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  1. So far I'm loving the Downloads. They look really really good and it's a good place to earn some money with Amazon Affiliate links. On previous forums, I only had forum redirects to downloads and although they got a bunch of clicks I always felt like I couldn't describe them as good as I wanted to. The Downloads section lets you basically write an entire Page about it where people can comment as if it was a forum. What else can you ask for? 👾
  2. All this is good, but while self-hosting I've experienced all sorts of attacks including Brute force attempts, SQL injections, DDOS attacks, etc. There is always someone bored with nothing better to do than try to break your site. I feel like IPS Communities need a WAF and CDN more than WordPress websites. There are a few things you can get like Cloudflare, SiteLock and Sucuri. GoDaddy acquired Sucuri so they also sell it at a discounted price. Hopefully this helps someone. Don't wait until your site gets hacked! ☠️
  3. 1. Interest Discoverability I think that a "Getting Started" article visibly linked or a private message sent to new members would go a long way. I remember on my old site, I even made redirection forums for registering and some people clicked it because I assume they didn't know the sign up button was at the top right corner. Stuff like that helps. 🧐 I'm still deciding what the best way to design my new site is because I wanted to keep the registration form small to encourage people to sign up. But then I want to slowly have people dip their toes into all of the sections of the site. 😈 We used to have an Applications forum. I don't want to do that given I have the Support thing and Clubs. But I'm still deciding where to put the "top secret" stuff and how to get people to apply for / earn access. So many choices... but only 1 right way to do this. 😅 2. Notifications I haven't changed the defaults and so far I'm not getting annoyed. But I think it's like one of those things that if you notice it's bothering you, it's probably bothering others so I'd just recommend adjusting the default notification settings. 🤐 3. Welcome (Landing) Page I know they say content is king and whatnot, but I find splash/landing pages ugly most of the time. 👺 I used to have Unreal Portal on my IPS3 website many many years ago and that was pretty good. I find it a bit annoying that I can't simply make an article and make that my home page; but I basically opted to use the Articles page as the home page. 💀
  4. Just wanted to say that, as someone who bought the ipsProArcade you made, I'm loving it and the support you gave me with the installation was excellent! 😀
  5. Right now there are only two options: Skype and Website I'm cool with sharing both, but I really don't use Skype anymore. Do people still use Skype? I don't know if others would agree, but I wish that we had the option to add our Discord which is what most people use nowadays. It might also be cool to have like profile files for social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. so we could connect/follow each other. I mean I know I can add these under About Us, but I don't think anybody is doing that right now. PS: This is in reference to these community forums. I know I can design costume profile fields on my site. Just a thought. 😋
  6. A few suggestions... I'd like to be able to change the names that get displayed when I put multiple URL download links. Right now it's picking the file name or the name of the webpage you link and it'd be nice to have more flexibility to name the files something more understandable like Windows, Mac, etc. I'd like to be able to have the option to open download URLs in a new tab so people don't leave my site.
  7. I'm glad to see this got tagged as planned. I also found another one any gamers would love to use: steam://run/205890 This would open Chronicle: RuneScape Legends on Steam.
  8. It's come to my attention that the only URLs I can add to the menu must begin with http and https. I'd like to be able to add links to open applications like for example: irc://swiftirc This would open the SwiftIRC Network using an IRC Application. ts3server://voice.teamspeak.com This would open a TeamSpeak 3 Server. jagex-jav://classic2.runescape.com/jav_config.ws This would open the Legacy Client to play RuneScape Classic. rs-launch://www.runescape.com/k=5/l=$(Language:0)/jav_config.ws This would open the NXT Client to play RuneScape 3. I'm sure there are other examples of different applications that can be opened this way most people could benefit from.
  9. If anyone can provide me with a link of where the latest news on IPB4 are being posted, that would be awesome. In general terms, right now I'm just wondering if IPB4 is stable enough to use it live. I know it still have some bugs, but I noticed it's live here. If I were to use it live right now, does anyone have any idea of what would be the worse that could happen? PS: I'm talking about a hypothetical new forum. Not planning to upgrade an existing one at this time.
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