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  1. The access token/client id is not valid anymore. It changes whenever you change anything in the API client settings at patreon, so you might need to update it.
  2. Can you check if there are any issues on the log page? What happens if you run the Patron update tasks manually in the ACP under 'Tasks'.
  3. All external links should open in a new tab, I missed that one. I quickly added that to todays update. If you already installed it earlier you can just download version 1.0.2 again and install it again.
  4. The latest version has an option to disable the plugin on forums (or clubs) completely.
  5. You could assign 'extra groups' instead of main groups, that would be for all users and not just for moderators though. Do you think an "Always use 'extra' groups for the following groups'" setting would resolve your issue? There you could add Moderators and any other group and it would use extra groups instead of the main group for those. The nameless tier issue will be resolved in the next version.
  6. If you send me a link to your forum and a test account I can have a look. Do you get all the campaign information and current goal in the ACP? The message looks like the user has no active pledge on Patreon, as soon as he adds one the access rights should be assigned.
  7. I just double checked - The current version should already work for club topics if you do not restrict it to forums in the ACP.
  8. I didn't have time to look into it yet, I'll post an update here as soon as I know more.
  9. Clubs aren't supported yet. I'm looking into getting it into a future version though.
  10. I uploaded a new version which should help with the problems you mentioned:
  11. I'll have a look into both issues today. I wasn't able to reproduce the first issue yet though and it would help a lot if you could send me an link to your forum + test account via PM.
  12. I think this is caused by the cronjob being run by a guest, I'll fix that in the next update.
  13. Can you check your logs for errors? Most likely the refresh token does not match anymore.
  14. The patreon redirect URL is the one shown in the ACP that has been used to create the client. It is strange that it works for some users but not for others. If your forum is accessible from different domains you have to add the 'Connect Patreon Account' URLs for all domains (http://{SITE}/index.php?app=patreonintegration&module=system&controller=patreonconnect) comma separated in the client settings from Patreon. Same with any URL rewrites. You could ask any user with issues what his URL shows on the Connect Patreon Account page and double check if that's the one configured in the Patreon client settings and add it if needed. The client settings are here: https://www.patreon.com/portal/registration/register-clients And Client > Edit Client
  15. I'll have a look for the next version. You can always just use the AppID from the steamurl to add the game (812140 for that game)
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