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  1. Hey Adriano I have a question. Lately the music add on has been giving me issues when adding an artist. It'll keep loading but nothing will post. Eventually if I try to add the artist later it will. Any idea what that might be? It started happening a few days ago. I haven't added any new add ons or anything. Thanks
  2. Just an update. The issue was corrected with a change to HTML structure. Thanks!
  3. I have a question and maybe it's a custom theme issue like you stated. My question if there are no events to show for the day will the widget still appear with the date but no events or the widget won't show at all? For instance yesterday and today the widget does not appear on my forum. Just curious and thanks!
  4. So far no other users are have this issue. It seems to have been just the two. They took another quiz and didn’t have any issues at all. Just giving you a heads up and thanks!
  5. I was thinking more inline with the nineteenth century. I run a movie based forum on old film so I was thinking of something like on this day in history Casablanca was released or that actor John Doe was born today. I suppose you have a point though. Every year the same thing would be posted I really didn’t think of it like that.
  6. Adriano I let the theme developer know over at ipsfocus.com and he's going to look into it. My question is what did you think of my recommendations up above? Are they possible to do and if so would you consider adding the option? Thanks!
  7. It's a great add on but I'm always finding an issue finding old comics. It seems to work well for pulling info for newer ones only. Any idea? Thanks!
  8. So this is only configured to work on the default theme? If I would've known I wouldn't of purchased it. I don't use the default theme on my forum.
  9. Ok thanks. Also I’m on invision cloud if that helps. Maybe something with the cloud service?
  10. First I wasn't being sarcastic. I was surprised that you didn't get an error but my two users did. You were being sarcastic with me so I was being sarcastic back and yes and I don't have times for games either. I posted the logs above.
  11. I didn't ask why you why requested the log. I asked how do I get the log. Obviously its not magic I just don't know how to get the log. These are the logs. The last one is from a guest. Thanks!
  12. Amazing how it works for you but not for two of members. Wonder if it's an browser issue? Where do I find the content of the log? I thought guests can't do the quizzes?
  13. Issues when user answers last question it says... When you user answers last question to the quiz they get this error message Also other times user will see error code EXO when clicking on take this quiz. Any ideas?
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