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  1. All my files got a black friday discount too: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/585038-batarjal/content/?type=downloads_file&sortby=file_updated&sortdirection=desc
  2. I edited my post again with a solution that should work for all cases
  3. I edited my post with CSS that supports small sizes too
  4. for single ones you can use this instead: .ipsWidget_inner .threadStarterSizeNormal, .ipsWidget_inner .threadStarterSizeSmall { width: 100% } .ipsWidget_inner .threadStarterSizeNormal > *, .ipsWidget_inner .threadStarterSizeSmall > * { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; max-width: 180px; } this will be the default for the next version
  5. .ipsWidget_inner .threadStarterSizeNormal > * { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; max-width: 180px; } you can add this custom CSS @Noble~
  6. The next version can also attach seasons: It will work like with ThreadStarter music - if there is only one search result and it is a series the season list for that series will be shown. You can also trigger the season list with typing ' - ' after the title, e.g. 'Blacklist - ' will pull all seasons for the blacklist series, this is helpful if there are a series and a movie with the same name. I plan to release it sometime this week
  7. There will be an update with some bugfixes for all threadstarter plugins within the next days I didn't have time to see how much effort it would be to add specific seasons or episodes to the movies plugin yet
  8. Yes, this will be in the next version. @Kitty Davis I guess both issues are related to a broken Patreon connection. Can you verify if the forum is still connected to Patreon? Just save the Patreon settings in the ACP again. If it doesn't save you have to update the API keys and it should fix the issues. Either way it would be nice if you could have a look in the 'System Logs' to see any patreon related issues and send them to me via PM, maybe I can see why the connection broke there. The next version of the plugin will give a more visible warning if the connection to Patreon can't be estabilished anymore for some reason. Does the system know that there is no active pledge? You can verify on the 'Connected Patreon Members' Page in the ACP, it should say 'no active pledge' in the Status column. Usergroup assignments are only removed if a user disconnects from patreon or does not have a pledge anymore - Not when you edit the tier assignment settings. I'll change that in the next update.
  9. English, german, french, spanish, italian, russian and polish are supported right now. If what you need is missing just let me know and I'll add it for the next update. Only one language can be selected at a time though, so you have to pick one of these languages for the whole forum.
  10. I just checked, also with Moby Dick, and it should work fine. If you send me a link + test account to your forum I can try to figure out what's going wrong.
  11. Hi! It should be much smoother - The delay for your page seems to be like 10 seconds, usually it is less than one second. You could check if your webserver has a current version of curl enabled: You can see the curl version in the ACP > Support > phpinfo Search for curl on that page, the version should be 7.36 or higher, otherwise IPB won't use it. With curl enabled the threadstarter plugins should run much better. If curl is up to date you can also send me a PM with a link to your forum and test account, maybe I can see the issue there.
  12. Hi @Kim Werker! Your API key failed to renew. Everything should work again if you update the 'Refresh Token' in the Patreon settings. This should happen automatically. The issue occured a while ago so I can't see in the logs what went wrong. If it happens again let me know, maybe I can see something in the logs then.
  13. Hello! You need to type more than single letters. The plugins can’t come with a list of all movies or books in existence, they run search queries in the background and a search won’t start before you enter a couple of letters, a list with all the books containing an ,s‘ doesn’t help much. If you want to add a star Star Wars movie or a Stephen king book you’ll have to enter ‚Star Wars‘ or ‚Stephen King‘ to get the best results.
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