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  1. You can change it easily yourself so you don't have to wait It's just one template adjustment under: ACP > Customization > Appearance > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS </> > Search for threadstarterimage
  2. I agree that it should open in a new tab, I'll add that to the next update. I'm not sure if changing a review is possible, I reported it and linked to your post.
  3. The version currently in the marketplace supports 4.6 but the core plugin isn't marked as compatible yet - I contacted the support to quickly get it resolved. [EDIT] Everything should be working now
  4. ThreadStarter: Books is no longer supported as goodreads does no longer provide an API. All my other plugins will be are compatible to 4.6 and the updates will be available in the store soon hopefully.
  5. The API just doesn't return any currency. I have no experience with payments from different currencies - Is everything just converted into SEK by patreon? Then I could just make the currency icon configurable.
  6. Hello - I tested and activated all my plugins for version 4.6, it should be available in the marketplace soon
  7. I just double checked and everything should be working as intended. When a member removes their Patreon pledge the Patreon members page in the ACP should show 'no active pledge' at the next update interval or when you manually click 'Update Pledges' Is the status still verified after updating the Pladges? Does the 'Updated' date change? Can you verify that the accounts are really not listed anymore on the Patreon page? Are there any patreon related errors in the System Logs? If so please sent them via PM.
  8. Hello, I can have a look if you send me an account and link to your forum via PM.
  9. The issue should be fixed now
  10. I didn't consider this, I'll add a 'tierless' level for the next update Yes, I'll add that in the next version
  11. The album search is broken right now since theaudiodb made some of the API methods patreon-only I'll try to get everything working without that methods and will allow to add an optional patreon-API-key for better results
  12. Sorry for the late reply. Does the search work? Can you give me a link that isn't working?
  13. Hello, I sent you a PM.
  14. Goodreads stopped giving out API keys so I will halt selling the plugin till I found an alternative. The current API will still be available for a while so the plugin should keep working if you bought it already and got an API key.
  15. I think uninstalling both and reinstalling first core and then movies will fix the issue. If this doesn't help you can send me an account and link to your forum via PM and I'll have a look.
  16. Does the search autocomplete work? If you enter some letters a game should be suggested. If that doesn’t work you can try running the update games task from the ACP under tasks, it might failed before because core wasn’t installed.
  17. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into your suggestions for the next update.
  18. If you send ma a link to your forum and a test account I can have a look to see what's going wrong.
  19. Hello - Can you check if you have the latest version of both plugins installed? Do you have any other ThreadStarter Plugin? The latest ThreadStarter: Core version is available here:
  20. Is this still happening? Updating with 4.5 worked fine for me The data is cached in the database and updated periodically
  21. The plugin rejects incomplete game descriptions right now, I'll allow games without texts in the next version
  22. Hello @anon2020 A discography is planned for the future. It would show name and release date of each album and link automatically to a topic for any given album if one exists.
  23. Hi, I cannot reproduce the issue. I tested with IPB v4.5.2 and installed my plugins using the marketplace search in the ACP. Which version of IPB are you using? Are you installing the latest versions of the plugins (1.1.1 and 1.0.7) Is there a more detailed error shown in one of the ACP log pages? If you send me a PM with a test account for your forum I can have a look myself to see what is going wrong.
  24. The core package is linked on the marketplace page of each ThreadStarter It's not allowed to put multiple packages int one download, that's why I don't include it directly anymore.
  25. Please always update the core package to the latest version too.
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