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Andy Millne

Gallery, Events & Clubs: Improvements From Your Feedback

You may have noticed many of the Invision Community apps getting updates recently. Over the last several months we have revealed revamped Events, Gallery and Downloads apps and have listened to how you have been using them.

As a result, we are including some further app refinements as a direct result of that feedback.


Many of you asked for more customisation options with the new overview page so 🎉 it is now possible to hide and show different sections of the overview using simple toggle settings without the need for theme edits. You can also adjust the number of items that show.

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Searching for existing Gallery images to include in topics has been a feature of Invision Community for a while but previously search has been limited to the image name. Now, when searching for images via the "Insert other attachment" editor option, searching by album name returns images from that album.


We added a similar improved overview to Events in the October release but for those of you with multiple Calendars you wanted a quicker way to subscribe to all events.

It is now possible to subscribe to all events from a prominent button in the header of the overview page. Members can subscribe to an iCal feed or download an export in just a couple of clicks.

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We also decided to use this release to add a couple of updates to clubs.

The popular “Mark solved” functionality is now available directly in your clubs with control over who can mark the item solved. You can allow the topic author to mark questions as solved or leave it to moderators only.

…and last but not least we added a contextual search tweak so that when members are viewing a club, the search filter defaults to “This Club”

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We hope these small but useful improvements are popular in your communities and we look forward to hearing more of your feedback and requests.

Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

The features discussed in this announcement are available in both Invision Community and Invision Community Classic.

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