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  1. Anyone running into the orientation issue can apply the following patch: /applications/jimmotoppostersplus/modules/front/ajax/ajax.php /applications/jimmotoppostersplus/widgets/jimmoTopPostersPlus.php
  2. This is the top posters support topic. Are you referring to Top Contributors +? Reputation would not have any bearing on Top Posters, as mentioned, it only counts active forum posts in your database. Feel free to PM me access.
  3. You will want to download the 4.4 version from the Marketplace and upload as custom.
  4. I wouldn't say that's manipulation but rather an option available to them if they prefer PDFs. If I prefer to save the invoice as a PNG, I simply screenshot the invoice and save it as such. I don't ask the website for a PNG.
  5. No worries. Just wanted to let you know so you don't have to wait on an author to confirm in the future 🙂
  6. It is. You can see the version compatibilities on the Marketplace listing under compatibility field.
  7. The current release should be compatible with 4.5. However, sometime soon I will be releasing an updated version with some new features/fixes.
  8. Yes, there are intentions to update it. Hoping this coming weekend to move through this and a few other quick plugins I have.
  9. Yes, there are intentions to update it. Hoping this coming weekend to move through this and a few other quick plugins I have.
  10. You will want to remove the *| and |* on either side, just the name is needed
  11. What you will want to use is what MailChimp now calls the "Audience ID" in the slot called "MailChimp List Display Name" (this will be updated in the next version as they changed things around recently) You can check the system log in Invision Community's ACP to look for any logs the system will record. If any errors from the app, please let me know and I can help you figure it out.
  12. Counting posts where they are added is precisely the intention of the application. Sorry that there is either some confusion here due to a language barrier or misunderstanding of this application. I'm not sure where but at this time, I'm afraid, as you've owned this app for over a year, we're beyond a refund possibility but I will take your suggestion under advisement to not count items where post counts are turned off.
  13. Sorry, believe there is a language barrier here. I am not understanding what you mean.
  14. The intention of the application is to show the numbers of posts a user has made. It does not reflect the post count or other settings.
  15. Owned one of my license 10+ years and haven't changed the URL once; then another 2 years and haven't changed that either. If you're changing URLs more often than every 6 months, which aren't accidents or small changes that the support team can assist with, may want to evaluate your community strategies :) .
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