscribed.
  3. Can use this patch and it will get rid of that error and better protect against SQL injection ahead of some of the processing. Replace the file at: /applications/jimmotoppostersplus/modules/front/ajax/ajax.php I'll get this out in a release tomorrow. ajax.php
  4. We use IPS internal methods for handling and sanitizing data from parameters. As mentioned, this is nothing to worry about.
  5. Participating here too! All my free files are wait for it... FREE! JK! Put up various discounts on my products averaging around 30%! View them now at: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/203143-the-jimmo/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1
  6. Only the user's display name, email and custom profile fields that you define are sync'd per the description. I will update that to be more descriptive. My intentions were not to be rude but rather provide the best advice I can give for your situation. I hope this is a learning experience for you and if you are uncertain a product will meet your needs via the description, you ask questions. I'm readily available to answer any questions prior and after purchase, as I've done here.
  7. The application does not offer list management or mailing features itself, that's why you use MailChimp 🙂 . It merely syncs users to your MailChimp account then any list management is done inside MailChimp. Please ask questions prior to purchasing if you require specific needs not outlined in the description.
  8. This would be unrelated to to this application altogether but please be sure you uninstall the version of "User Join Date in Post" and install the latest. We no longer utilize a custom string but use the built in one.
  9. What is the language string you are having an issue with?
  10. Not a bother. Always welcome to submit ideas/suggestions!
  11. Not sure I understand. Are you wanting to set the numbers of authors to none or the post count of the authors to zero? If either of those are wanted here, that really contradicts the purpose and usefulness of the block.
  12. Yeah, that's from the core. Essentially, you could create an FURL for it via the ACP or bring this up to IPS but I'm not sure if they would say that is working as intended or not.
  13. To use this in the meta tag editor, you would want to do the below as there are some variables in that URL which may be impacting you: top-posters-plus/*
  14. So this is an interesting "quirk." Not necessarily a bug with the top posters plus app as it does not touch meta tags, etc... itself. This "page" is actually not even a real page necessarily. This "quirk" is related to how the IPS core software handles meta tags with the meta tag editor. If you have assigned tags using the meta tag editor to the "/" URL then this will happen as we use query strings in the URL to use this ajax call and not a distinct FURL. Little technical background, "/" = "/index.php" therefore the IPS core software is saying "Hey, they want these meta tags here too" and places them on the URLs you listed. To fix this, you can apply the following furl.json file to /applications/jimmotoppostersplus/data/ . This will assign a custom FURL to this page and you won't see any meta tags you've assigned to "/" on the page anymore. If you have any issues, make sure you clear your cache. (in the future, we'll see if we can't add a "noindex" tag to this "page" as well as there shouldn't be any worthwhile index-worthy data there.) furl.json
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