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  1. Date is outputted in IPS' datetime template function so should follow your language's locale. Example of what is used: {datetime="$date"}
  2. Please ensure that the emails used haven't been ones that are either unsubscribed or have been removed from your list as MailChimp will filter those differently when viewing. If the email exists, it will update the user accordingly with the information provided in the configuration. If you would like to PM me access to your community and MailChimp, I can help further clarify this for you.
  3. Have you followed the directions to setup the application to your MailChimp list? If so, are you receiving any errors in your MailChimp api log?
  4. Could you please elaborate further on how it is not working? Are you seeing errors, etc...
  5. You would need to remove it from your file system.
  6. Please ensure that the permissions to your applications folder on your server are writable. If that fails, are you able to install other applications? If not, you may need to submit a ticket to IPS.
  7. Please ensure that the follow is met: All old versions have been uninstalled. They were plugins and found in ACP -> System -> Plugins If you're running mod_security on your server, your host disabled it or adds exceptions for uploading applications in Invision Community. Note: this should work on 4.4 but is not yet fully verified.
  8. Unfortunately, I am not having any difficulty with using this. You may wish to try to create a custom merge tag to see if MailChimp is not allowing access to FNAME for some reason. Otherwise, I will require access to further assist you.
  9. Thought about going that route but ended up going custom.
  10. New site using IPS. Centered around creating cars and showing them off in your 'garage': https://grrgd.com
  11. The Merge fields should just be their names without the |**| . Please ensure there are no spaces before or after and it is correctly spelled to how it sits in your list.
  12. No, as mentioned in the marketplace description and earlier in this topic, this is a one-way sync. This is something that is on our plans for our next big release of this app though.
  13. I would suggest comparing what you have installed in your staging vs local environments as there are no special requirements. (The only one would be CURL but if you're receiving the calls to MailChimp, this would indicate it's installed) Something out of the norm in your community is causing this check to be skipped, I'm afraid. If that proves not to be fruitful, please PM me with your admin credentials and URL then I'll take a look.
  14. Please check the other third party applications/plugins you have installed by disabling all but this MailChimp Sync app. I've ran into this previously and another add-on was causing this check to be skipped by the software.
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