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Daniel F

Downloads updates, GraphQL and more

We love talking about our big new features, such as GraphQL and Live Topics, but we also like to shine a light on some of the smaller updates we've made to existing applications.

In this blog, I'll take you through a few changes to the Download app and an update on our various API integrations.

After the success of the Events and Gallery refreshes, we've brought some of those changes over to the Downloads application.

Our Invision Community March '23 release will feature subtle theme updates to bring the Downloads app more in line with other applications. In addition, we have also added a grid mode for files. As in other areas of the platform, you can allow your members to choose their favourite view, which is remembered on subsequent visits.

Could contain: File, Webpage, Person, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware, Monitor, Screen

A long-awaited request by our Marketplace Contributors was to delete their pending version updates. The good news is that our March release now allows this!


API News
Invision Community benefits from several API services, including REST, GraphQL and webhooks.

Our March release brings some improvements to GraphQL, including the ability to query for clubs and members. We have also enhanced the webhook for clubs which now returns information about the club itself.

While we're on the subject of webhooks, we have created a new webhook that is triggered via Downloads when a new pending version is approved.

I hope you find these updates useful. I'll be posting some more in our developer's blog on GraphQL, including some simple javascript examples to show you how easy it is to query for data and insert it into the templates without needing to edit templates.

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